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  1. Vermin Control Services

    Vermin Control Services

    Do you have vermin problems on your land? I am currently living in Colchester and a member of HM Forces and I have over 30yrs experience with Firearms. I specialise in the control of Fox's, Rabbits, Squirrel's, Pigeon's and Corvids. I hold both Shotgun and FAC using the latest technology to...
  2. C

    Fox control. Lancs/Cheshire/West York’s

    Hi. My name is Chris. 55 years old. I live in South Manchester. I currently look after numerous farms in the Lancs, Cheshire and W Yorks areas. I’m a vastly experienced Fox, Corvid and pigeon pest controller with over 30 years experience. Full BASC insurance. I’m offering my services free to any...
  3. J

    Land wanted

    Hi Guys, Im looking for land for a shooting Lease or syndicate for deer & game. if anyone could help Id be most grateful or if you may know anyone please pass on this info. Im looking for a new lease as Ive lost my permission this year. Im wondering if you may be interested in the below. I...
  4. S

    Vermin control and crop protection

    hi my name is steve and I have just moved to the Norfolk/Cambridge area from south Kent, whilst living in Kent I had the use of 600acres now that I have moved I am now looking for new permissions hopefully someone will be in need of a helping hand with crop protection and any other vermin...
  5. G

    Shooting permission Staffordshire

    Shooting permission required for Vermin control. Very discrete and BASC member with insurance Controlled under night vision with very proffesional equipment
  6. L

    Free vermin control

    Hi If you have any problems with Rabbits, pigeons, Fox, crows or rats I'd be more than happy to come clear them for you! If I can help please call me on 07779497012 or email [email protected]
  7. C

    Pigeon/ corvid control-spring drillings

    Hi, I am a fully insured and registered shot. I shoot pigeons/corvids and looking for new permissions to shoot. I am Based in Hampshire but willing to travel to Sussex/ Wiltshire etc. Can provide references if needed and work 3 days on 4 off so am very flexible and reliable. I work as a...
  8. Scotty99

    Lambing Season and Problem Foxes

    Hi, As we are approaching lambing season and if anyone has any issues with problem foxes taking lambs, then I would be happy to look to control them. I operate in the Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire areas. I have a moderated .223, Night Vision and an electronic fox caller. I have...