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    Get a head start on broadleaf weeds this autumn, warns Corteva

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Cereal growers are being urged to consider the benefits of controlling broadleaf weeds in cereal crops this autumn, rather than waiting until spring. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Most growers favour leaving the bulk of weed control until...
  2. Bigjon44

    WW pre em

    What's everyone going with at pre em this autumn? Usual suspects liberator and picopro/max? Does defy added to the mix help with grass weed??
  3. Corteva Updates

    Reactive herbicide applications advised as oilseed rape area is set to increase

    With the oilseed rape area expected to increase this autumn, Corteva Agriscience is advising farmers to consider a reactive approach to weed control in order to reduce risks during crop establishment. Buoyant prices for the 2021 crop are being underpinned by demand from processors and it is...
  4. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  5. Charles Quick

    Broadway Star Performance 2021

    Performance has been utterly pants on Sterile brome this year. Previous years it kills most of them, but always leaves a few stunted plants to return seed and continue the cycle. This year there are healthy plants all over the crop. Do I just put it down to the cold April allowing the brome to...
  6. Premium Crops

    Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

    Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet "With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black...
  7. czechmate


    I have a small patch of oats which due to low rate liberator have no weeds👍, except cleavers. I don’t have a starane type product but I do still have a lot of MCPA and 24d which I mix for grass fields. Would on of those or a mix kill cleavers? The labels only talk about perennial weeds🤷‍♂️ tia
  8. tr250

    A feast to save the planet bbc 2

    Anyone watching will it be another vegan run affair
  9. Corteva Updates

    Win a petrol power pressure washer from Belkar®

    Hi everyone, Just letting you know about our latest competition to win a Clarke PLS195A petrol driven power washer. We have three up for grabs!! For more info and to enter go to: www.corteva.co.uk/belkar. The introduction of Belkar®, a robust post-emergence herbicide for tackling key...
  10. Corteva Updates

    John Sellars: This post-emergence herbicide window will be crucial for oilseed rape growers

    John Sellars: This post-emergence herbicide window will be crucial for oilseed rape growers A lot of arable farmers will be glad to see the back of the last growing season and will be looking forward to a fresh start. Every year we are reminded of how volatile the business of producing food...
  11. Corteva Updates

    Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme

    Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme Farmers who drilled oilseed rape in July and August without applying a pre-emergence herbicide will need a tailored approach to weed control this autumn. Corteva AgriscienceTM says earlier drilling is one strategy being employed on...
  12. Corteva Updates

    Yield-topping PT279CL is leading Clearfield variety again

    Yield-topping PT279CL is leading Clearfield variety again Pioneer’s PT279CL winter oilseed rape has proven to be the highest yielding Clearfield® variety in independent AHDB Recommended List trails for the second year running. Provisional harvest data shows that the variety has returned a...
  13. Corteva Updates

    Stand CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412

    CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412 Cereals 2020: Resilience and innovation at the heart of Corteva Agriscience Leading global crop protection and seed company, Corteva Agriscience, continues to place innovation at its core and is showcasing the brightest pipeline in the industry at Cereals 2020...
  14. D

    Fumitory in Winter Linseed

    Winter Linseed is coming towards end of flowering and I now have a pretty blanket of pink fumitory flowers starting to appear above the crop. Just wondering if anybody has had any success spraying it out at this late stage? If so, what product and is it cost effective?
  15. Stevethemeat

    Growth reg spring barley

    Can those with the knowledge give me the pros and cons of growth regulator on spring barley this year the mix I’m planning is herbicide wild oat and broadleaf with fungicide trace elements I’m hearing it might be a hot mix with the added drought and straw will stunt quite badly we have heavy...
  16. Zippy768

    Anybody NOT t2-ing, t1-ing etc because of frosts

    Unusually cold this week. Another frost this morning, so at least 3 this week now. Have T2 on wheat to do, T1 on SB and some beans to tidy up. All mixes containing a herbicide. Anybody not applying with such low night temps?
  17. S

    Broadleaf Sprays - what am I missing?

    I can use 24D as part of a mix with roundup in Kyleo as a full knockdown of weeds. But when it comes to spring crops I'm finding myself ladling on expensive Zypar because I'm now scared of growing direct drill osr with an su What am I missing here, What is it that those old fashioned contact...
  18. Selectamatic

    Spring barley looking poor...

    Some of the stuff i've sown is, some is ok, some is terrible! It looks like i've sown it too thin, but I've not, it is desperate for a good downpour, I was thinking while driving from them earlier, there's not been drop of proper rain since they went in the ground. How's yours looking?
  19. Brisel

    How do you kill chicory in spring barley?

    As per the title really. One for the agronomy geeks! @Ugo79 @richard hammond @Bogweevil @BenB - I've has a discussion with Nick. I have a couple of ex AB9 winter seed plots now in spring barley. Despite a good dose of glyphosate pre drilling, the chicory is coming back and will soon be...
  20. Corteva Updates

    Weed pressure could increase in south east following dry spell

    Weed pressure could increase in south east following dry spell A prolonged period of dry weather coupled with a significant switch to spring cropping is causing weed control programmes to change for farmers in south east England. Torrential winter rain led to a huge shift away from winter...