grain store

  1. bravheart

    Shed Builders

    Any names or recommendations of shed builders in this area, Scottish Borders. or any of the builders on here want to volunteer.
  2. Clive

    Farmdeals - a new digital buying group - BETA testers required !

    Through TFF’s history members have suggested that we should somehow leverage the combined buying power of the membership to get us all better prices for our inputs. We have been approached by several established buying groups who saw opportunity to expand their membership but none ever managed...
  3. ajd132

    Biological Brews

    Seeing biological bacillus brews, from stuff in a can made in China being pushed by some of the ‘regenerative’ agronomy companies/bio stimulant sellers. Some high profile no till farmers appear to be doing it and recording testimonials. With these products being complete in regulated I thought...
  4. TomP

    Relocating an arable farmyard - things to include and things to avoid!

    We are relocating our arable farmyard. I'm working with the designers to get the right design and currently working on a list of things that we want to include. The list is below. Anything anyone feels like commenting on/adding would be really welcome: Combine & header covered area - sheltered...
  5. Kevtherev

    Chris at it again

  6. Bomb

    Why can’t tractor drivers pull over on the road?

    I have just driven between Burford and Lechlade, behind a John Deere tractor and bale trailer. Despite the driver passing numerous places where he could’ve pulled over he just drove past obliviously. People like this really do not help our industry! It is all too easy to forget that other people...
  7. Exfarmer

    Raindear food

    A question on our local village forum. where can I buy “Raindear” food much advice about such product with glitter, some say glitter is poisonous to wild life. however others say Amazon “ biodegrade ball “ is wild life friendly can the wisdom of the forum be diverted by myself to help the...
  8. Case290

    Moisture claims

    We’re off first moisture claim. What are the normal charges they got a 15.3 moisture -£2 per ton . Is that the going rate. Load of old tosh as normal, don't know why I bother sending my moisture meter of to be calibrated. At least they sent the deduction 3 days after the lorry was loaded...
  9. W

    Steel removers

    Anyone know a company in the East Anglia region who dismantle and remove old driers and bins in old grain stores?
  10. Agriland RSS

    Clean and green: Merlo unveils electric e-Worker telehandler

    Written by Agriland Team The green-liveried Merlo telehandler range is set to take on a second “green” dimension with the arrival early next year of an all-new, all-electric battery-powered Merlo e-Worker model. This new machine is manufactured in two model variants – a two-wheel drive 25.5-60...
  11. davieogrutha

    Led lights😠

    Just a frustrated rant... Put up a new cattle shed last year. Put led strip lights in as well as 2 little led bulk head lights for night lights. The lights haven't even been running a full year yet and were of during the summer as the cattle were out. Now the cattle are back in the 2 led bulk...
  12. N


    Anyone on here care to share a few figures on how investing in their stores works? DM if prefer. Thanks
  13. A

    Electricity for remote off grid barn

    Have an old barn in the middle of the farm, long Way from any grid power cables, I would like to have an electricity supply so I can use the shed for more myself or possibly let out for non agri uses. No huge requirements, it’s not a grain store so won’t be running fans or anything. I would...