1. scrubbuster

    Docks in reseed

    It was sown the 24th of May. It has come lovely but it's full of fat hen and docks. I have sheep on it but only 50 something on 7 and a half acres. I can put the weaned lambs on it in about 10 days. I was going to top it before they seed and spray next spring if needed, but I am wondering now if...
  2. W


    Was at a local store today looking to buy spray for buttercup and docks. The owner is regarded as a kinda of “ The Spray Guru “. Recommended hurler plus agritox about £10 /acre. Enquired about F*** F**** a highly advertised spray that kills everything only grass. £16/acre. You have to sign...
  3. An Gof

    Serviced agronomists, do they take advantage of the customer?

    Been to our local crop group meeting tonight which was an open book on chemical prices. I came home flabbergasted. Can you believe that there are service agronomists who are charging their customers OVER £90 for a 10L can of 500g a.i. CTL :eek::eek: They would do well to remember the old adage...
  4. GAM

    Dock Survival !

    I have spot sprayed this Dock twice over the last 6 weeks, and then had the field spayed with docstar, and its coming back again!!
  5. Bald Rick

    Maize 2019

    Drilled a lot later than hoped for (second week of may) but no bad thing due to a cold snap around the first bank holiday but 85ac in and now out without too much damage despite coming out of grass
  6. J

    Winter linseed

    Am I mad considering it........? I last tried linseed(Spring) in 1998 I and swore at the time we wouldn't grow it again after attempting to cut it and practically wrecking a near new combine when it wrapped around everything possible. It got topped in the end. However , with OSR becoming a...
  7. Cloonpotatoes

    Weed control in ww

    Looking for advice I have volunteer wosr and potatoes along with some groundsel, chickweed and wild oats. Wheat has just had t1. What is my simplest most cost effective method of control? I used tower at 2l/ha in the autumn. Thanks
  8. Ukjay

    Ahem, Weeds!!

    Hi, We have now moved down SW, whereby we have a lot of Weeds to deal with, I know the Nettles - but could someone please advise if this sticky weed is Cleavers, as I need to get rid of it as it is overgrown and we would d rather see it cleared.
  9. spin cycle

    leystar herbicide

    any good? and how much roughly?:)
  10. Farm Business RSS

    New fertiliser is battery-powered

    Written by JohnSwire ZM-Grow, a new award-winning multi-nutrient fertiliser, is to be launched in the UK and Ireland during April 2019, providing zinc and manganese, together with potassium and sulphur, in liquid form. Uniquely, the zinc and manganese content is extracted from used alkaline...
  11. 1594mac

    Spray question.....

    I was looking something to control some docks and dandelions etc it has been suggested to use doxstar with some agritox. Has anyone any other suggestions? Forefront etc is out of the question as the silage is sold off so I cant use anything with a restriction.
  12. M

    Cranesbill in grass

    Got some pretty decent sized cranesbill in established grassland, looking at the green book zypar has approval in seed crops, but this isn't. I read that mcpa won't work, I don't expect fluroxypyr will either? What about fluroxypyr and florasulam? Or have I missed something obvious? Thanks
  13. TFF

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Welcome to the Chemical Price Tracker Thread on The Farming Forum. When comparing "quote" prices, please note the date any answer was posted as prices changes rapidly in the market. You can view transparent prices on Farm Marketplace here - https://www.marketplace.farm/inputs/pesticides/ We...