1. Fat hen

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    Recently attended a zoom meeting with a respected independent land agent. He described the next 5 yrs as the biggest change in Farming in a lifetime. He painted a fairly bleak picture of agric under the Tory government’s funding plans, none of which encourage food production: > £40K BPS will be...
  2. C

    BPS/ELMS what am I missing?

    As no one else appears to be shouting about it, I feel like I am missing something... UK Gov have committed to keeping total farm subsidy levels the same as Pre-Brexit for 7 years. BPS payments are being cut this year but the ELMS replacement doesn’t start until 2024... In the mean time where...
  3. S

    Claydon/Bourgault for destroying cover crop?

    TIA for any help. As an organic farmer I’m playing catch-up with cover crops but think they would be a huge advantage if I can bring them into my system. But no glyphosate...... So I‘m looking into terminating cover crops mechanically, trying to avoid ploughing. See some people are rolling in...
  4. I

    L-CBF Boost

    Who will be using L-CBF Boost this year have used it for four years now would like to know how others get on with it?
  5. F

    Virginia Creeper

    Need to deal with a Virginia creeper on the gable end of a house which has got out of control. Whats the best way to kill this off? I was thinking of boring a hole at an angle into the trunk and filling with Glyphosate... When would be the best time to do this - now or early spring when the sap...
  6. N

    A Red Tractor Alternative

    So instead of paying for assurance which bakers dont even use on their bread labelling.... could farmers upload 10-20 photos per year of their stores, sprayer, combines, records etc to a free photo sharing site. On submission of photos, you get stickers. Run by Farmers for Farmers. the public...
  7. Jerry

    NFU, reasons and reasonable argument not to join....

    I’m sitting down this week with local NFU rep. He’s been wooing me for the last few years to join but I have declined for various reasons. I’m still inclined not to join.....partly due to and not limited to: Red tractor. Inept use of social media. Preaching to the converted by not using the...
  8. A

    Pasture-For-Life beef

    I presume that as far as the consumer is concerned,the term ''Pasture-For-Life'' infers that beef cattle have been grazed on grass for life. Does it exist, or is it just a figment of someone's vivid imagination?
  9. S

    Efficient or underpowered? Changes over the years...

    It's widely accepted that there are less people, and less tractors farming a similar area now to 40yrs ago - it's interesting to put some numbers to it Just worked mine out. 40yrs ago we were farming 40acres per tractor, 80ac/man. Power worked out at 1.45hp/ac (just tractors) Workload...
  10. Wobblebox

    Is there a new CSFB dressing on the horizon anytime soon?

    Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. A couple of years ago I think I remember reading an article in the farming press that Bayer (or could be someone else) reckoned there would be a CSFB dressing on the market within a couple of years, yet nothing since. Is it likely to expect one in a couple...
  11. Case290

    Spring barley advice

    I’ve got a drill which will drill seed & fert. Should I drill all the fert In one go it’s what I want to do. They are metered separately but do go in the same place slot. Disc drill any thoughts. Probably going 120kg/n/ha solid fert either 34.5 or 24/8/8/8
  12. Michael S

    Spring drilling on the green?

    What are people's thoughts on drilling on the green into cover crops in the spring? I get the impression that the feeling is that it doesn't work well in general under normal UK conditions?
  13. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  14. martian

    What was Thomas Gray's ploughman up to?

    You'll all be familiar with Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (1751): The curfew tolls the knell of parting day The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea The ploughman homeward plods his weary way And leaves the world to darkness and to me (and so on for another thirty odd...
  15. Chris F

    French Farmers to be paid not to use Glyphosate

    So the french version of defra are going to give "financial aid" to farmers who agree to not use glyphosate. But - its only €2500 euros. Which is easy money if you are organic already! But can't see that tempting many big arable farms.
  16. Banana Bar

    Spraying brambles

    We’ve got miles of rabbit fencing that is starting to get covered in brambles. Is there anything I can spray the brambles with that will not harm the grass on the margins? BB
  17. W

    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    Rather a confronting table from the latest CCC report
  18. B

    There was a time before Roundup?

    so what happens when roundup, glyphoshate becomes useless ? the weeds that are continually sprayed, ie blackgrass become resistant to it ? we learn over the years that wonder products that are used all the time to treat things such as antibiotics, wormers, rait baits etc, by using them the very...
  19. Scholsey

    Will ELMs = more dairy farms?

    If ELMs rewards long term grass leys which imo is inevitable will we see a influx of new dairy farms with grants available for robots and concrete helping set up costs?
  20. Chris F

    Some more classic BBC They do excel themselves at reporting around the facts and makes them fit an agenda. For a start, the "crowd" are complaining about Glyphosate, but mostly it talks about the coucils using weedkillers. But all the links are about glyphosate. In...

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