1. Villagefarmer

    Untreated Seed

    I was just wondering how you people come on with untreated seed and the fusarium risk? I have started down this path last year and this year I have had some results back that suprised me how high the levels where in the seed. We haven't had a wet harvest and flowering time wasn't very wet (...
  2. Wigeon

    Microdochium Nivale / fusarium in seed

    Just had test results back for some Costello at 26.5% infected. Never had the like before in my farming career- what is the view on suitability for home saving and or dressing? Not had a don or zon on the stuff for sale yet, and not looking forward to it on the back of that.
  3. T

    Seed dressing or not?

    Hi all had a sample of Extase seed tested showing 23% fusarium infection. Will this be ok to drill without SPD? Thanks in advance of replies
  4. phr49

    Ergot in Spring wheat

    See Ergot tolerances have been tightened up this harvest does this mean if you can see it on lump of wheat it will need dressing out or is there some guidance say 1 ergot kernel per kg of wheat is too much ? If it has to be gravity separated to remove how much per tonne can you expect to pay ...
  5. J

    Planting undressed wheat

    Advice please what is everyone’s views on planting wheat without dressing, I’ve had it tested but concerned about the high level of fusarium please see test results attached
  6. D

    Seed Treatment

    Anyone use “Tiros” seed dressing last autumn?…. Secondly do many of you use any seed treatment on HSS … I was thinking of sowing this autumn with no seed dressing.. Any opinions would be helpful… thanks 😊
  7. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  8. Farfrae

    Pigouvian tax

    Get ready for the Pigouvian tax, I've warned before about how fast the artificial meat business is developing. Most peole don't seem to have a clue as to how things are going to change (I'm just the messenger - don't shout at me.) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58032552
  9. stablegirl

    What is this spoiling my Wheat?

    We are a predominantly dairy farm, growing around 100 acres of wheat and 150 acres of maize under plastic. The Wheat is all 1st Wheat swapped with maize every year. We have been doing this for around 5 years and the Wheat has looked great until about this time every year when its ripening and...
  10. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  11. Farmer Fin

    Spring barley seed head disease?

    Does anyone know what is causing this? We’ve seen bits before and it’s very annoying.
  12. CPM RSS

    Take-all – Research informs integrated control

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Control of take-all currently relies on long-standing cultural methods and one seed treatment, but research is hoping to find new measures to compliment these existing tools. CPM takes a closer look. The goal is to find a sustainable approach to...
  13. B

    There,s no profit in beans

    I would like to grow winter beans on a small scale (20 acres) but I need a drill, many years ago people used to use carrier ? drills, I think Are they still around for modest money?, I know they can be spun on and ploughed in but dont really want to do it.
  14. cb387

    Burgers made from chaff - what will they think of next

    ‘Chaff-burgers’ made from wheat waste ‘could be on the shelves within five years’ The boss of Quorn hopes to develop a way to ferment the leftovers and turn them into a protein to be forged into food products ByJoe Pinkstone20 June 2021 • 7:00pm Eight billion tonnes of chaff are made globally...
  15. Bigjon44


    Anyone warrant doing a T3 this year? Growing skyfall and is a bit of yellow rust around so may do a cheapo one involving Tebuconazole
  16. robin banks

    Sick beans

    Friend of mine has asked what's happening to his spring beans. The photo above shows the start of what seems to kill the bean. It is affecting the whole field. His first taught was spray drift from a neighbour. But agronomist says that whole field would not be affected. As it's a funny shape...
  17. Spuddler

    Another one on the environmental bandwagon

  18. Bury the Trash

    Speaking out for Small farmers.

    https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/small-farms-have-a-huge-role-to-play-in-our-sustainable-future-charles-prince-of-wales.346859/#post-7580667 Good for him i reckon.
  19. teslacoils


    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.
  20. G

    UK supermarket to make plant-based food range cost the same as meat equivalents

    Economics of scale are taking place with meat alternatives, in a few years your average meat free sausage will cost the same as a Meat sausage - subsidies play a role as well...