1. TFF

    Integrated pest management

    Integrated pest management The over-use of pesticides can cause chemical resistance in weeds, pests and diseases, leading to yet greater use of pesticides as higher strengths are needed, which can lead to the eventual long-term loss of an active ingredient through regulations. What Integrated...
  2. TFF

    Davy McCracken: Scottish soils research attracts global interest

    Given the ongoing climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, managing our soils sustainably has never been more important. To reflect this, the World Congress of Soil Science was held this week in Glasgow and attracted more than 3,000 soil scientists from across the globe. Soil has a huge...
  3. TFF

    Carbon farming methods: Crop residue management

    Well-managed farms maximize crop output. But what happens when soil health is also prioritized? Carbon farming methods are utilized to manage outputs by taking care of the soil to provide new forms of profit for farmers. Carbon farming isn’t one solution, rather, a variety of techniques to...
  4. Macsky

    Dressing tups for sale

    What’s everyone’s techniques/timescales/tips on preparing tups for sale? All I have done is card and trim and wash legs and faces, what else is worth doing? Does washing the fleece a few weeks beforehand make a difference? Worth it? If you want to decry the practice…..start your own thread 😊
  5. MX7

    When might this dry weather come to an end??

    As above ???
  6. C

    How to Boost ewes before tupping with no grass

    Putting tups with ewes mid September, bugger all grass, wondering what could do to give best boost for a better scanning %. Licks ? Feed ? Oats in a 3 in 1 feeder ? Silage ? What are everyone’s thoughts.
  7. kevindb880

    Hedge cutting anyone?

    I like most people abide by rules but why is it that farmers aren’t allowed to hedges until September but my local council are cutting hedges here there and everywhere and not for safety reasons. Surely it should one rule for everyone!
  8. wdah/him

    Advantages/disadvantages to lambing 1st may

    After having a few issues this past year Im thinking of lambing later. Normally lamb 17 march on ward but we always have issues when sheep are grazing silage ground away from home, have to bring them home and then send them back to it after lambing. Also struggle to have time for worming the...
  9. W

    Lazy collie

    Got our 12 month old collie back fro the trainer last Sunday He said she’s ok , will flank and hold sheep to him but .. in her own time I put her round about 30 hoggs this morning and at first was pleased , she flanks and holds them in a group , lies down well and flanks the opposite way as...
  10. Surgery

    Spaulding flat lift in grass land

    Anyone used one on pasture with front discs ? Thanks
  11. J

    Mchale fixed chamber or belt ?

    looking We have a mchale f540 at the moment , done 35000 bales , been a brilliant baler with next to no problems at all . Makes great bales however in small dry straw it struggles and the straw starts pushing up through the rollers . It’s an even split really between Silage/Hay/Straw on...
  12. L

    rejuvenating sward with clover

    would now be a good time to direct drill some red and white clover into mainly silage fields cut 3-4 time a year to add some extra protein capabilities next year , added source of N and thicken the sward out a bit. also with summers becoming dryer the red should keep a needed bite with deeper...
  13. Andyrob

    McConaghy Contracts First Cut Silage 2022

    McConaghy Contracts working with a fantastic view of Benevenagh Mountain the Claas 970 purring along with the 40ft rows of grass from the Krone rake and the T7.270 providing the Muscle, 4 x T7.210 carting the grass to the pit the Kane Halfpipes and in one of the most awkward pits the JCB 435s...
  14. Goweresque

    Drought, drones and drains

    On a whim I recently asked a friend of mine who has a drone if he'd do an aerial survey of the farm, as the drought conditions (no amount of rain here for getting on for 2 months now, following a dry spring and a dry winter) were making ideal conditions to identify old drains, and highlight any...
  15. Shann_mann

    Maize bales

    Talking to a bit of a hero the other day reckons for seen maize round baled. firstly is he just been a hero or has anyone seen, heard or even witnessed this happening in the UK.
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Does everyone still have a syth.

    Seen a video on the Scottish farmer Facebook of a guy opening a field for a combine with a syth, not many do that these days, lv still a couple in the loft in the barn, one has hardly any blade left, the men that cut with them are long gone, although l do mind an old guy cut the bankings of this...
  17. casemx 270

    No bumblebees

    Well their all in my garden 👌
  18. Fellstoflats

    How to get rid of a Static Caravan.

    We've got 2 static caravans in our yard, which need to go. Has anyone got any experience or tips as to the best place to advertise them to get them gone? One is old, but wind and water tight- would be great for a lunch room or storage, but not really for living. The other one is habitable...
  19. M

    Another hay one (problem)

    Hi everyone, New member here having spent a few days here and everywhere reading a lot about hay!! We live in a property of around 20 acres in Scotland, have done for 5 years. Normally someone will come in and make hay, take half, we'll keep a few and sell the rest. This time round we've had...
  20. unlacedgecko

    British Dorper Society Show and Sale

    Anyone going?