grain store

  1. Gormers

    Hair line crack

    Have discovered a hair line crack in a big six sheet on grain store.:( What would folks recommend to seal it up for six or eight months or until I can get to replace the sheet Many thanks
  2. RAF

    Hot barley

    Long story cut 80 ton barley 13% . But full of self set triticale from previous crop . This was green . Anyway cut it now in shed ands it’s red hot to the point u can’t put your hand in it . So have spreed it around another shed a foot deep. Still hot . No drying facilities . Question is will...
  3. Daniel

    Arable farmers, is it essential that……

    When you get your Lexion out of the shed you have to state something portentous on Twitter such as: ‘Winter barley is a go’ A go? What is this mangling of the language? The correct phrase surely, is something like ‘harvest has commenced’ Alternatively: ‘The barley isn’t quite fit but we’re...
  4. MX7

    How reliable are fully automated continuous flow Graindriers?

    This evening I looked at a new 6000 ton grain store with a new 45 tonhour continuous grain drier (5% per ton reduction per hour) fully automated installation. How reliable are the latest state of the art grain driers?
  5. MrNoo

    Infiltration Test

    Put in PP for a grain store 120x60 back in Jan (as near an "active" airfield, determination date was Friday just gone, they have come back and said I have to do an infiltration test, I am aware what it is but find it a bit odd. Is this normal to be asked for such? Site is Cotswold Brash so very...
  6. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...
  7. Old Tip

    Lack of Small Abattoirs

    The RBST and the Sustainabile Food Trust have been banging on about this issue for a bit. But it seems both the latest food report and George Eustice are missing the point re the important role of small abattoirs to farmers who sell direct or to local butchers. The big companies don’t want the...
  8. D

    RT Coping Strategies

    I have decided to delegate it to the Mrs. so that I can get on with stuff that really is urgent. It feels like weight lifted and she has time and aptitude for it. Is it getting to the point where it would be more cost effective to pay a clerk to deal with it than have to Wade through it...
  9. grainboy

    Control panel ex Grain Store

    Ex Grain store control panel, ideal for components, £250
  10. Yellow Trousers

    Mass Balance sheet

    WTF is this ?? How can I get it done by tomorrow 11am?
  11. C

    Farm buildings - 24 foot bays

    Anyone built a portal frame with 24 foot bays? What purlins were used, and what spacings? I know that 9x3 timber is available in 24ft lengths. I want to mix 24ft and 20ft bays to run across the face of an existing building, don't want a big post right in the middle of the bay! TIA
  12. D

    Forklift push brush

    Anybody using one of these? Our bucket brush has had it and I’ve never been a fan of it as it creates so much dust and the caster wheels are weak so I’m thinking a push brush would be better. Which ones to look at ?
  13. A

    Steel framed grain sto

    All the stores I have at the moment are 120’ long by 55’ to 60’ wide with ridges running east to west. This presents one useful south facing roof for solar panels. I now want to build a shed probably 80’ long x 60’ wide orientated north to south. So that I still get one south facing roof...
  14. P

    Burning Grain in Biomass Boiler

    Although not currently allowed under RHI , going forward when this subsidy expires I wondered how different boilers perform on burning Grain ? I know the Guntamatic will happily burn cereals , any one had experience of the ETA Hack in this role ?
  15. TheEarlOfMoray

    Farm hoover

    Looking at getting a new hoover for the drier/grain store. Any recommendations? Have looked at the big brute but seems very expensive. Agri linc have a couple that are a lot more reasonably priced, anyone tried them?
  16. F

    Tying Grainstore Stanchions into Floor Slab??

    How vital is it to tie in the stanchions (with a v shaped bit of rebar???) Building specced withlevel fill 4m high, 145mm grain wall / 6" reinforced floor slab. Thanks
  17. C

    Integrated Crop Management Plan

    Do we all have one ? I do .... coz my Red Tractor Audit is soooon. another “bit of paper for the file”
  18. Christoph1945

    Of Mices and Men!

    Like a great many others, I have been stunned to watch the great plague of mice destroying feed stocks in Australia and I also recalled reading on TFF of a shed full of grain being rejected because of a couple of mouse dropping being found in the grain. Watching all those little critters...
  19. Grassman

    Total stupidity

  20. glow worm

    Covid excuses

    As a farmer, can I use the excuses that various official departments use to me , on them? Go on, encourage me to refuse to answer the next inspector / official that rings us!! I am SO FED UP with firms .. the latest being the DVLA .. who' s answer message is . we're too busy, ring back late...