1. Vader

    More beef bashing. How the hell is uk beef a big polluter..?
  2. Agriland RSS

    FMC appoints new product manager for crop protection

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland FMC Agro Limited has appointed Hazel Blanshard as the company’s new product manager for crop protection. Blanshard has a master’s degree in agriculture from Lancaster University, and has previously worked in the arable sector as a soil science research...
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    Early applications of boron and molybdenum key for OSR establishment this autumn

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine After 40% of oilseed rape crops in 2020 were reportedly lacking in the micronutrient boron, growers are being urged to make early applications this autumn to support crop establishment. Charlotte Cunningham reports. FMC commercial technical...
  4. TheEarlOfMoray

    Lorry driver shortage

    How bad is it? I asked a rep to get my rape shifted asap this morning as need the space for barley but he said he would try his best but can’t promise anything due to the lorry driver shortage in the country. Personally think he’s at it but could be wrong.
  5. spin cycle

    tff proper farmin group

    please add your ideas :) i'm in for ploughin....straw burning....indoor lambin....pigs indoors
  6. mobileweld

    160 acres arable

    Hello all, I am currently in the position of working a stable job but the opportunity is on the horizon of the small family owned arable farm. I know my way around a tractor but have never actually ‘done’ farming. Is taking it on myself viable? All the machinery is bought and paid for albeit...
  7. CPM RSS

    Focus on nutrition for milling wheat bonuses

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Growers of high quality wheat are being urged to consider applying a range of crop nutrients at the critical flag leaf stage, as bonuses up to £20/t are being offered for milling wheat with a protein content of 13% or more. Charlotte Cunningham reports. With...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Hit milling wheat bonuses by focusing on nutrition

    Written by William Kellett Growers of high quality wheat are being urged to consider applying a range of crop nutrients at the critical flag leaf stage, as bonuses up to £20/t are being offered for milling wheat with a protein content of 13% or more. With wheat prices currently sitting at...
  9. JCfarmer

    Winter oats not looking happy at the moment!

    Has anyone got red/brown tipped leaves. Agronomist thinks its the cold dry weather we've had, I hope anyway! He said other clients have the same. Sprayed 10 days ago with 1.25 l Chlormequat 0.5 l Tubosan 0.1 l Moddus 0.4 l Starane 21g Ally Max Started spraying after 10 in the morning and...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Nail yellow rust early this season

    Written by William Kellett Yellow rust levels are currently high across the country, with infections set to rise over the next few weeks. This means that growers should be prepared to protect crops from this potentially devastating disease. Andrew Wright, area business manager at Hutchinsons...
  11. Farmer Fin

    Generic vs R&D chems

    Does anyone know of any independent trials comparing like for like products? It seems like the big chem companies like to tell everyone their stuff is better and the major distributors like to go with that. I have a background in animal health where generics are probably more used than the R&D...
  12. CPM RSS

    Nutrient Nurture – Testing times for plant health

    Written by cpm Download PDF In-season tissue testing combined with targeted nutrition offers an effective way of improving crop resilience and maximising yield potential. CPM discovers how. Once you see deficiency symptoms in the crop, you’ve already lost half the battle. By Paul Spackman...
  13. Highland Mule

    Stolen agrochemicals.

    This Alert is being circulated on behalf of Police Scotland The following chemicals were stolen between 25th and 26th March 2021 from a commercial warehouse at AGRII, PARKHEAD, MAINS OF KILRAVOCK, CROY, INVERNESS, IV2 7PJ. These chemicals are specific to farmers and Agrii. BOOGIE XPRO PLUS -...
  14. W


    I don’t like slating anyone involved in ag, but the Guy smith reply to the red tractor debate was dire. of course they have to mix products and that is why we are fed up with this nonsense of being gold plated for us and not for everyone else who supply’s part of the supply chain. Guy smith...
  15. B

    Major vehicle quandary

    So I presently run a Amarok doing 15,000 miles a year. It’s leased and going in June this year. It ticks all the boxes for me as it’ll travel across fields, tow a trailer, carry stuff in the pickup bed, takes the kids to and from school and is also happy travelling to the coast on holiday. I’ve...
  16. Agriland RSS

    FMC announces appointment of a new commercial technical manager

    Written by William Kellett The FMC has appointed a new commercial technical manager in a bid to strengthen its support to farmers and agronomists. Georgia Antoniou joins FMC as its newest commercial technical manager bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in agronomy. Having previously...
  17. principal skinner

    Red Tractor

    Has anybody else received the following email, asking for how it should be run in the future Dear Red Tractor Member, As we move towards a new era in British farming, it feels like the right time to reflect on just how far we have come as an industry. Many of you have been producing great...
  18. GOV.UK RSS

    Inaccurate coverage in the Telegraph on National Audit Office’s report

    Inaccurate coverage in the Telegraph on National Audit Office’s report Written by Defra Press Office The National Audit Office today published a report on monitoring and improving progress against the 25 Year Environment Plan There is coverage in today’s Daily Telegraph, Times, and...
  19. F

    Winter beans post em herbicide

    Beans have beaten my pre em spray. I'm mad with myself. Drill guy told me they were in 6 or 7 inches. Turns out it's nearer 3. Went to have a look today with a view to spraying tomorrow and there's 40 -50 % emerged. Gonna drop the kerb but I'm tempted to go with the clomazone. Agronomist seems...
  20. martian

    Webinar alert

    Groundswell and the PFLA are collaborating on a webinar: Should be interesting