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  1. Clive

    livestock producers- Red Tractor question ?

    I recall reading sone where on here or twitter that if livestock spent a certain number of days on a uk farm it could become RT assured ? is this correct? the RT wikipedia pahe suggests not as does a lot of their advertising and FAQ’s on google etc can someone explain if / how this all...
  2. S

    New Grain Shed

    Hey So im away to build a new grain store on the farm. Was looking at about 48m x 24m and about 6m high at the eaves. Potentially want to do something with a grain drier/drying floor using biomass but that's for the future. Does anyone have any bits of advice or things to avoid?
  3. B


    admit i caught the barn stantion while backing out of the barn and turning so to avoid another machine, had the loader bucket high up, and as backing out and turning just caught the stantion high up with the side of the bucket made it flex abit a noise but no permanent damage done i hope ...
  4. CPM RSS

    Battling the beetle – The essence of a robust defence

    Written by cpm Download PDF In the struggle to get respectable crops in the face of attack by cabbage stem flea beetle, the remarkable resilience of growers shines through. CPM picks out some of the success stories. Horrendous as 2019/20 was, it really only reinforced the importance of a number...
  5. G

    Straw shed, future grain store?

    Possibly looking at putting up a straw shed however I'd like to be able to turn it into grain store in the future. Is it just a case of bolting some panels round it or is the metal work lighter or different?
  6. RakeeyboE

    Steel Frame Building Price & Insulated sheets?

    We are trying to decide who would be best to go with, Looking at the quotes it's Fowler and Gilbert we are thinking about, has anyone got any experience with them? Do they price match? We have an price from SJB Steel aswell which they Supply/Deliver/Erect for an very good price, anyone had an...
  7. 7610 super q

    When will RT end ?

    Well ?
  8. Eden.Agri.AD

    Very Nearly a Life Lesson

    One of my clients was recently recruiting tractor drivers, I was helping with interviews and references. There was this one guy who stood out above the rest, great qualifications, CV and references, so they gave him a one week trial He was relocating area with his wife and 2 kids, so was...
  9. Feldspar

    Concrete walling thickness

    We will be putting up a grain store with 4m high concrete panels to hold about 1800t of grain. Just curious on people's views on the best thickness of concrete panels. Currently have assumed 150mm thick panels, but curious whether going to 180mm or thicker offers any advantages? Any views...
  10. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    As per poll. He wants to insult us, then let’s take the fight right back to the board and show them we are not naive, miss understood or back stabbers but we will stand up and be counted when needed.
  11. T

    Farm weighbridge

    I want to put a weighbridge in, it will be used for weighing crops as they come in on tractor and trailer, and also HGV's. I am looking at pit mounted as we are doing some yard alterations, so putting a pit in at the same time wouldn't be much extra work, or is surface mounted better. Also...
  12. B

    red tractor portal

    is this a better way of doing the assessment online ?
  13. Greythundercloudys

    Foot n mouth, 20 years ago today.

    Think it the anniversary today, where does the time go.
  14. C

    Bob Green Buildings - any thoughts!?

    Morning Ladies and Gents, We are looking at a new livestock shed and have been given a few names of some of the bigger players, this chap looks to be a little smaller in size though. Yet to make contact but would welcome any feedback before i waste...
  15. Matt77

    New grainstore lights and cable

    Got a new grainstore nearing completion, after some thoughts on lights, are people using light armour cable or cable conduit for power cable up in the roof, going to put 6-8 lights up, in my other store they are mounted not much higher than the grain wall and pointing in towards the middle of...