Spraying docks in grass

    We silaged a field 3wks ago that was bad with docks. The docks are coming back nicely now so was going to spray them, was thinking of using Minstral Would i be best to spray at 1ltr/ha and spray again after 2nd cut or go with a stronger rate and spray them once
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  3. Zippy768

    Anybody NOT t2-ing, t1-ing etc because of frosts

    Unusually cold this week. Another frost this morning, so at least 3 this week now. Have T2 on wheat to do, T1 on SB and some beans to tidy up. All mixes containing a herbicide. Anybody not applying with such low night temps?
  4. S

    Broadleaf Sprays - what am I missing?

    I can use 24D as part of a mix with roundup in Kyleo as a full knockdown of weeds. But when it comes to spring crops I'm finding myself ladling on expensive Zypar because I'm now scared of growing direct drill osr with an su What am I missing here, What is it that those old fashioned contact...
  5. B


    We pulled a lot of ragwort out of a pasture last year. It’s been sprayed for docks this year and there is still a lot of ragwort in patches . How long is it poisonous for? Cattle will be kept out for 7 days anyway but should they be kept out longer?
  6. Brisel

    How do you kill chicory in spring barley?

    As per the title really. One for the agronomy geeks! @Ugo79 @richard hammond @Bogweevil @BenB - I've has a discussion with Nick. I have a couple of ex AB9 winter seed plots now in spring barley. Despite a good dose of glyphosate pre drilling, the chicory is coming back and will soon be...
  7. G

    Summer Cover Crop advice please

    Hi, Never planted any cover/catch crops before, but I have 20acres of Clay-Loam currently bare which will be going into WW this autumn. I'm looking to increase organic matter and for good rooting to help carry tractors and minimise compaction later in the year. I will be spreading poultry...
  8. czechmate

    Any BLW herbicide to use on ww after flowering?

    I have a cracking field of ww, (a result in itself) after sunflowers. It is at the stage of just starting to flower (a worry that we have non stop rain after 2012) and now, the volunteer sunflowers are getting to worrying numbers. Is there anything that can be applied this late? Tia Mark
  9. Derrick Hughes

    Nettles and Brambles

    Grazon Pro ??
  10. Derrick Hughes

    Docks Again

    Sprayed Last year , seem to be about 30% returned , is that likley to be the old ones or seedlings ? So back to, "whats best to use"
  11. mixed breed

    New ley herbicide

    Sowed a new ley back in September. Sheep grazed it off tidy, moved them off and gave it 180kg/ha of n and it's tillering out nicely. But.. So what's best to kill young docks and thistles? Looking to get the cows grazing it in the next two weeks..
  12. stablegirl

    Maize 2020

    Got our maize drilled last week, very early I know but it's done well the last 2 years drill in a similar window. Blue plastic, with a selection of pioneer varieties.
  13. Grassman

    Glyphosate free roundup

    Saw this in costco. Didnt know roundup could be had in different active ingredients.
  14. czechmate


    The cereals that have managed to survive (quite well thankfully) the last 4 months are all pretty clean. By far the most widespread weed, and the only one worth thinking of controlling is cranesbill. I am struggling for advice over here :( What is recommended as a cost effective but effective...
  15. Chris F

    Grassland Weed Control

    A quick question for all the grassland boys, what weed control products do you use on a yearly basis? We are trying to make sure we have a comprehensive list available on Farm Maketplace in 2020. This is what we have at the moment:
  16. Corteva Updates

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now!

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now! Rapid grass growth and multiple silage cuts taken to make up last winters forage shortfall, meant many weedy fields missed out on a herbicide spray in spring, says weed biology specialist, Dr Nicola Perry from Corteva...
  17. Corteva Updates

    Weed control in autumn sown leys

    Weed control in autumn sown leys Broadleaved weeds emerging in new-sown leys will reduce the amount of grass that can establish. To optimise the investment in reseeding, farmers should get rid of these weeds by spraying herbicide as soon as the grass shows three true leaves, says Dr Nicola...
  18. hilux

    Docks in a new ley

    Reseeded a field 5 weeks ago and as expected a lot of docks have come through. There is no clover sown in the ley. What is the best spray to kill the docks and approx. cost please?
  19. Flat 10

    Volunteer potatoes

    What are the best chemicals for controlling these? I know very little about it. Starane in cereals, shield in beet? Glyphosate in stubbles appears to be too late as they have formed daughter tubers. thought I was getting on top of them but they are really bad this year in a field that was spuds...
  20. D

    thistle/dock control in grassland

    Hi, Minstrel/thistlex is a good combination i have used, can Thistlex be mixed with depitox to similar effect seems a cheaper way if it works, Thanks for any replies. Thistles/docks in established grassland is the problem.