1. kfpben

    Maincrop Turnips

    The farm shoot has been cancelled due to lack of birds and we aren’t in a wildlife agreement until 1st Jan so I have c.20 acres of various game covers and wildlife strips around the farm available now to do some proper farming with. I’m thinking of putting maincrop turnips in. Any thoughts or...
  2. unlacedgecko

    Gross Margins

    Been doing some light reading on a Saturday afternoon. Are these figures accurate? Makes grim reading. And confirms what @DrWazzock says about living off family labour and depreciation/old kit and DIY repairs. What's the consensus on GM for 21/22/23? Will rising input costs swallow up...
  3. D

    AB7: Wholecrop Cereals - herbicide restrictions

    We're in a CS agreement this year forward. One of the options I reluctantly agreed to was the wholecrop option. It didn't seem that difficult to comply really but I didn't fully investigate the rules. There are only 5 active ingredients allowed with AB7. The fields we've put in as AB7 fields are...
  4. PSQ

    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Anyone having issues with drip stop valve rubbers failing when spraying Corteva’s Univoq, Iconiq or similar? Seems to a bit of an issue among sprayer drivers having widespread DSV failure on FB.
  5. News

    Rapid disease testing saves farmer £1,600 on Septoria treatment.

    Spring Septoria pressures in wheat are reported to be high to medium across much of the UK thanks to proven rapid disease testing that’s helping agronomists and farmers to manage disease risk with accurate data at their disposal. And one farmer has saved £1,600 on Septoria fungicides from a £70...
  6. CPM RSS

    Crop Doctor – All to play for

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The Crop Doctor team go back on tour to assess disease development across the country just as T1 fungicide programmes swing into action. CPM gets an insight into how the dry April has affected disease pressure. It’s wet with dew in the mornings and...
  7. CPM RSS

    Bean crops under disease pressure, warns PGRO

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Growers are being warned that downy mildew is highly prevalent in bean crops this season, with the disease even hitting winter bean plants at levels that would warrant treatment, according to the PGRO. According to the PGRO, infection has been...
  8. G

    chemical cost for spring barely?

    hi so i'm pricing out a new venture for next year and i'm wondering what is the cost of the sprays for spring barely per acre? i wouldn't be using round up as id be more then lightly crimping the barely. thank you for your help
  9. Agriland RSS

    NI cereal crops ahead of normal for time of year

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (CAFRE) tillage advisors are confirming that most cereal crops in Northern Ireland are generally a little ahead of normal. This is a direct result of the relatively mild spring, after a winter of good...
  10. Northantsplants

    Help needed with fungicide spray timing

    Hi All I am researching the potential for using one of our novel organic bio-fungicides in conventional cereal crops. The product in question is chitosan, which can be used in the UK/EU for fungal disease control. For more details see: I was...
  11. An Gof

    WW T2

    Flag leaf fully emerged on the KWS Extase so the T2 has gone on today. Applying 1.25L/Ha Revystar + 5Kg EpsoTop.
  12. Fuzzy

    BPS code for Bean+OSR twin crop

    What BPS code should be used for a twin crop of Winter Beans and Winter Oilseed Rape?
  13. A

    Wheat varieties for (or not for) direct drilling

    Hi Folks, i don't often post, i work at Rothamsted and we're hoping to set up a DD experiment with different wheat varieties. Interested in any comments on suitable or unsuitable candidates, also any comments on particular traits that might be important for direct drilling. Happy for any...
  14. Adama News

    Trial Data for Soratel (prothioconazole) for superior disease control

    A UNIQUE, HIGH PERFORMING PROTHIOCONAZOLE Soratel for superior disease control A novel prothioconazole fungicide which uses a unique formulation to offer improved cereal and OSR disease control compared to the current market leader. SORATEL features ‘AsorbitalTM’ formulation technology...
  15. H

    British Farming Union on TFF

    Who or what is behind this ? I just spotted the section where you can join up but no explanation as to who is organising it ......or am I behind the times ?
  16. Oldmacdonald

    Liquid N and fungicides.

    I have winter barley requiring N and fungicide. Is there a sequence I can do then in to avoid having to wait a big gap inbetween? If I put on the N today, can I go with fungicide tomorrow?
  17. Yale

    Is it time to look again at Nicotinoid dressings to control flea beetle.

    With the massive issue of cooking oil supply world wide would it be prudent for the government to at least scrutinise any data since the ban to see if there is a genuine argument for the reintroduction of this seed dressing. Surely this is an emergency measure which could be introduced which...
  18. Flat 10

    Who thinks the AHDB is well run and provides value to their business?

    As above. Interested to see the answer to the above simple question. I think the current consultation is merely tinkering at the edges. I can only speak for cereal farmers but interested in responses from all farmers to get a sense of feeling as it seemed other sectors were disappointed with the...
  19. Agriland RSS

    High fertiliser costs create double need for top-level wheat disease management

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland High prices for fertiliser and grain are putting extra pressure on farmers not to let wheat yields slip through their fingers over the rest of this season, said Nigel Scott, regional technical manager for agronomy firm, ProCam. In particular, he says...
  20. 4

    Sclerotinia on rape

    cant make my mind up wether to spray or not , its been cold and dry here ,rape more or less in full flower no petals on leaves, reckon we might do more damage with the sprayer than benefit , agronomist wants to as a precautionary measure , whats everybody doing ps agronomist wants to go twice