1. stroller

    Liquid fert recipes

    There used to be a thread with different recipes for making liquid fert, does anybody have a link, I can't find it, if my urea turns up in time I want to do a protein spray.
  2. PSQ

    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Anyone having issues with drip stop valve rubbers failing when spraying Corteva’s Univoq, Iconiq or similar? Seems to a bit of an issue among sprayer drivers having widespread DSV failure on FB.
  3. JET

    Trying liquid Fertilizer

    As the title suggests with cost of everything going nuts i'm trying it out this year Landowner’s Foliar Nitrogen, Topleaf, is a clear liquid solution containing 20% Nitrogen (w/v – 20kg/100 litres) with Sulphur. Can you help me with the units per HA or acre For instance if i used 80l per...
  4. CPM RSS

    Bean crops under disease pressure, warns PGRO

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Growers are being warned that downy mildew is highly prevalent in bean crops this season, with the disease even hitting winter bean plants at levels that would warrant treatment, according to the PGRO. According to the PGRO, infection has been...
  5. hally


    Is there a cheaper alternative to grazon for spot spraying nettles. Also is the sprays sold on here competitive against Agrivista etc
  6. casemx 270

    Micro nutrients

    Working on the basis that a healthy crop is the best way forward I hear of people using mirco nutrients on their crops thinking mainly of wheat and osr what products do you use and can you actually see a difference between treated and non treated to justify the application ? Currently we do use...
  7. An Gof

    WW T2

    Flag leaf fully emerged on the KWS Extase so the T2 has gone on today. Applying 1.25L/Ha Revystar + 5Kg EpsoTop.
  8. S

    Liquid fertiliser advice needed???

    I don't need any liquid fertiliser or nitrogen but someone else does Is it right that it's bought in concentrated form then diluted? Is it the best thing since sliced bread? What application per acre is used? TIA
  9. will_mck

    Phosphate problems

    Hello, Spring Barley drilled one month ago, p&k indexes are 3. Got alot of wet weather 2 weeks after it was sown. I didn't put compound fertiliser on as I intended to try 3000 gallon of pigs slurry instead, which it got a week ago. This has been a bit of an 'experiment' this year which doesn't...
  10. Adama News

    Trial Data for Soratel (prothioconazole) for superior disease control

    A UNIQUE, HIGH PERFORMING PROTHIOCONAZOLE Soratel for superior disease control A novel prothioconazole fungicide which uses a unique formulation to offer improved cereal and OSR disease control compared to the current market leader. SORATEL features ‘AsorbitalTM’ formulation technology...
  11. CPM RSS

    Growers advised to check sugar beet for aphids

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Sugar beet growers are being urged to check crops for aphids after surveys show increasing numbers of peach-potato and green wingless aphids. The Rothamsted Insect Survey has recorded the first peach–potato aphid (Myzus persicae) catches of 2022...
  12. Flat 10

    EfficieNt 28, ENhance etc application

    Anyone using these urea based foliars this year in an attempt to cut back on expensive N? If so how do you plan to apply them? In a mix with T1 or T2 fungs? Or separately? Water rates? I was only planning on applying 28l ha to apply equivalent of 40kgs conventionally applied N (or maybe a tad...
  13. Agriland RSS

    In-field sap testing recommended for high value crops

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The in-field sap testing of high value crops, such as potatoes and beet, is now being recommended by agronomists as a means of ensuring that best use is made of all applied nutrients throughout the growing season. Simon Fox, from Emerald Research Ltd...
  14. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  15. pappuller

    Maize 2022

    Thought I'd kick this off, what are peoples thoughts regarding seedbed feeding this year ? We are going to increase slurry and apply a foliar n product once the plant is growing.
  16. CPM RSS

    Nottingham University research highlights biostimulant benefits

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine New research has highlighted the benefits of both seed-applied and foliar biostimulants, which could provide a useful aid to growers as spring crop growth gets underway according to Interagro. The trials – commissioned by Interagro – were...
  17. daveydiesel1

    Agro vital efficie N t28

    Any1 used this on grass land? Does the grass have to be dry to spray it on or is it ok if its damp?
  18. C

    Urea 46%. 50kg bags for sale

    Just been to my local petrol station and these are for sale on the forecourt 😮 Didn’t ask how much though
  19. CPM RSS

    Performance stems from good genetics

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF No one likes a flat oilseed rape crop, but how much do you know about the health of the stems that support it? CPM investigates the genetics of stem-based diseases. It’s often the disease in the stem, rather than the leaves, that...
  20. CPM RSS

    What kind of foliar nutrients do you usually use?

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Download PDF As growers grapple for alternative strategies in light of sky-high fertiliser prices, optimising the benefits of foliar nutrition could be a welcome aid this season. CPM finds out more. Crop nutrition is much more holistic than just...