1. C

    thistle and dock spray

    What would you say is the best and most cost efficient spray to control thistles and docks in grass land? Is there any thing that is clover safe?
  2. L

    Strategies for controlling docks.

    Things are going well. Organic matter levels around the farm are now above 10% and improving due to spreading our composted Seperated dung and good use of our “pokey” dirty water. We have managed to reduce our nitrogen usage too. however docks under this system are becoming a real problem and...
  3. Andyt880

    How long between applying forefront and topping?

    As per the title, how long do I need to wait after spraying weeds with forefront until I can top the paddock off clean? I don’t want to cut the weed off before the spray has made it to the root. Mainly thistles I’m spraying for.
  4. R

    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Dow Shield® 400 controlling weeds in game cover crops

    Written by John Swire Game cover crops for shooting and wildlife and wild bird seed mixtures need careful management, starting with reducing the weed population which will help their establishment. This can be challenging, as often there are mixtures of different crop types established in the...
  6. RS1600BDA


    Excuse me if this is a silly question; but this year our grazing land for horses is absolutely covered in buttercups. Do they stop grass growing? If I topped the unused paddocks would it help in any way? All thoughts and advice is appreciated.(y)
  7. T

    Ally max rainfastness

    Got caught out spraying this morning when the rain came an hour early. I was spraying spring wheat with Ally Max SX, hurler (fluroxypyr) and some trace elements. Obviously the Ally was the main product I was worried about. Officially rainfastness is 2 hours. The leaves were dry and the sun was...
  8. V

    Which spray?

    I put in a field of rape and Italian last year with the intention this year to cut once and then spray off before short second cut to put in a long term. It hasn’t been shut out long and grass is looking well as I also scratched more italian in this spring to make sure but now there’s a few...
  9. shumungus

    Spraying Docks and associated weeds on grassland.

    Been quoted £110/£120 per 5l of Forefront. what mixes out there would do the same job for less money. What is that like as a price for Forefront?
  10. Premium Crops

    Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

    Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet "With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black...
  11. Sandpit Farm

    Best time for spraying nettles?

    I have a steep paddock that is inundated with nettles. They are all just starting now. I’m starting to think I need to get someone to whizz across the flat bits with a quad sprayer and I can do the steep bits with a napsack. I’d rather not spray off all my herbs in the grass so would be great to...
  12. gellis888

    Linseed volunteers in grass ley

    I have a field which was put into grass after linseed (late) last September. It hasn't established very well and the linseed volunteers, as you can imagine, have done very well not being sprayed off. I was told they could be grazed off with sheep before they get too 'stemy' in the spring. But...
  13. czechmate


    I have a small patch of oats which due to low rate liberator have no weeds👍, except cleavers. I don’t have a starane type product but I do still have a lot of MCPA and 24d which I mix for grass fields. Would on of those or a mix kill cleavers? The labels only talk about perennial weeds🤷‍♂️ tia
  14. Dog Bowl

    Herbicide Options for New Leys

    With spring around the corner my attention is now on getting my grass re-seeds up together when it eventually warms up. I have new PRG leys, with no clover, which need a herbicide to take out dock seedlings, chickweed etc. I'd like to overseed these leys with clover at some point this season...
  15. Chris F

    New Crop Protection products

    As part of Farm Compare, it has a basic lookup for crop protection products to allow you to lookup products and find equivalents. We get this data from the HSE. What I didn't realise is how fast this data changes. over the past 17 months we have been monitoring the list, there have been 346...
  16. D

    Thistles autumn cleanup

    Got some thistles to moider, late in the year I know. Four years ago we used Transfer mid Oct to try to tidy up some thistles in perm pasture. Much to my surprise it did a cracking job, no thistles since. The thistles I want to kill are mature but not seeded. Am I right in thinking spraying now...
  17. Corteva Updates

    Take advantage of autumn conditions to reseed pastures

    Take advantage of autumn conditions to reseed pastures Farmers who missed out reseeding fields in this year’s dry spring can still upgrade their pastures now by carrying out an autumn reseed. “New swards that mainly consist of perennial ryegrass can produce more than 3t DM/ha more grass...
  18. Corteva Updates

    Follow the label when using Forefront T

    Follow the label when using Forefront T Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations. “Forefront T must only be used in fields...
  19. rhifsaith

    F%%kin docks

    Best way to clean a field up of the bloody things? Was thinking of drilling with brassicas after roundup 1st year.Would following that be best with something like tornado for a few years so i could spray with dockstar, then a full reseed in 2 years?
  20. Cuthbert

    Doxstar and mcpa mix or 2,4D

    What rate to mix the two together for best results?