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  1. Syngenta UK

    Early moves to target wild oats

    Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate. Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are...
  2. F

    Mixing anything with spring Grassweed herbs in wheat

    I know we were always told not to mix CTL and PGRs with Atlantis etc and I have always followed this (don't need a PGR after anyway!) with the exception of trace elements but there's a windy week in prospect and late drilled ww has some YR so dare I add a splash of teb with the horus? Thanks
  3. Hutchinsons News

    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer

    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer For award-winning Worcestershire arable farmer Jonathan Boaz using farmyard manure to improve organic matter in his soils is key. Mr Boaz won the 2016 British Farming Innovator of the Year award. Farming a total of 243ha, soils...
  4. W


    So we’ve only got Defy - see attached, but having applied this in the autumn we’ve now got ryegrass come back through so we must be resistant to that as well. Tried ploughing and it doesn’t work. Tried No-Till and that doesn’t work. Tried spring crops and they aren’t working. Tried maize and it...
  5. J

    Am I mad to be contemplating a new combi drill?

    Considering bying a new 5m folding combi drill, have a 3m Claydon which I will keep but will swap the kuhn megant tine drill and ridged kuhn power harrow. I do run a 5m carrier for seedbed mainly. 2 difficult autumns, tine drill fine but you still have to work it with an extra set of wheelings...
  6. David.

    Spring linseed advice please.

    May end up with some this year, what variety stands/combines easily, etc? Imagine yield percentage is secondary to other factors perhaps, has linseed moved on any in 10yrs since I last had a fairly unsatisfying attempt at it?
  7. Ukjay

    The Right Timing.

    Hello, How do you now the right time to roll a pp paddock, as we need to get onto our to remove a lot of poaching and damage caused by the previous owners horses left out all weather. Tipped a trailer of muck two weeks ago, and the land carried the tractor ok - leaving relatively shallow...
  8. S

    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
  9. Syngenta UK

    Spot wild oats for spring action

    Identifying overwintered wild oat populations now, whilst crops are open and before spring flushes, will enable more effective spring control strategy decisions this season. Understanding your wild oat population now will allow better tailoring of herbicide rates and timing of treatments...
  10. S

    Clive Bailye, a Peter Hepworth for the modern times! I was googling Dutzi, and ended up reading lot about Peter, naturally. And came across this, there are other links out there where he is villifying assurance and those who toady to it!
  11. Wynnstay

    Spring Seed Agronomy Advice

    Seed Rates A key consideration to increase spring cereal yields is choosing varieties with a greater tillering ability that can help improve final headcounts. Modern varieties such as RGT Planet, LG Diablo and Laureate on spring barley and the new spring wheat variety KWS Cochise are shown to do...
  12. B

    4 metre power harrow drill combination

    Any opinions and user experiences of the following makes as looking to upgrade from a Kuhn/Accord 3m Suffolk coulter machine. Wanting disc coulters this time around. Amazone Kuhn Lemken Kverneland
  13. P

    Horsch duet coulters

    Has anyone modified their old duet Coulter’s to be more like a bean coulter? I have a set that will never go back on the drill and am after a narrower point. I think I could cut off the wings and weld a new seed boot on and end up with a 25mm point? Any experience??
  14. B

    4 tracks or 2 tracks

    If you had two tractors that weighed the same, let’s say 10 tonnes. One had 4 tracks such as Soucy tracks and one had twin tracks such as a JD RT or Challenger, which set up would sink the least on moist soil? I am specifically thinking about a drilling tractor where the draft of the drill makes...
  15. D

    Where do I start... Help!

    Ok I will admit I’m a sceptic to some extent regarding DD but will never say never.... so current system plough and combi drill. wold land in North Yorkshire, light bits of fluffy chalk but also more Clay bits with flint among it. Usually in the same field. Land will go very tight if run...
  16. martian

    FT In this morning's paper. You never know what you're going to find
  17. cb387

    Spring beans

    Seed £505 /t. Must be debatable if a cover crop would be a better investment
  18. Wigeon

    Building resilience in heavy soils

    This autumn and last year have well and truly shown the value of soil structure, and highlighted in particular where problems exist. My farm is generally grade 3 heavy silty clay loam with flints, with a decent chunk at 55%- 60% forecast establishment rates, according to Soyl. It also has no...
  19. richheady

    Direct Drilling - Clay soils

    Direct drilling on heavy clay soils is tricky. There is a lot of great advice out there, but from those on many different soil types. As direct drilling hinges on soil I thought it would be useful to have a thread based on heavy-ish clay soils alone. just to kick it of; we have a Weaving GD...
  20. yellow belly

    regular use of kerb and crawler repeated use of kerb and crawler conditions the soil to break it down quicker is this a possible reason wheat rape rotation leads to more black grass looking in to crawler use on winter linseed and came across this