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  1. Grass And Grain

    Question for Red Tractor on their Facebook post

    I've asked the following question on a RT Facebook post. Let's see what their answer is... The Facebook post, and twitter post...
  2. D

    Planning a new building?

    Hi All, If you are planning a new building, whether it is a grain store or maybe a small industrial building then we may be able to help. We offer a building design and drawing service, so we could help you take the risk and chance out of your projects. We all see on here people saying they...
  3. copse

    Armoured cable

    And looking for some 25 mm armoured cable for a power supply to a new grain store. Any recommendations where I can get some at a reasonable price? Before I start ringing around on Monday. Thanks
  4. B

    Red Tractor staff

    Clearly many thousands of farmers now know that RT isn’t a legitimate company because farms still get inspected by government agencies for things that are written into law. So my question is that all the staff must know that the RT business model is questionable, so do they have a clear...
  5. Direct Driller Magazine

    Challenging autumn weather underlines the need to tailor crop establishment approach to prevailing conditions

    Written by Jeff Claydon Establishing winter wheat on the Claydon farm during October with the new 6m Claydon Evolution 6 mounted drill. Despite a stop-start harvest and the very changeable weather which followed, Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon was able to establish all the planned area of...
  6. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Tom Sewell

    December 2021 The good the bad and the ugly! As I sit here on the 30th November furiously tapping away to get this written for tomorrows deadline I reflect on what has happened since I last wrote. My last piece mentioned how well the crops looked before harvest! How things have changed in...
  7. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - Andrew Jackson

    Farmer Focus - December 2021 Harvest has come and gone. Yields were good but could have been better had the growing season not been so variable. We had trimmed our Nitrogen rates to 160 Kg/N/Ha for wheat and OSR, but huge swings of yields within the fields told me that the yield had not been...
  8. W

    Red Tractor rotten turkeys

    Oh dear Red Tractor now look where your precious brand is. All over the media for the wrong reasons.
  9. Bramble

    Swollen wheat seed

    Drilled some wheat after grass (ploughed, cultipress, drilled with Rapid) and about 30-50% of it hasn’t germinated, it’s just sat there and swollen up, looks like it’s rotting. Any ideas why or what may have caused it?? The headland, which was drilled last, looks a lot better that the middle...
  10. S

    Strange how things happen???

    approximately mid day yesterday I was directing someone reversing a home made trailer loaded with stone over a drain , the trailer was tipped and I shouted enough as he lowered trailer and moved forward, bang!! The hinge on body broke leaving the ram and body at unusual angle after some...
  11. W

    Independent Connection Provider for 3-phase Electric Supply

    I've got a quote from Western Power for a new, three-phase electric supply to my grain store. About 20% of the quote value has to be done by them, but I can get an approved Independent Connection Provider to quote for the other 80%. Has anyone any recommendations for companies they have used to...
  12. Little Karoo


    Hello Everyone We're thinking of changing Banks as ours doesn't seem to understand Farmers ! Any ideas? Thanks in advance Heather
  13. graham mc

    red tractor sugar beet

    Im not a grower but whats the point of red tractor in sugar when theres not a hope of tracing anything back to the original grower. Wheat intake muddys the water with traceability but surely this is on another level making it impossible????
  14. SteveHants

    Insects for Protein in Laying Hens.

    Is now happening - see here: Just another way that UK ag is showing how sustainable it can be. I like the idea of circular systems - turning waste into eggs, via some maggots.
  15. Northeastfarmer

    Storm Arwen

    Has given us a right good kicking all night, and still is….Electric has gone and there’s some very dangerous sounding gales. hope everyone is staying safe out there
  16. Boomerang

    fork lift test 5 days !

    Initially was told I'd need a 5 day course/test, now as I'm experienced (40 years of driving alsorts of equipment) It's been reduced to 2 days , more bureaucratic tick boxing bs , it seems a ticket for a larger forklift isn't acceptable for a little 3 wheel electric job. How long before some...
  17. D

    New valley gutter

    Has anyone got a really good way of doing a Valley gutter or is it just best the stay away. I'm not too keen on the wide steel ones I have seen, agree easy to clean Weir at end etc but they rust quick enough. I have 6" storm flow plastic on buildings and like it, 4" down pipes set gutter at a...
  18. bobk

    Red tractor statement on level playing field
  19. Boomerang

    new phone recommendations

    Don't need anything fancy, Good battery life, Reasonable to good camera Dust resistant. Calls ,surfing email , and that's it . Which phone ? Regular phone with case or rugged model .
  20. D

    Any ideas on a grain store/mixing shed

    I'm toying with ideas for a grain shed Max 300ton grain (I could extend she'd if something altered) Store protein, rolled barley and mill(PTO roller mill) Possibly mollases. I'm thinking I could either use the kongskilde blower to load mill or loader from grain store, would box in the "rolled"...