fuel tanks

  1. Cab-over Pete

    Repairing a full diesel tank

    Aye-up, About a year ago I had a new diesel tank made for my old lorry. Damn thing is leaking all of a sudden, a drip every few seconds. Don't know why, it hasn't been started or moved for at least a month. I'm not going to bother contacting the firm, can't be arsed with them. Is there a way...
  2. Chris F

    Explosion in Beruit

    If you haven’t seen the footage, it’s worth looking up. reports are saying it was 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate.
  3. Henarar

    If contributions to AHDB were voluntary would you pay ?

    Well would you ?
  4. ACEngineering

    LED work light opinion for van?

    Looking at ideas for roof mounted LED for the van, got 2 on the back and one above the side door. Looking at something like this as its low profile. MUST be well sealed, good stainless fixings, probably best suited with one bolt fixing? and ideally hollow bolt to save drilling a second hole in...
  5. CPF

    Do you think 2020 is starting to be like 1976 ?

    I can remember 1975 being a dry year which started the drought of 1976. Fast forward to 29th of May 2020 in the outback near Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire England we are busy Cultivating for vegetables we do have the choice to irrigate , we are still finding moisture about 100mm down but the...
  6. J

    Massey 5465 fuel tank leak

    Just taken the cover off the pipe joining two fuel tanks to find leak. Turns out to be bodged job disconnecting one tank, not sure why you would want to disconnect it. There is no hose tail on main tank and hole appears odd shape, circle with flat bottom. Question is do Massey do a replacement...
  7. 76masseyman

    Tractors in Canada and America.

    A lot of interesting videos about of farmers working across the pond. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I never seem to see any farm tractors or combines with number plates on. I have a few old USA number plates hung in the shed, which are obviously from cars, and I appreciate that many...
  8. McVeigh Parker

    McVeigh Parker

    McVeigh Parker are one of the premier specialist agricultural and fencing product stockists in the UK. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry and 8 depots nationwide covering the whole of the country, we have earned a reputation for innovation, expertise and competitive pricing. We hold...
  9. S

    Deere 3650 engine power gets low a fuel tank gets emptier?

    The older one of my JD 3650 tractors seems to loose a lot of its power when the fuel tanks (main tank on nose and extra tank down by rear axle) are getting low. I did change the fuel pulp some years ago. Did not help. Filters all ok and lower tank was cleaned very well. It was taken out and...
  10. B


    going up the A12 the other day every 5th HGV was sporting a sticker on the back saying PL , LT, RUM, etc etc couldnt remember others, do these run on our roads with the same costs, conditions regulations our british hauliers have to? do they get away without paying at the river crossing the auto...
  11. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.
  12. FarmerD89

    IH Tractor identification

    Any of the resident gurus able to identify this tractor please
  13. daveydiesel1

    Wet weather machinery

    Out spreadin way this wee yoke cause to wet for big 1
  14. MX7

    Trackers for small items of equipment e.g Chainsaws ?

    If one takes the piston out of a e.g Chainsaw ,is there a" tracker device" that can be put in the piston chamber,so that if the Chainsaw ,among with the other chainsaws etc is stolen, the tracker can be turned on ,so that the location of the stolen goods can be tracked,by the police or...
  15. jondear


    Enquired about changing our 6 year old 250 . Apparently Honda not making them anymore due to emmisions new stocks will run out in may .Info anyone?
  16. MX7

    Red diesel additives to stop "Algae" forming in Tractor etc fuel tanks??

    Are there fuel additives which will stop algae forming ,in the fuel tanks of tractors and machinery that is used infrequently? I would very much like to hear how any of you get on with the Diesel additives, if you use them in your classic tractor diesel tanks,to stop algae.
  17. B

    10,000 hour plus tractors

    Anyone on here own a tractor, tractor loader, with 10,000 plus hours, id like to here your comments , make, model if you have had it from new and anyproblems on the way? I know in classic tractor a dairy farmer was writing the praises of a newholland tractor on a diet feeder with high hours, so...
  18. N

    Stobarts a case in point ?

    The demise of Stobarts , A company who have for years driven the rates down to get the work and driven them down for all in the industry by consequence. Making it impossible for small to medium haulage firms to be able, firstly to tender for the work, or to be able charge a reasonable rate to...
  19. M

    MF 135 vs MF250

    Afternoon Everyone Im after a bit of advice needed on tractor selection. Ive read through almost all the similar posts on this forum and have come to the decision between the two machines in the title. Basically ive got approx 15 acre at the moment to do a bit of hobby farming , haymaking...
  20. It was already broken.

    MF 362 Fuel Tank

    I had a leaky tank on my MF 362 so had someone weld it up for me in the summer as I was right busy. Might as well of thrown my money in the hedge as its leaking again now. So when I asked I was told no new tanks are available. Does anyone know of any firm selling a new tank? Or anyone pulling...