1. Old Tip

    Radio 4 Today

    Any of the collective been listening to radio 4 today, ag based discussion, Rory Stuart, Minnette Batters et al giving a good analysis of the mess the government is making of our industry
  2. Seth470

    land for 2022 Season (Grass And Arable) And Barns for Cattle And Fodder In Herefordshire

    land for 2022 Season (Grass And Arable) And Barns for Cattle And Fodder In Herefordshire Any land That can be used for silage, hay, and arable farming. Barns fit for Cattle or barns suitable for fodder storage.
  3. cubby

    Who’s feeding turnips to in lamb ewes

    I have some main crop turnips put them in to to try reduce the bought in feed . In my head I will put twin bearing mules on them after scanning. Decent crop I have a nice leafy second cut dry bales of 14 percent protein to feed along side . My question is do people still feed cobs along side at...
  4. steveR

    More wolf nonsense and stupidity..
  5. bluegreen

    Olly Blogs goes combining December!!

    Olly is trying to double crop barley for a third season using his 8700 Lexion and rather smart 960TT Tractor
  6. Ffermer Bach

    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Primary school teacher sacked after being caught on film kicking horse Footage of Sarah Moulds shared online by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs viewed by millions in November 00:28 Huntswoman filmed appearing to kick and punch a horse – video Léonie Chao-Fong Mon 20 Dec 2021 23.05 GMT A...
  7. SR7

    Easycare sheep experiment

    Currently have 400 indoor lambing mules and texel/mules. I bought 15 sucked hoggets and 25 ewe lambs to try over the next year. Ewe lambs purchased for £105 weighing roughly 45kg in September and sucked hoggets for £150 at around 60-65kg. Tupped half with Charollais and other half to beltex...
  8. J

    Outdoor lambing

    This year we have more ewes and shed space is goin to be tight we are thinking about trying to lamb 40 ewes outside all our ewes are easycares so they should suit ok my biggest concern is feeding is some crystalyxs buckets enough to keep them goin or shud we feed them some meal? we have a couple...
  9. farmer1989

    Slury addatives, bugs , inoculants

    Im aware this has been talked-about before but thought it needed a refresh with the price of fert im getting alot of post selling the above any googling i do has lots of videos and advice saying we should all be using them but when i ask around no one does even my advisor cant give me a yes or...
  10. Smokey16


    Hi just wondered what would be the going rate for lambing someone else sheep in are building we supply the straw and hay and do all the lambing and the other chap supply the cake and sheep
  11. waltonCharollais

    How much do you feed your in lamb ewes?

    So I'm curious as to how much concentrate you all feed your ewes? After moving away from commercial ewes some years ago and lambing just pedigrees, I now have a group of suffolk mule shearlings carrying embryos and I cannot remember for the life of me what qualities i used to feed. Singles...
  12. S

    Boris Is Toast

    Gone by Easter. Anyone fancy a wager?