1. M

    Glyphosate rates

    Hi With current glyphosate prices high and static what sensible rates does everyone use of a generic 360 to get control. When it was £50 a tub it was ok to put a ‘bit’ in for good measure but at £150 a tub it’s adding possibly £15-20 acre if you add in a wetter! Thoughts on everyones rates...
  2. M

    Compulsory Purchase of land for Housing.

    Cornwall County Council will vote on the principal of Compulsory Purchase of Farm land near Truro for Housing. Good or Bad?!
  3. Steevo

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan British farmers urged to put more resources into producing fruit and vegetables to help ease cost of living and food threat from Ukraine war ByTony Diver, WHITEHALL CORRESPONDENT10 June 2022 • 8:50pm Boris Johnson gets in touch with the locals at...
  4. Dry Rot

    Selling small bales from the field?

    Thinking of doing this. I am assured Facebook is the answer. Anyone do it? I've visions of my fields strewn with small bales, rain threatening, and lots of promises that don't materialise! Cash up front? On collection? What do you do?
  5. Agriland RSS

    £7m dairy farm in Cumbria hits the market

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A rare opportunity to own a fully equipped modern dairy farm with an exceptional farmhouse along with two cottages in the beautiful Eden River valley has come to market with a guide price of £7 million. Lowthian Gill Farm is a first class and fully...
  6. D

    Bosis’ leaked food strategy document; worse than half-baked
  7. Jerry

    Tb test - Avian Lumps

    Had my first IR today with my Tb test after 4 years clear. Vet was saying I’ve got a lot of cows with significant lumps from the avian jab. He said that could indicate there is a good chance there’s a strong background level of infection??
  8. F

    Common Vetch. Poisonous?

    I have a bit of vetch in the old pastures we make some haylage on. My wife wanted to know what it was, so I said it's fine, nothing to worry about. As she uses the haylage for her horses, and being paranoid about poisonous plants she looked it up, and apparently horses are susceptible, but...
  9. Agriland RSS

    The inter-relationship between sulphur and nitrogen

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Due to the key role of both sulphur and nitrogen in the synthesis of proteins, the supply of these plant nutrients is highly inter-related. Studies have shown that one nutrient will accumulate in plants when the other is deficient. But when this...
  10. Farm Classifieds

    Sim tech Aitchison grass farmer drill

    Sim tech Aitchison grass farmer drill Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £6250 Condition: Excellent Description Simtec Aitchison T slot direct drill. This drill was fully rebuilt in 2020 to "as new condition" It has a full set...
  11. M

    Is food getting too expensive?

    Or are there too many other things to spend on than there were back in the days when food cost was a much bigger proportion of household expenditure? What are these other things that compete with food?
  12. C

    Slurry application to silage/grazing

    2nd cut coming off next week. With the dry conditions, am I better to dribble bar or splash plate the slurry on? About 1 tanker/acre. Very dry here with typically very little rain in June/July. Reasonably thick stuff. Plan will be to graze aftermaths about 5 to 6 weeks after cutting. TIA
  13. Devon lad

    Improving existing cubicles

    We’ve got bog standard concreted in straight leg mushrooms here for our 500kg spring calvers. I’d like to try to keep the cubicles a bit cleaner mainly for cow cleanliness and mastitis reasons, as the dry/early lactation period is where our mastitis is coming from, it’s not massive but I think...
  14. H

    Multicut fertz / slurry timings

    What's the collectives thoughts on fertz / slurry application on silage aftermath to get maximum efficiency from applied N ? slurry straight away & fertz after a week once grass has a bit leaf or just lash it on ? Not putting on many units of bagged N to have to worry about it being used up...
  15. S

    Sowing white clover

    The last few years we have reseeded grass land, but didn’t put clover in the mix as we knew it would need sprayed, what’s the best way to sow it now when we take the silage off?
  16. T

    What % of hay bales should we receive?

    I have been approached by a neighbour who wants to makes some hay from some of our fields, and we will receive some bales as payment what rough percentage would be reasonable for use to get? As they will be doing all of the work making it.
  17. danpwll

    best ,machine to move a wet swath of straw????

    any ideas whats best machine to move a wert swath of straw, just thinking ahead in case it ge'st a bit damp !!!
  18. Oscar

    Sheep turnover crate recommendation?

    My wife and I have a farmschool set up on the farm with around 50 ewes and a few rams which we started in autumn 2020. I spend probably 50% of my time off farm with other jobs/ work . I have been doing routine feet trimming when I am around home but the wife is saying that if she had a turnover...
  19. AHDB Podcast RSS

    343: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Reducing inputs and understanding soil tests pt2

    343: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Reducing inputs and understanding soil tests pt2 Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board This Food & Farming podcast episode is the second part which follows the journey of Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer Chris Elkington and independent consultant Dr Liz...
  20. tr250

    How to control soft brome

    we’ve got a field of W barley that’s got a bad brome problem, I knew it was there in the wheat last year as it had a few bits that had been waterlogged and killed the crop but I’d no idea it would be as bad as it is the field hasn’t had brome in before 3 years ago and was permanent grass till...