1. B

    Using a Lely 600 stabilo

    Do you use one, ive got one , had it a few years, just use it for tedding the grass, using it yesterday to spread, ted out some mowen swaths, i set it up with the wheels in the middle hight setting, machine leaned forwards, tractor in economy pto, revs at 470, tractor gear 7 on the newholland...
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    Auctioneer: There is ‘real money in EBI’

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Auctioneer Michael Taaffe is confirming that economic breeding index (EBI) is now the real driver when it comes to the prices paid for dairy breeding stock. He told Agriland: “A recent Carnaross sale saw a top price of €3,000 paid for a New...
  3. J

    Best 2nd hand loader tractor for a livestock farm.

    What would be the best and most reliable 2nd hand loader tractor,110hp-140hp, for under £40 k ? Claas,Massey,Case,and Valtra dealers all within 7 miles away.New Holland about 20 miles.
  4. G

    Rwanda flight

    Whats the cost and carbon footprint of shipping 6 people 4000 miles?😱
  5. D

    Farming in Suffolk

    Just been trying to imagine life on a 500 acre Farm in Suffolk within a ring fence grade 2 & 3 land. I've grown up on the foothills of the Pennines with small stony fields, lots of walkers, dogs, anti social behaviour etc. Family would mean, I'm not moving, but heck its tempting. But what are...
  6. U

    breed fat lambs or pedigree flock

    I have a mix of pure Charolais ewes and mules and wanting to go with one or the other either breed fat lambs or breed Charolais tups, which would be more profitable and how would I go about doing the pure breds properly , sell as tup lambs run on as shearlings and dose it matter if there...
  7. bobk

    Credit charges on invoices

    They get on my tits to be frank , Wynnstay do it , never charge the credit but means I have double check the statement doing vat Anyone else do it .
  8. M

    Film on Film. 4 or 6 layer.

    Morning all. When using film on the front are people using 4 or 6 layer on the back. Thought 6 layer was recommended but talking to Mchale salesman and he said a lot are going 4 on the back. Also, any prices for baling not supplying the wrap. Thanks.
  9. FirlodgeFarm

    Lleyn tup for replacements?

    Has anyone here used a lleyn tup on suffolk/mule and/or texel/mule ewes to breed replacements? If so how did the resulting ewes turn out? Thinking about pulling out a few ewes this year to give it a go.
  10. Jackov Altraids

    The transition from BPS to ELMS

    Imagine you were offered the job of your dreams. The only downside was a long commute requiring the use of a car. You have to take it up and give it a go and you love it although the expenses mean it doesn't pay well. This means you are considering a move to be closer to the job when a neighbour...
  11. D

    Crop silage

    Is this better bales or put in the pit, I’d prefer to bale it tbh, so any advice be great
  12. Tucker86

    Boris to scrap rewilding

    Just heard that Boris is now going to scrap the re wilding programme , what if your already signed up ? What if you have bought machinery on the back of this idea ? Anybody else heard this ?
  13. L

    Direct Drilling without Glyphosate

    Hi We have been DD for the last 4 years on pasture for beef and sheep , and have tried a variety of ways . From Grazing hard and drilling into the existing pasture , to a complete burn off with Glyphosate . We have wasted money on the latter , and basically not using Glyphosate means that...
  14. Vader

    Lot of stood grass in cornwall.

    Just back from a week down there. Normally most grass cut by now. LOT of stood seeding grass, not much livestock about either...
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    Non-intensive farming a ‘key part’ of fixing food system problems

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Securing the future of non-intensive sustainable agriculture in the UK is a key part of the answer to current debates in food policy, farmers in Wales have said. With the UK government’s response to the National Food Strategy for England published on...
  16. Adeptandy

    Stubble rake

    Keep getting the urge to get a stubble rake, slugs have hit with a vengeance this year and one of the reasons for going DD 2 & 1/2 years ago was to help with BG. Been looking and they’re not cheap enough unless they’re really worth having. Current drill Weaving GD, do still have 6m short discs &...
  17. Grass And Grain

    Post hole size for cattle shed gate posts?

    Evening everyone, Concreting out a cattle shed, and wanting internal gate posts for 17ft yard gates. What size hole, and how deep from finished floor level do folks suggest? Using 100mm galvanized box for the gate posts. I'll just set a concrete base, then next day set the post using the...
  18. Goffer

    Dysfunctional farming

    Currently going around our various grass areas for silage / haylage fields which cover 3-4 miles in any direction and have observed the following. 2-3 miles of riverbank grazing being topped because they've no stock but are happy to claim bps , another mile or so rank with thistles which they...
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    Table: The effect of low soil pH on fertiliser utilisation

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland On many beef and sheep farms, in particular where ground is rented, farmers can be reluctant to spend money on soil pH and nutrient tests and consequently fail to act accordingly with the soil-test results. With rising input costs a hot topic currently...
  20. bankrupt

    Record harvest?

    WB still looking three weeks away, so probably not starting here until 4th July, much later than in 1984. Crops here were set back by early drought, so yields not likely to match those of 2019. Nominal prices now at a record high but not yet approaching the £650/tonne in today's money...