grain store

  1. Laggard

    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Spring barley @ £250/t looks a lot easier
  2. D

    Telehandler Size

    I’m not a fan of large machinery but the time has come to replace the manitou MLT626. With more wagons to load since the livestock went should we be moving up to 3.5 ton lift capacity? We load maybe 1000 tons a year. Not much compared to some but lorries like to be away quickly. I really liked...
  3. M

    Biomass domestic boiler issue

    Got a heat exchanger plumbed in a house which is fed directly from the biomass boiler. The flow pipe is hot and return pipe is warm so we are getting heat into the house. However there doesn’t seem to be enough heat being utilised as the house is just luke warm. if we put the motorised valve...
  4. MX7

    Monitoring your in store combinable crops for temp,m/c and bugs?

    After you have put your combinable crops in store how often do you check them for temp,m/c and unwanted bugs? Are there “reliable” probes that can be inserted into the the grain,etc at intervals across the grain store,which are left in the grain etc, and then either by cable or wireless send...
  5. B

    Pigeons in a shed

    Got two pigeons taken camp in a shed, thankfully not the grain store but it’s next to the grain store and we need the door open as it takes the damp air from the grain store out. We can’t net it due to extensive racking in there and we can’t shoot as we don’t want holes in the roof. Any ideas...
  6. F

    What Will Be The Turning Point?

    I live in the affluent South East and farm in what is considered to be a very picturesque area and has a designation of an AONB. There are two River valleys that have changed very little in terms of development but agriculturally the upper parts of the valleys are dying. I went for a walk...
  7. D

    The three strands to ELMS

    Under current proposals, the total ELMS budget will be split three ways: 1)The Sustainable Farming Initiative. 33%. Support for individual farmers to deliver ‘public goods’. 2)Local Nature Recovery. 33%. Collaborative projects between groups of farmers. 3)Landscape Recovery. 33%. To all...
  8. S

    Big increase in cost of ready mix concrete

    On Last nights news there was an article saying big increases in costs of various things , one of which is ready mix but I didn't hear by how much as I was half asleep!! Will this put a stop to future shed builds ??
  9. jacobl741

    Which yard scraper

    Any one recommend any good yard scrapers for scraping the cubicle house out? Seems to be loads about but which are the good ones? Been offered a browns but it’s an eco not the heavy duty…
  10. waterbuffalofarmer

    second hand buildings prices?

    Looking at possibly putting up a big livestock building, in the near future maybe. Was wondering are second hand ones worth it? Also what prices should I be expected to pay and which would be the most reliable contractors to go with? Thanks
  11. shakerator

    £200/t wheat ...

    Buys you less than £140/t wheat 2 years ago .... Official inflation 2.8% Discuss
  12. Grass And Grain

    Fair play to FW for tackling AIC issue head on.

    AIC and RT still haven't explained why UK grain growers are prevented from supplying UFAS mills under similar terms to imports.
  13. Vader

    Best mouse trap.

    I taken on a grain store. Not been used for a few years, lot of mice in it. Any recommendations for trapping ? Poison seems to effect some not all. Dead ones about but plenty live ones So thought traps.
  14. Adeptandy


    Anyone else disappointed with there Skyfall this year ? First wheats struggling to do 7.5t/ha, good plant, 76 bushel weight, but really short ears. Heard yesterday the local Hutchinson's trial site it wasn't the best either but seen no info to confirm.
  15. teslacoils

    Any examples of a conversion of grain bins to a house?

    My wife has been watching grand designs. Sigh. Got an old grain store a bit too close to the road and overbearing. It's a central block of ten bins,5*2, with each ten foot square made of crittal. They are quite tall. On each side is essentially a lean-to with a 30*50 challow floor. Original...
  16. The Ruminant

    Buildings costs

    In terms of steel costs, is it cheaper to have a narrow and longer building or a shorter and wider building to cover the same total area? In other words the narrower building will (I presume) get away with thinner steels compared to one with a wider span but it will have more steels in total...
  17. BuskhillFarm

    Rain water harvesting

    I am building a new grain store and want to harvest a big of rainwater. Only to be used for spraying What is the best way to do this? Obviously I’ll be plumbing off down spout into a tank. My two main questions are 1: Do I need a double skinned tank to stop it cracking with frost (or just...
  18. Clive

    Grain bin costs?

    Ball park figures what would 1000t grain silos cost each these days please?
  19. Vader

    Grain store upgrade

    We got a grain store with lateral air ducts. Lot are getting ready to scrap now. Floor moved a bit and a couple of cracks. Air tunnel and fan still 100% So... Was thinking on floor drying. Will it just sit on the old floor ok? Can you buy the bits to to DIY ? Anyone know rough price per m2?
  20. N

    Is it rules for one or all

    Yet again I see muck spreading this morning,why the hell are some of us worrying over what to do and others just doing what they like.Is there a point where others are going to get fed up of Mr don’t care getting away with it all.I don’t mind rules but sod this if others are taking no notice