grain store

  1. F

    Tying Grainstore Stanchions into Floor Slab??

    How vital is it to tie in the stanchions (with a v shaped bit of rebar???) Building specced withlevel fill 4m high, 145mm grain wall / 6" reinforced floor slab. Thanks
  2. C

    Integrated Crop Management Plan

    Do we all have one ? I do .... coz my Red Tractor Audit is soooon. another “bit of paper for the file”
  3. Christoph1945

    Of Mices and Men!

    Like a great many others, I have been stunned to watch the great plague of mice destroying feed stocks in Australia and I also recalled reading on TFF of a shed full of grain being rejected because of a couple of mouse dropping being found in the grain. Watching all those little critters...
  4. Grassman

    Total stupidity

  5. glow worm

    Covid excuses

    As a farmer, can I use the excuses that various official departments use to me , on them? Go on, encourage me to refuse to answer the next inspector / official that rings us!! I am SO FED UP with firms .. the latest being the DVLA .. who' s answer message is . we're too busy, ring back late...
  6. R J

    Grain store mapping , what 3 words

    Had our red tractor crop assurance today , they are now mapping our assured grain stores with" what 3 words " (which is within 3m x3m ) Is this to see which sheds we are loading out of :unsure:
  7. Clive

    New red tractor standards agreed

    Just received this, i’m driving so not had chance to read yet
  8. mobileweld

    160 acres arable

    Hello all, I am currently in the position of working a stable job but the opportunity is on the horizon of the small family owned arable farm. I know my way around a tractor but have never actually ‘done’ farming. Is taking it on myself viable? All the machinery is bought and paid for albeit...
  9. Sprayer 1

    Moisture tester clinic.

    Does anyone know if there is a moisture tester clinic at cereals this year?
  10. Poncherello1976

    Refurbish Grain Store

    Our grain store is coming up or over 50 years old. Elevators and pipes etc are starting to wear out and I am fed up of the continual need to patch up holes in the conveyors and elevators. I am also looking at changing the way we store the crops, currently in internal bins square and round bins...
  11. BuskhillFarm

    New Grain store. Pedestals or Underfloor system.

    I am building a new grain store. It will be 80x40 and split with a walls so basically 20x80. I will be loading in and out with tractor and loader or tipping with trailers. I really like the lishman and Evan’s and Pearce underfloor systems but will I be able load in and out with the pedestals...
  12. will_mck


    120'x60' brand new grain store almost complete for harvest 2021. Chembrit fibre cement sheeting installed two days ago,today's the first wet day. Looks patchy and feels damp, does this look normal? Wonder what will happen when a hard frost comes?
  13. D

    Barn painting

    Grain store outside corrugated tin sheets looking tatty so would like them painting if any company out there doing it? Used to have certain gentleman from the emerald isles do it but not seen him for a few years. North Warwickshire area.
  14. Rob Holmes

    Grain store lighting

    I want to replace the aging halogen lights out of the grain store and replace them with some farm assurance friendly LED ones. The store is only 25x15m, so what would be the suggested size and amount. Any links to sources and best prices would be appreciated
  15. MickyMook

    Uprights for 60 foot clear span

    I’m hoping some of you can help me out. I’m erecting a 60 foot wide clear span shed, with one side coming down onto a slatted tank wall. When putting in the tank I was told I could use 6x6 columns (I presume quite heavy ones) as uprights, and therefore didn’t need to create piers on the outside...
  16. S

    Tree planting

    There is a large area of ground neighbouring me that they are trying to get trees planted on. General consensus in the area is that they are not wanted as it will spoil a very scenic area/view point. Has anyone had any success stopping planting going ahead? All surveys have been passed so no...
  17. M

    Grain sales

    Is there a market to sell non assured grain/rape and the like ? TIA.
  18. B

    grain store roof replacement

    hi can anyone give me number of company to replace roof on grain store we are in berkshire.
  19. J

    Farm diversification - caravan storage

    Afternoon, first post on the farming forum. I am looking to create a caravan storage yard next to our silage clamp. Does anybody have any experience with this? Is PP hard to get? security issues? dealing with the caravan owners etc Many thanks
  20. Farmer Ben

    OSR 2021

    Having researched as much information about the flea beetle as possible and been interested in the current crops in the ground, which generally look good. Do you think we’re starting to see more natural predators? I’ve recently read a paper from an Entomologist who suggested it would take 10...