1. V

    Begging bowls again…

    Reading a thread about high fert prices and some farmers are asking for the government to step in and subsidies the price. Then another thread suggesting the government should help subsidies fuel prices. Farmers must get more government hand outs then a black single mother in a council flat with...
  2. D

    3 cuts verse 4cuts

    I farm in Northern Ireland and toiling with the idea of going for 4 cuts. I harvest my own silage and just looking at ways to make better silage Does it bulk the same over the 4 cuts etc and when best to cut
  3. Benn

    Sole living from sheep ,Flock size

    Just been pondering, Anyone on here who's sole income is from sheep? what are youre flock size? going that the national average houshold income is around £30,000, Are you up around that level of income ? locally ,i know of only one family that solely live of the income from sheep.
  4. H

    Glyphosate adjuvants

    Have been wondering recently if there is any scope to reduce glyphosate rates and add wetter/penetrant type products to improve efficacy. It never seemed cost effective in the days of cheap glyphosate but now it is 4 times the cost maybe it is time to look at them again. Does anyone have any...
  5. Cowabunga

    Fertiliser price for those that miss it in Arable section

    Just had a price for Nitram. £955/ton for artic load and CF 24-8-8 plus sulphur at £905/ton, again artic loads. If you haven’t yet secured your Spring fertiliser needs, don’t leave too long. Delivery dates now stretch two to three weeks hence and there may not be any to order again soon. Yara...
  6. Stags Agri

    South West March Auction of Tractors, Vehicles, Farm Machinery & General Equipment - Closing Sunday 13th March

  7. S

    Third discount on new baler

    Something that caught my attention On front page of local weekly paper is a third discount on new MF baler I assume it's last years stock so anyone who paid full wack last year will be thinking... fooking hill Or doesn't anyone pay full price??
  8. hally

    Sulphur shortage

    Had some soil tests done on upland grassland and some fields showing short of sulphur, what is the most cost effective way of building these up? TIA.
  9. DairyGrazing

    Where to advertise summer and winter grazing for 600 sheep. Chester/North Wales border.

    I'm looking for a part timer worker who has some sheep. I'd like them to do some milkings for us and have their sheep graze here. We have some poorer grazing land for them in the summer, cover crops and all the grassland to graze in the winter. It could be a mutually beneficial arrangement and...
  10. Jackov Altraids

    British Farmers to cut production by half ?

    Proposed headline: “In light of the massive rise in the cost of farm inputs, the confusion surrounding the phasing out of BPS and the Environment agency persecuting farmers with its wrong interpretation of legislation, the NFU have taken the unprecedented step of advising all farmers to cut...
  11. MX7

    Will many farms/estates be for sale in 2022,

    With more uncertainty than ever in farming prices and the economy in general, do you think many farms/estates will come on the market this??
  12. shumungus

    Wholecrop choices.

    Wanting to reduce meal use next winter. Suckler to beef and sheep enterprise. No grain storage facilities. Wanting to grow grain and put in silo along with grass. What are the pro's and cons of wheat versus osts versus rye. Never grew grain before, educate me.
  13. A

    REGIONAL EVENT: Walk and Talk, Edinvale Farm

    Our Join the Women in Ag Scotland committee at our first regional event! ALL ARE WELCOME! Walk and Talk event will include a tour of Edinvale Farm followed by a visit to MacBeths Butchery & Shop. EDINVALE, DALLAS, INVERNESS IV36 2RW TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE...
  14. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Crutching before lambing

    At my son’s insistence, we have crutched all the ewes this year before they lamb. Not too onerous a task with the combi clamp, but yet another job to do with the sheep. Do other people on the forum do this ? and do they think it is worthwhile ?
  15. Barleymow

    Might as well pack up

  16. Formatted

    Taking out grass ley for cereals

    Grassland farm here got 25 acres that are due to be taken out in September and re-sown, we don't need the fodder so we could crop it and with prices the way they are that looks like an exciting prospect. What should I be looking for when talking to a few local contractors? How do I make sure we...
  17. jackrussell101

    The penny is finally starting to drop

    From the BBC...
  18. N

    Lime on grassland

    Hi all, My grassland has never been treated in my lifetime, I’m wanting to give it a lift as I do attempt to take hay from it. How much lime should I give it? It’s around 4 acres and has had the odd sheep on it but mostly 4 pigs who have rotorvated it for me. can I spread with a spinner in...
  19. pellow

    Slurry storage covering

    Does anyone know if the rules are confirmed for covering slurry storage? Could do with knowing if a roof covering is good enough or will it need to be air tight sealed?
  20. Agriland RSS

    367ac dairy farm hits the market for £3.7m

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A productive 367ac dairy farm with excellent modern facilities designed to maximise cow welfare and ease of operation has come to the market in Pembrokeshire. Ty Mawr Farm at Cilrhedyn is a well-equipped farm on productive free-draining soils which is...