grain store

  1. Chae1

    130% tax allowance on capital purchases

    What are your thoughts on this? Is it encouraging you to buy new instead of used machines? On a combine at 250k its bound to be quite a saving.
  2. Bovril

    Situation Vacant Harvest Arable Operator (Hertfordshire)

    We have a vacancy for an experienced tractor driver to join our family farm for harvest 2021. The Role: - Grain carting - Assisting with grain store management - Cultivations - Mid-July to mid-September The Applicant: - Harvest experience - A full clean driving license - Excellent...
  3. Jerry

    New poll Dorset tup

    Not sure he’s leggy enough??
  4. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  5. G

    Large grain merchant gone under.

    Anyone else hearing this in scotland?
  6. M

    Best filler/gunge for this job...

    I have been re-doing the anti-rodent/bird mesh around part of our grain store - 4mm mesh stapled to the perlin down to the top of the bin. Rather than bolting/tying it with wire to the steel every few inches, seeing as it kind of sits in the corrugation of the steel I wondered about just using...
  7. Chae1

    What % are you today thread?

    Shamelessly taken from @agricontract YouTube channel. But I wondered if it would be worthwhile to have a thread where members could put how there feeling and why. Be a sticky at top. Don't mind if others don't think it's a good idea and doesn't happen.
  8. @

    Situation Vacant Harvest Tractor Driver

    Harvest Tractor Driver required on 400 ha arable farm in south west Wiltshire. Mid-July until September. Duties will include corn carting, general grain store work and some cultivations. Must be reliable and prepared to work long hours/weekends. Experience essential. Driving licence...
  9. M

    Stubble to stubble rates

    What are people currently charging/being charged for a simple stubble to stubble operation on combinable cropping land?
  10. Brisel

    Subtle yet effective Hi Vis clothing

    This might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with me. My boss has been recommended to insist that all staff wear high vis clothing in the farm yard. I have some sympathy with this - we run a commercial grain store and Christmas tree retail operation as well as a large contract farming...
  11. Try to succeed

    Situation Vacant Harvest position with the chance to stay on

    I’m looking for a hard working and motivated individual to join me for harvest on our family farm near Retford, with the potential for the right candidate to stay on longer term. This role will include: - grain carting - grain store tasks - record keeping - general arable farm work - general...
  12. PSQ

    On farm public weigh bridge, and charges?

    We have a 50t commercial weigh bridge on farm, which is tested annually by the council, FoC. We're not a 'public weigh bridge', but the council 'weights and measures' man suggests we should be, as there are occasional near neighbours who use the bridge. The upside is a bit of income, the...
  13. BuskhillFarm

    Diesel or Gas Grain dryer

    Hi. Following on from a thread I posted last year I have decided to buy a second hand grain dryer budget of less than £4k hopefully £3k as it’s only used for a 100 or so ton at most but hopefully less. questions I have of buying either, there seems to be a lot more gas ones for sale in this age...
  14. jerseycowsman

    Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

    As the title says!
  15. D

    Dividing grain with big bags of fertiliser

    Maybe a long shot but need to partition my shed down the middle but not permanently. Was thinking concrete A section walling lifted in with telehandler, but thought why not buy my MOP up front and store down the middle. Lay a sheet over it. Only as deep as a bag at edges, heaped up in middle to...
  16. ploughman1963

    Grain store electrical fit out

    Advice please 100' x 50' grain store to put up - internal divisions by movable concrete panels, 16' high side walls, 2 roller shutter doors - pto powered drier outside at one end but probably look to convert to electric next couple of years. Recommendations/opinions for electrical fit out...
  17. Yorkshire lad

    Rent Review

    We have some land that we rent on an AHA is up for a review this year. It's typical heavy land so not suitable for roots ect . The landlord has appointed a new agent one of the large national ones. He came to view the land last week and said they were looking for an increase of about...
  18. Phil P

    A bit on extra on the side 😗

    I’m looking at putting up a grain store, Ok, so not what you where thinking this thread was about sorry 🙄😂. Anyway the size I want to do will put us slightly over the permitted development threshold of 1000m2. Only by a mere 80m2 🤦‍♂️ but this would mean a full planning application so the...
  19. JCB_JCR

    TAX on capital grant roofs?

    Does anyone know the TAX situation with countryside stewardship capital grants roofing slurry stores, etc? I think I'm right in thinking that if we built a new shed we'd get taxed on the cost of it. Does this still apply to grant sheds? Accountant is giving us mixed messages and has confused...