1. JCfarmer

    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I know a few of you already do this, do you have much trouble with green grains come harvest? Do you use egnos or a more accurate signal? I will have an autopilot steering system which will be available off a tractor which is being sold and a new 5m drill but on 24m tramlines so rather than...
  2. H

    We need a shallow cultivator

    We seem to be getting a worsening weed problem in no till winter wheat because there’s no chit pre drilling due to no soil movement so when we then drill where we slot the seed we germinate weeds, in particular ryegrass. even if we glyphosate prior to drilling although there’s hardly anything to...
  3. roscoe erf

    Any one else panicking

    Are we heading for a mad max future rationing of fuel food etc on its way or is it just sensationalist headlines, are you stocking up and if so what on ?
  4. M

    Crop establishment prices

    I think some people are going mad. Fertilisers through the roof. Crop gross margins are falling yet I’m seeing people out with ploughs, power harrows, disc/tine combinations, presses. They are burning thousands of litres of fuel and the wearing metal cost must be terrible. I’ve seen one local...
  5. Clive

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    So at what price point for N do you fallow your farm ? early bought N which seemed expensive at the time now looks cheap, how about selling it on and taking a year out ?
  6. D

    A Better Bottom Sieve

    The bottom sieve on my old JD 1085 has never been that special and now it’s nearly worn out I was wondering if there are better aftermarket replacements. The problem with the old sieve is that by the time you have opened it up to cope with a reasonable flow it is no longer rows of holes but just...
  7. Steevo

    Clean stubbles?

    Anybody else finding stubbles are almost perfectly clean this year? A month after harvest almost all stubbles are almost perfectly clean. Doubt I’ll need to be using much roundup this autumn which is one benefit given the current situation.
  8. fred.950

    Tree identification

    Could someone identify this tree for me please? It’s probably really obvious but I don’t know!
  9. Yorkshire lad

    CF Fertilisers

    I’ve had an email yesterday that CF are stopping production of AN at Billingham and Ince, due to the cost of gas . It doesn’t say how long for, but it’s not good news How have government allowed one company to have all the AN production in the uk . I thought there were laws regarding monopolies
  10. S

    Preventing frit fly larvae damage

    Some years I get it right, others not. I have got first wheat stubbles going into second wheat and oat stubbles greened up with volunteers. What do I do now to limit damage.
  11. david

    Southern Ireland has emergency approval for use of diquat to desiccate potatoes What are peoples thoughts on this ? Sounds like Syngenta have produced some Reglone for Ireland judging by the new PCS number for this season.
  12. Agriland RSS

    Existing chemistries still important in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to Life Scientific UK and Ireland country manager, Ruth Stanley, existing chemistries can still play a role in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds, provided farmers use a much more holistic approach when it comes to the management of their...
  13. JD-Kid

    Kale and swedes

    any one planted both as a mix did it work or the kale covered the swedes over to much not planing to drill them just spun on with fert but could drill every other row if needed would just be a bit of a pain dry summers tho so swedes might not go too well could be the only factor.
  14. Still Farming


    Make sure to use hastag # Backbritishfarmingday today to promote UK Farming.
  15. Panzer

    Glyphosate shortage

    Heard there is a shortage of glyphosate.
  16. bobk

    Ploughing after glyphosate

    2 Days ? a week . ....
  17. diesel1

    Fallow land and bps

    I have 200 acres of arable land, taking a year rest from growing crops, if I fallow the 200acres can I still claim bps on the whole 200 acres?
  18. D

    Sediment in Sprayer Lines

    Despite meticulously washing out twice after every load my sprayer lines seem to be providing a constant supply of pinky white flakes of sediment which obviously block the nozzles. I think it came from gammy trel. As I have never had this problem before in my entire career and this is the first...
  19. moretimeforgolf

    Winter linseed drilling

    Just wondering when others with experience of winter linseed think is the best time to drill? I know some will have got theirs in already but I’m in Kent so was thinking mid-September? @Flintstone was early last year but don’t recall seeing how it performed.
  20. happycows

    Farming without bagged Fertiliser

    100 cows on 100 acres Cutting frequently to bales or zero grazing. Regular reseed rotation and import quite a bit of nutrients in feed. Not used any p or k for years just urea and sulphur for first 2/3 of the season going little and often. Gone to all umbilical/dribble bar and just put in a...