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    Climate Change Champions – The evidence of true prosperity

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF Managing the estate’s assets to maximise profitability has always been the core aim for Charlton Park in Wiltshire. CPM visits to find out how the same measured approach is now being applied to its natural capital. It’s not just...
  2. kiwi pom

    How much do you spend on food?

    Perhaps this should be in off topic, Mods feel free to move it. With all the current talk of food prices and the inability of people to cook, I wondered, who does the food shopping in your household, where do you shop, how often, roughly how much a week would you spend and has it gone up...
  3. S

    Big drop in scrap price

    Heard from someone in the know , there’s £100 price drop for scrap , to do with the Russians
  4. hally

    Fusion netter problem

    Strange one today but when netting a bale, the knife would drop in and instead of stopping turning the rubber roller still carried on turning and reeling net into the chamber so the door wouldn’t open and the net was to cut manually. Haven’t come across this before and probably just an...
  5. N

    Interest rate rise

    I only picked up the last bit but sure the person speaking said the only way to break the inflation rate is for the bank to rise rates and force a recession.
  6. Macsky

    10,000 cattle dead in Kansas It got to 40°C and they all died apparently, I doubt that’s a completely unprecedented temperature there? It got to 42°C in Alberta when I was there and I don’t remember any fuss about the cattle?
  7. Agriland RSS

    Yorkshire Water farms take step towards carbon net zero

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Yorkshire Water is supporting its tenant farmers to manage the land sustainably through its Beyond Nature scheme and by investing in The Farm Carbon project. Five Beyond Nature farms recently completed a carbon audit, as part of The Farm Carbon...
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    Benchmarking crop carbon footprints reveals opportunities for cutting emissions

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Minimising cultivations, lowering grain drying requirement, reducing synthetic fertiliser inputs, and using urease and nitrification inhibitors, can reduce a crop’s carbon footprint by up to 41% while sustaining yield, according to the latest...
  9. Jackov Altraids

    The transition from BPS to ELMS

    Imagine you were offered the job of your dreams. The only downside was a long commute requiring the use of a car. You have to take it up and give it a go and you love it although the expenses mean it doesn't pay well. This means you are considering a move to be closer to the job when a neighbour...
  10. Chae1

    Best sprayer tractor

    Looking for people's views on best tractor for a mounted sprayer? Have a 1900l front tank, 2000l rear with booms that fold up at back. Spraying circa 2000ha a year total. All cereals and liquid fert too. Currently got a 2011 2170 fastrac 6500 hours, it's a bit noisy and uncomfortable, so...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Research: Climate obligations may force cap on NI livestock numbers

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Climate change obligations may limit livestock numbers in Northern Ireland, according to recent research and modelling. Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division, Prof. Elizabeth Magowan commented...
  12. DrDunc

    Adding Aircon service port into condenser outlet

    Need a condenser for my old Deutz K430 Aircon to make it cold again . There's two versions from SDF, both of which are simply ludicrous money. The likes of Malpas, tractor shack, qtp, etc etc can all supply one for a fraction of the price, but none of them are the version with the service port...
  13. Steevo

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan British farmers urged to put more resources into producing fruit and vegetables to help ease cost of living and food threat from Ukraine war ByTony Diver, WHITEHALL CORRESPONDENT10 June 2022 • 8:50pm Boris Johnson gets in touch with the locals at...
  14. T

    Compressor size for tyre inflating

    Evening all back for more advice. What size compressor would you use for inflating tractor tyres. I’ve seen the PTO ones but would a 4x4 in car compressor work. It maxes out at 80psi not sure about the CFM though. or would it be a 50lt, 100lt, 200lt compressor? thanks
  15. Agriland RSS

    Global fertiliser company to ramp up potash production

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland Nutrien Ltd. has announced that it plans to increase fertiliser production capability in response to structural changes in global energy, agriculture and fertilizer markets. The company hosted a virtual investor update meeting this week to provide...
  16. M

    Is food getting too expensive?

    Or are there too many other things to spend on than there were back in the days when food cost was a much bigger proportion of household expenditure? What are these other things that compete with food?
  17. MX7

    Why/how are oil companies and supermarkets making record profits?

    You must think I am rather dim for asking the above question. BUT please bear with me. In manufacturing or commodity production ( combinable crops) To make a large profit margin, the price of the commodity/ product needs to be a lot more than the cost of producing or sourcing that product/...
  18. toquark

    Right to buy - Boris style

    People now being allowed to use benefits to secure a mortgage. Is there anything HMG won't do to shore up house prices? Quite how Boris thinks this madcap policy will save his skin is beyond me. He's finished.
  19. J Magee

    Slurry Grant Scheme Autumn 22 for England New information has come out today on the 'Slurry Grant Scheme' this Autumn 2022 in England. Headline are Slurry stores to have 6 months worth of storage Stores to...
  20. D

    CF Ince plant to close

    The news that CF are going to shut their Ince AN plant should be treated with the immediate seriousness it deserves from both the UK agriculture industry and the wider industries that will be severely affected if this happens. Time for Government to step in and ensure the plant is kept going...