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    Foliar application boosts zinc content of wheat by 50% – UCO research

    Written by Agriland Team A team from the Department of Agronomy at the University of Córdoba (UCO) in Spain has demonstrated, through field tests carried out during eight agricultural seasons, that foliar application with fertiliser increases the concentration of zinc in wheat, more than if it...
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    Farmers advised to use foliar N on spring wheat for maximum returns

    Written by William Kellett Farmers growing spring wheat this year should consider applying foliar nitrogen to improve crop efficiencies and boost protein content in milling varieties. Given that prilled urea or ammonium nitrate is only 60% efficient in ideal conditions – and can’t be taken up...
  3. Hutchinsons News

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower Digital mapping systems in horticultural crops, particularly top fruit and hops, are not yet as widely used as in broad-acre arable crops, but more growers are realising the potential benefits for improving consistency, yield and...
  4. S

    OSR growth reg

    What’s the best, and what’s the best value for money. Never used one before, but gone back to drilling conventional at 12kg/ha in mid August.
  5. Clive

    livestock producers- Red Tractor question ?

    I recall reading sone where on here or twitter that if livestock spent a certain number of days on a uk farm it could become RT assured ? is this correct? the RT wikipedia pahe suggests not as does a lot of their advertising and FAQ’s on google etc can someone explain if / how this all...
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    Emergency use of neonic seed treatment in sugar beet will not be triggered this year

    Written by William Kellett It has been confirmed by the British Beet Research Association (BBRO), that the emergency use of neonic seed treatment in sugar beet will not be triggered this year. With February temperatures fluctuating from very cold to unseasonably warm conditions especially...
  7. S

    Wheat rolling after freeze

    Hello, I have wheat at tillering stage and it got freeze injury. It has 3 tillers, sown october 5 2020 and got very extensive leaf necrosis. So it is in stress now and would be ok for rolling or i have to wait.
  8. O

    Spraying silicone on crops

    Does adding silicon to your spray Ts help the crop to stand up . Interested to here your views . Thanks
  9. S

    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
  10. Banana Bar

    Reduced N in no till

    It is widely reported and accepted that nitrogen fertiliser is damaging to soil biology. It is suggested that long term no tillers are reducing their N use ( I’ve been told of one estate now growing wheat with 100kg N where recently they were using 200 kg). Have any long term no tillers seen...
  11. N

    Poly N Plus

    anyone used it?
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    Can biofungicides deliver effective crop protection?

    Written by Agriland Team A new generation of biofungicides is now coming on stream in the UK, backed by claims that they can deliver disease protection that is on a par with their ‘synthetic’ counterparts in crops like winter wheat. A case in point is Iodus, from UPL. The product contains the...
  13. Wynnstay

    A Novel Approach to Crop Nutrition and Biostimulation

    The timing of nutritional inputs to the maize crop is usually early in the season, either applied to the seedbed pre-drilling or early post-emergence up to the 4- 6 leaf stage. Nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) & potash (K) and foliar applications of micronutrients are important at this early timing...
  14. S

    Trace elements/snake oil/biologics/N Inhibitors etc etc

    It's that time of year again, soon be time to start splashing about miniscule amounts of trace elements in the hope of hitting top yields. Over the last few years I've moved to using Combitop (Mn,S,Mg,Zn) on all the cereals, usually using 5kg/Ha in each pass which costs about £10-£13/ha...
  15. Wynnstay

    New Varieties Help Maize Make Welcome Return After 20 Years

    In 2019, Morris Davies who runs a herd of 280 all year round calving cows averaging 9,700 litres took the decision to try growing maize again. “We had grown maize up until 20 years ago when we decided to expand the herd and needed all the ground for grazing. To be honest it had always been a...
  16. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  17. A

    Brassitrel foliar feeding

    I have 10 tons of Brassitrel foliar feeding fertiliser to sell, can anyone recommend who to contact? Regards Andrew. 07720464264 Moderator Note: It has come to our attention that a product is currently being marketed for sale in the UK as Brassitrel DF, which is not a genuine Brassitrel...
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    ‘Fertiliser programme was key to winning crop awards’

    Written by William Kellett Despite the exceptional autumn and winter water pressure this year, spring drought and lower than average levels of solar radiation, Lincolnshire arable farmer Tim Lamyman achieved six Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) gold and silver awards. These awards were for...
  19. Green oak

    Just goes too show how wheat has been devalued. If true.

  20. Jerry

    Lime grows grass

    This is a perm pasture that’s not been ploughed/reseeded/cultivated in over 50 years..... Back in sept grazed to the ground and then had 1t/acre ground limestone with the plan to run cattle over winter ready to dd a summer forage crop in-front of a grass reseed in the autumn. Very pleased with...