1. cachivers

    Three upcoming farmer meetings (Dorset/Devon) - chance to share your views!

    Hi all, As part of the ongoing Defra-funded Demonstration Test Catchment Project, three focus groups are being held to find out how farmers engage with some new policy notes that have been produced. It is vital that we hear from farmers to ensure that the notes are fit for purpose and useful to...
  2. A

    Free event for farmers aged 18 to 26

    #StudentFarmer magazine has teamed up with Co-op to give 10 lucky winners the chance to spend a day getting exclusive access to a grower and packer site and depot centre in Cambridgeshire. ENTER HERE...
  3. cachivers

    Calling Dorset farmers: Invitation to focus group with free pub lunch

    Hi all, I'm looking for farmers in Dorset to come along to my focus group on environmental farming advice surrounding water pollution. I'd like to know how useful the advice you've received has been, and how it could be improved. I'm also looking into how willing farmers are to pay for...
  4. The Business Barn

    Five key steps before diversifying your farm business...

    1. Examine the core farm business Before committing to a new project, consider if there is a way of developing the farm business meaning diversification isn’t totally necessary at the current time. Have you taken the time to look in-depth at the performance of the farm on an...
  5. W

    Brewers Waste Free to Take Away Lancashire

    We are a micro brewery operating in Blackpool, Lancashire. We produce between 200 to 400kg of malt per week as a by-product of the brewing process. It is free to take away for anyone who wants it. It consists of grains that we have added hot water to in order to extract the sugars. What is...
  6. J

    North Wales free vermin control

    im am currently looking for somewhere where me and my mrs can do some vermin control as a sporting oppertunity we would gladly help the owner out by picking up litter around the place as we shoot I currently have a SMK PR900W .22 PCP any opportunities would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Josh
  7. K

    Free Pigeon, Rabbit, Crow, Control Northumberland - Insured

    Hi, My name is Kris, I'm an IT professional with a passion for shooting. I am looking for a regular spot for wood pigeon, crow, rabbit control. I offer this service completely free as I do it for the love of the great outdoors. I am very respectful of people, livestock and property and I...
  8. J

    Free pest control - Yorkshire

    Hi everyone. We are a pair of mature (over 40)shooters in yorkshire currently offering free pest control I. E rabbit, fox, corvid, pigeon. We have over 20 years shooting experience between us and are both fully insured members of BASC. We would greatly welcome any opportunities you may offer...
  9. holwellcourtfarm

    2nd hand JD tractor parts going free...

    I'm having a clear up and I have just posted classified listings for some odds and ends here. They are free of charge if you collect or I'll happily post them at your cost but I'm asking for a donation to "Help for heroes" in return. The parts are: Outer fibreglass cab roof from a 1999 JD6310...
  10. B

    FREE: Spent Malt from Micro Brewery (Cumbernauld, Scotland)

    Hi there, I'm just posting on the off-chance that any livestock farmers / small holders near Cumbernauld want some spent grain from a new micro brewery in Lenziemill Industrial Estate. We're only small - about 200kg of wet mashed malt per week. Can be left out and you can be notified to pick...
  11. G

    Soil and hardcore

    I've currently taken over a waste transfer station in the Dunstable area near Whipsnade Zoo. We are transforming it into an aggregates yard and need to get rid of the material/product to create space. We have an abundance of clean Hardcore and screened soil 20mm which you can pick up or we can...
  12. P

    Pesty birds and rabbits

    Hello! I'm a air rifle enthusiast living in the Esher area. I'm looking to help anyone that would like some FREE help controlling pest, such as rabbits, pigeons, crows, etc. in the Surrey area. I am a clean and responsible person just looking to help with any issues with pests, as a hobby...
  13. M

    Pest Control in West Yorkshire

    Firstly i am only 16 and enjoy shooting and hunting, therefore it can benefit both me and whoever has land with a pest problem for me to come to your land and hunt for rabbits or take care of rats, mice etc. As its something i enjoy i do not charge providing that i keep the majority of the game...
  14. N

    free paper for bedding

    I have a large amount of paper which is excellent for bedding free for collectin from scunthorpe or may be able to deliver free in the surrounding areas. Please call steve ok 07837306586 for more info. thanks.

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