1. M

    Buying a field for a glamping pod

    Hi all, I've lived in the country my whole life but I'm a dog walker rather than a farmer. I want to buy a plot of land in an idyllic location to have my own little piece of England but I want it to earn it's keep too. I was considering setting up a shepherds hut with a wood-fired hot tub, as...
  2. J


    Hi Everyone!! I hope you're all having a fab January? Have you forgotten the colour of your car because of the mud? Too many stains on your back seats to even consider cleaning them? Then WE WANT YOU!! I am currently working as a Casting Researcher on a brand new online digital web series for...
  3. JCMaloney

    What`s stuck in your field?

    Think this might win! Anyone on here?
  4. Henarar

    How has farming been for you in 2020 ?

    Many reasons to forget 2020 but from a farming point of view its not been bad for us, Store cattle price has been good especially in the autumn and lamb price has been good the weather has been ok made plenty of silage and hay though it did get a bit dry for a while had a good back end its wet...
  5. T

    Farm with multiple houses or cottages for a TV show

    A TV company is searching for a farm with numerous houses in which a group of 30 townies could live for 6 months next summer, ideally around a yard. Where should we start looking? Any ideas?
  6. R

    BBC news - 'The richer you are the more subsidy you receive'

    FFS! If you want to see the report it might be worth watching the 6.00 news.
  7. B

    Self employed gov grant

    I haven’t read up on this so don’t know the rules but we’ve a guy who claimed the self employed grants off the gov and is now got three more on the cards up to next April. As I said I haven’t read up on this but surely you can only claim them if you aren’t working? He’s worked throughout earning...
  8. F

    IHT implications of putting holiday units on land you have not yet inherited....

    My wife would like to set up a holiday accommodation business.. what complicates it is neither my wife or I own the land. I farm in partnership with my aging parents but the ownership of the farm is outside the partnership and lies in the hands of my parents. Having been caught out before I am...
  9. OaksBarnFarm

    Growing Your Business Through Covid-19

    In these challenging times rightly or wrongly we decided to invest in our infrastructure, only time will tell whether this was the right decision but for the short term it does feel like the right thing to do. We Run a family Farm Stay which forms a big part of our income, post lockdown...
  10. Cowabunga

    Future trends

    Once more I feel I should point out future medium term trends and prospects. This time the warning does not come from marketing consultants or prospective manufacturer's publicity material. It comes from Tesco who aim to actively promote alternatives to food produced from animals...
  11. Manney

    Shepherd's hut/Gypsy wagon what planning permission would i need?

    I'm thinking about setting up a small glamping enterprise with a shepherd's hut and gypsy wagon. Will be located slightly off the main farm on the edge of some woodland. Access is ok and the view is stunning. The site has mains water but I will need to install a septic tank. What planning...
  12. V

    Converting bothy to holiday let

    Not sure if this is in right section but on our farm down a good access track away from the steading there is an old building bit like and old house/bothy. I think it would have potential to become a small holiday let place to stay with likes of a hot tub etc etc. Question is what do I do first...
  13. C

    Land rental rates

    Hi! Some advice needed please. I’m in negotiations with a land agent regarding a 2 acre plot in Hertfordshire, intending to set up a small, off grid glamping site. He’s not giving me any idea of rent & wants me to suggest a figure. Can anyone suggest What might be reasonable?! I know that...
  14. D

    what to do with 4 acres

    I've got about 4 acres or so that I used to have 5 horses on it but now I'm down to just 2 horses, I don't want anymore horses but need the grass keeping under control would 5 or so sheep be any good and what sort of maintenance and price should I be paying to buy them and would they need...
  15. British Farming Awards

    The finalists for the 2020 British Farming Awards are announced

    The British Farming Awards 2020 has welcomed a record number of registrations this year, a testament to the incredible work being done on farms throughout Britain. Fifty-six individuals will now battle it out for the 14 categories up for grabs which highlight the innovation and diversity of UK...
  16. farmerfred86

    Glamping and flood zones

    Looking to build a glamping site (cabin) along side a river which is obviously in a flood zone. And advice for flooding and planning issues? Building a house here would obviously be impossible but i'm hoping tourism/temporary accommodation will get us past this hurdle?
  17. F

    Storing barley in a shipping container

    Has anyone any views on whether this would be possible? The containers are rodent and water proof... but also fairly airtight etc? I’m looking at a fairly cheap way of storing about 6 ton as cattle/pig feed for my annual requirement thanks in advance
  18. DB01

    Woodland Wanted in South West England or Welsh Border - Commercial Leases

    Looking for attractive woodland to rent in West of England for 5+ years on commercial terms, ideally in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Herefordshire or Monmouthshire. Will consider broadleaf, coniferous or mixed woodland, with a preference for mature woodland. Will need to have good vehicle access...
  19. Hilly

    Glamping pod /shepherd hut

    I’ve never been to one , what do they do for toilets ?
  20. S

    Looking to rent farm land in East Sussex for a campsite - offers and any advice appreciated

    My family are looking to rent a piece of land locally in East Sussex to run a campsite/glamping site. We would need at least a couple of acres preferably, with road vehicle access, water access and any smallholdings, especially those with water and or toilet facilities etc, would be great. If it...