1. Farmer Fin

    BASIS beet help

    Hi I am doing my BASIS and have no knowledge of beet. Could someone give me a copy of their typical spray programme? DM if you like. Thanks
  2. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  3. ajd132

    Spring beans or spring oats

    Had 110ha destined for winter beans but seed delivery way behind when we think it’s optimal for decent zero till winter beans to be drilled. Shall I order some spring bean seed or shall I plant spring oats, I’ve got the nitrogen in the shed and farm saved seed. I am erring towards the oats...
  4. W

    Fungicide trial, can you help?

    Basically I want people to do brix before and post application of fungicides, taken at the same time of day preferably between 2-4pm. I saw some very interesting observations last year and I want to see which fungicides have the least damaging impact on microbiology in the symbiotic sense. Have...
  5. C

    Grazing inlamb ewes on osr

    Been offer some feilds of rape that a chap drill and has failed only about half to a 3rd has grown. He wants what's left grazed off before he drills wheat in the feild would it be safe to graze inlamb ewes on this. There is also volunteer barley which had been sprayed off and gone yellow? Thanks
  6. M

    Fodder beat clamp.

    Grown 6 acres of fodder beet for the first time. Looks a decent crop but need to make a clamp out of bales, which I need to buy in. How suppose how long is a peice of string comes to mind but, would any body have a rough idea of how many bales I would need to make the clamp.
  7. N

    Liquid fert Advice- Liquisafe and Efficient N28

    Our agronomist only ordered 54t of liquid Fert 26 5 instead of 75t we asked them to order back in September. 21t short! which has now doubled in price. In order to sort the requirements out for this cropping year they have proposed using Liquisafe and Efficient N28 to plug the shortfall of 21t...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Winter oilseed rape acreage increased by 25%

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Teagasc is confirming that the area of winter oilseed rape sown out in Ireland has increased by an estimated 25% this season. This is due to a combination of high forward prices and planting opportunities last August. Crops are generally more...
  9. EcoStim Limited

    Reduce your Fertiliser Costs by 20%

    One of the key aspects of using the EcoStim range of Biostimulants is the ability to reduce the use of fertilisers (up to 40%), in next Fridays (12 Nov) EcoStim Webinar on EcoCereal one of the things we'll look at will be the Cost Benefit of using EcoCereal. To join us book your (free) ticket...
  10. G

    Yara says food crisis coming

    The truth is out
  11. Laggard

    OSR fungicide

    Very hard to find any phoma in varieties Aspire and Annika yet. Usually quite a bit of phoma showing in previous varieties by Guy Fawkes. What about light leaf spot or is it too early?
  12. Laggard

    OSR deficiency

  13. A

    Buying chemicals for next year

    Are people buying chemicals now for next year? We know certain products that we will definitely use year on year, prices look like rising and we have already had problems getting some herbicides this autumn, just pondering what products could be best bought now
  14. Grass And Grain

    Blenky resigns?

    Red Tractor board member no longer. Resigned? Not stood again? Don't know. But not great calling your farmer members "backstabbers" because they have a different opinion and suggest some reform and improvements. All we want is for feed mills to be able to choose their own intake standards...
  15. Agrovista News

    Sartorial's resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial

    Sartorial's resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial Excellent establishment and impressive early vigour helped Sartorial winter wheat top the yield stakes in Agrovistas recently harvested variety trial at Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Sartorial achieved a treated yield of...
  16. Laggard

    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Spring barley @ £250/t looks a lot easier
  17. J

    How to and cost of growing corn 🙈

    Hi all, venturing to a side of the forum I've never been to 😬 I'm looking at growing corn for the first time next year and as daft as it sounds have very little knowledge on how to grow it! I grow wholecrop barley successfully (10tdm/ha) so hoping to do the same but combine it. What yields can...
  18. Michelle_Nuttall

    AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds - Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – 15-19 November 2021

    Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – November 2021 This year, AHDB’s Strategic Cereal Farm activities are remaining virtual, with lots to get involved in from webinars to podcasts, all bringing to life the on-farm research relevant to your farm business. Join a series of daily webinars from...
  19. T

    Phoma in WOSR

    I have quite a bit of phoma coming through in some late august drilled WOSR. Any ideas of alternative methods other than a fungicide? Thanks