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    Full of promise

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF After two springs which followed extremely wet winters, crops in 2022 are looking promising coming out of a much kinder winter. CPM joins the Bayer Crop Doctor team to get a feel for likely disease pressures before fungicide programmes get...
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    Mastering spring barley – protecting precious yield

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF High cereal prices, forecasts for tight global supplies and eye watering nitrogen prices mean optimising spring barley yields are more important than ever this year. CPM explores how a robust fungicide programme can be worth every penny. It’s better...
  3. AT Aloss

    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    This isn't an April Fool. If you are professionally applying plant protection products in agriculture or amenity, you will need to register by 22 June 2022. This is a new legal requirement, regardless of size of your business. The requirement is governed by the Official Controls (Plant...
  4. F

    Fungicide spraying with frosts at night & cold conditions

    As per 2022 spraying season is being a bugger. :mad: With yellow rust in WW skyfall, windy conditions and frosts at night into next week (w/c 4/4/22) with showers a real problem next week, should I be putting a fungicide on if wind allows a window, or let mother nature with the frosts do the...
  5. D

    Spray Water Volumes

    Probably been discussed a million times but reviewing again to reduce overheads. If I go down to 155 litres per ha instead of 200 I only need to visit each block of land once with my 2000 litre tank which is a big saving in time and clat factor. Is 155 litres per ha adequate for fungicides etc...
  6. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  7. Bigjon44

    Strawberry fungicides

    Best products for strawbs under tunnels fungicide wise??
  8. Rowland

    Fert use

    Thankfully I’m out of full time farming now but still have an interest in it . With the obvious problems with fertiliser has anyone who has all the feet they need and bought a semi decent price considered using about half of it this season and holding onto the other half for next season ? Or...
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    Win a trip to France with the BASF Innovation Offer

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine BASF is giving 25 growers the chance to win a trip to France this November to learn more about the nation’s wheat production, R&D and plant breeding as part of the firm’s Innovation Offer. The trip will commence in Paris where the group will...
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    Bioscience in practice – A helping hand

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Fungicide chemistry, both new and old, is increasingly coming under pressure, with selection pressure in the field and regulatory hurdles thinning down azole and multi-site options. CPM finds out how plants can be given a bit of help with their own...
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    Septoria – ‘Soft’ guys prevail

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The reporting of fungicide sensitivity data can be alarming, but all may not be as it first seems. CPM digs deep into the results of Bayer monitoring data. The EC50 value only measures a change in fungicide sensitivity, but it’s not a measure of...
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    Tech Talk – The unpredictable predator

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF Don’t allow the last few years of low septoria pressure to lull you into a false sense of security – it’s evolved into a greater threat than ever. CPM gleans expert advice on the pathogen and how to use new chemistry to keep it in...
  13. W

    Martin Grantley Smith “moved on” / “retired”

    Moderators note: Original Title- “Martin Grantley Smith sacked” which was corected in posts 3 and 10. from the AHDB. He’s been caught colluding behind the scenes with the NFU, RT and AIC. Emails obtained via FOI show this collusion against U.K. farmers.
  14. A

    T0 thoughts septoria control 2022

    What are peoples thoughts on what to use for septoria control at t0 this year? Didn't do a t0 for septoria last year, only teb on yellow rust susceptible varieties, but had too much septoria in may/june for my liking. What is there? Folpet? Can you get mancozeb this year? Triazole for the...
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    Theory to Field – Guard against fungicide resistance

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF If you use fungicides to control plant diseases like septoria in wheat, it will drive selection of resistant populations. A meaty AHDB-led project aims to find out the best way to keep the handbrake on this process. CPM finds out more. We can have...
  16. barney_d

    Growing Triticale / Oats

    Hi 👋 I work as a field trialist and I'm searching for what seems to be a difficult crop this year. Is anyone growing winter Triticale or/and winter Oats that would go to harvest? The preferred location Midlands, the South East and West of the country. Please help if you know anyone! For more...
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    Potatoes – Forewarned is forearmed

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The landscape for managing rhizoctonia in potatoes has changed significantly over the past two years. CPM looks at the latest advice on protecting marketable yield from this damaging disease. It’s all about protecting yield, protecting size...
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    Tech Talk – Multi-site fight

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Barley diseases are posing more than just a challenge as single site modes of action have taken a battering in recent years. But through careful management and using multi-site actives, growers can take the fight to the diseases. CPM investigates...
  19. Breckland Boy

    Beet '22

    Made a start drilling today. Direct into an ex 2 year ley. Reasonably confident that it won't blow.
  20. shumungus

    Wholecrop choices.

    Wanting to reduce meal use next winter. Suckler to beef and sheep enterprise. No grain storage facilities. Wanting to grow grain and put in silo along with grass. What are the pro's and cons of wheat versus osts versus rye. Never grew grain before, educate me.