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  1. MickyMook

    Uprights for 60 foot clear span

    I’m hoping some of you can help me out. I’m erecting a 60 foot wide clear span shed, with one side coming down onto a slatted tank wall. When putting in the tank I was told I could use 6x6 columns (I presume quite heavy ones) as uprights, and therefore didn’t need to create piers on the outside...
  2. S

    Tree planting

    There is a large area of ground neighbouring me that they are trying to get trees planted on. General consensus in the area is that they are not wanted as it will spoil a very scenic area/view point. Has anyone had any success stopping planting going ahead? All surveys have been passed so no...
  3. M

    Grain sales

    Is there a market to sell non assured grain/rape and the like ? TIA.
  4. B

    grain store roof replacement

    hi can anyone give me number of company to replace roof on grain store we are in berkshire.
  5. J

    Farm diversification - caravan storage

    Afternoon, first post on the farming forum. I am looking to create a caravan storage yard next to our silage clamp. Does anybody have any experience with this? Is PP hard to get? security issues? dealing with the caravan owners etc Many thanks
  6. Farmer Ben

    OSR 2021

    Having researched as much information about the flea beetle as possible and been interested in the current crops in the ground, which generally look good. Do you think we’re starting to see more natural predators? I’ve recently read a paper from an Entomologist who suggested it would take 10...
  7. P

    Access to home via farm track

    Hello all, new to the site. Hoping someone must have experienced this issue before and offer some advice. Access to our home is through a farm and along the farm's track. We are at the very end of the track. The track is only used by us, the farm (occasionally) and the shepherds who rent the...
  8. Jerry

    Machinery Hoover

    Need to replace an aged and a really crap hoover in workshop. To hoover out cabs/pick up mainly. Is a Henry ok? Budget up to £400
  9. N

    How long do you spend preparing for RT audit?

    OK I know theres been a hundred threads about RT but..... Is it just me, or does the preparation for a crops audit take un reasonable time and effort. Saturday Afternoon, and today will be spent on 8 hrs of paperwork. Over the year, i have tried to work out the time required, which i now...
  10. L

    Damp Patches On Block Wall

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a product to stop a bit of damp coming through a concrete block wall in a grain store? The wall has been up a number of years, there has been a small amount of corn sticking to the inside of the wall in a few places, this really needs treating to stop it...
  11. B

    Grain store control monitoring systems

    Hi What grain store control and monitoring systems are being used out there. looking at one for 2 connecting stores 15 pedestals in one for dry grain and 9 underfloor ones in wet grain shed prior to going through the dryer
  12. B

    New grain store floor

    Is it to late to be concreting a grain store floor for this season? Would it be dry enough if it was laid in the next week or so?
  13. A

    Leaking Barn Roof

    One of our barns seems to be letting in the rain more and more. We've been here about 18 years and I don't recall it leaking when we first moved in, so I'm guessing it's some problem that's developed over time. The barn itself has a double pitched roof (photo 1) with one section having a very...
  14. Steevo

    Red Tractor - Mass Balance

    Just read about this new requirement for a calculation. I’m not sure how they think farmers without a weighbridge will be able to estimate accurately the amount of crop that comes in from the field. Is this them getting worried that farmers will start selling 10/20% as non-assured off the...
  15. cb387

    Repairing roof sheets

    Grain store is 40 years old and starting to get a few small holes in it. Its not really bad enough to replace the whole thing just yet but needs attention. We have replaced a few sheets over the years but it’s not a job Im happy doing anymore. Has anyone found any good roofing compounds /...
  16. News

    Gibbons Engineering launch new Plug and Cool Website.

    Check out the new Plug&Cool® website! Grain cooling equipment company, Plug&Cool, have launched a new website for their grain cooling products. The range is now available to buy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No more waiting for office hours to put an order in, the Plug&Cool team...
  17. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  18. Chae1

    130% tax allowance on capital purchases

    What are your thoughts on this? Is it encouraging you to buy new instead of used machines? On a combine at 250k its bound to be quite a saving.
  19. Bovril

    Situation Vacant Harvest Arable Operator (Hertfordshire)

    We have a vacancy for an experienced tractor driver to join our family farm for harvest 2021. The Role: - Grain carting - Assisting with grain store management - Cultivations - Mid-July to mid-September The Applicant: - Harvest experience - A full clean driving license - Excellent...
  20. Jerry

    New poll Dorset tup

    Not sure he’s leggy enough??