1. Andyt880

    What to do with potatoes to leave them ready for harvesting

    We have 2 acres of main crop Maris pipers and a few drills of pinks which we will be hoping to harvest towards the end of the month. In terms of the size and crop we are happy with where they are at now. Tops are still very green and we would like to take the tops off soon and let the skins set...
  2. CPM RSS

    Fine-tuning strategies for successful desiccation

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Following their first full season of diquat-free desiccation, and armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers will now have a better understanding of what it takes to achieve good desiccation...
  3. Farm Business RSS

    Fine tuning strategies to achieve successful crop desiccation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Following their first full season of diquat free desiccation, and potentially armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” non-trial conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers should now have an even better understanding of what it...
  4. Agriland RSS

    CAFRE to host potato haulm flailing workshop

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland A field day run by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) will help potato growers with alternatives to Diquat. The workshops, run with the support of Grimme, will highlight how to set flailing machines correctly to provide a...
  5. H

    Post emergence potato spray

    Struggling to get on the ground its so wet to put on my pre-emergent potato spray wondering what people when using a post emergence
  6. AHDB Podcast RSS

    180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat

    180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat Written by AHDB After losing the approval for Diquat in 2019 growers are looking for alternative solutions for desiccation. Gozai and Spotlight, straight or in combination, along with flailing have shown good results in the 2019...
  7. CPM RSS

    Theory to Field – To flail or spray?

    Written by cpm Download PDF It’s all change this autumn as far as desiccation strategies are concerned. CPM investigates the alternatives to diquat and finds out their possible effects on crop management decisions and costs. PPO products were 2-4 days slower in killing leaves than Reglone. By...
  8. CPM RSS

    Potato weed control – Changing of the guard

    Written by cpm Download PDF The loss of diquat is causing an adjustment in strategy at the beginning of the season as well as at the end. CPM investigates the impact on potato herbicide strategies this season. It’s a complete change in strategy to the one growers are used to. By Lucy de la...
  9. CPM RSS

    Plan now for burn-down

    Written by cpm This season burning-off will be a step into the unknown for many. CPM discovers how decisions made before a tuber is even planted will influence the success of desiccation at the tail end of the season. Nitrogen management will be especially important on indeterminate varieties...
  10. Banana Bar

    Killing peas

    I’m planning 120 ha of large blue peas next year. With the demise of Reglone am I mad to think glyphosate will kill them? The attraction of Reglone was its ability to burn the foliage to a crisp in a few days. I’ve sprayed off some cover crop recently that had a few peas in the mix, everything...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Future of chemistry focus at Potatoes in Practice

    Written by Rachel Martin The future of chemicals in arable farming has taken central focus at Potatoes in Practice – the UK’s largest field-based potato event – which takes place today. Potatoes in Practice is organised and hosted by the James Hutton Institute at Balruddery Farm, Invergowrie...
  12. Sonoftheheir

    Potato price 2018

    Thought we should have a thread about this seasons prices. How can we go by the AHDB email? No prices for Europe, only the futures for April 2019. And prices for here going down? Average free buy still under £100? How can that be right?