1. jackrussell101

    Is this blackgrass?

  2. L

    Worsening blackgrass/ryegrass problem.

    I'm in my fifth year of strip tilling following a more traditional plough/power harrow based system. I had some decent results in the first few years but the last two wet autumn /winters have not been so great. My main problem is the blackgrass is getting out of hand, I don't think my...
  3. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Putting Covers into Context

    Cover and catch cropping may work well for many managing lighter and erosion-prone soils but for those on heavier and more difficult ground they remain very far from the answer to any sort of maiden’s prayer The right covers managed in the right way can help structure even the most challenging...
  5. Charles Quick

    Broadway Star Performance 2021

    Performance has been utterly pants on Sterile brome this year. Previous years it kills most of them, but always leaves a few stunted plants to return seed and continue the cycle. This year there are healthy plants all over the crop. Do I just put it down to the cold April allowing the brome to...
  6. CPM RSS

    Carbetamide revocation confirmed

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) has confirmed that Adama’s carbetamide-based grassweed herbicide, Crawler, will not be available for use beyond November 2022. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Crawler (600g/kg carbetamide) has been a popular herbicide for the...
  7. CPM RSS

    Regenerative agriculture – Biology comes first

    Written by cpm Download PDF For the regenerative agriculture grower, the question this autumn is not so much which wheat variety is the most resilient, but how resilient is the system it’ll be placed in. CPM assesses the priorities. We have to live with pathogens – rather than seek to defeat...
  8. JCfarmer

    Winter oats not looking happy at the moment!

    Has anyone got red/brown tipped leaves. Agronomist thinks its the cold dry weather we've had, I hope anyway! He said other clients have the same. Sprayed 10 days ago with 1.25 l Chlormequat 0.5 l Tubosan 0.1 l Moddus 0.4 l Starane 21g Ally Max Started spraying after 10 in the morning and...
  9. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  10. Villagefarmer

    Brix Results

    Hello I’ve started this year brix testing and I’m trying to analyse my results I took yesterday. I sampled first thing in the morning (7.30 am) . As understand a result above 12 is good I was getting results between 10-20 depending on the variety mainly the results were 16-20 is this...
  11. CPM RSS

    Rye weed control options expanded with new EAMU

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham ALS herbicides Cintac and Niantic have been granted an approval of an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) registration for use in rye. Charlotte Cunningham reports. This EAMU approval comes as welcome news as recent withdrawals and changes to labels...
  12. Clive

    TFF's ELMS Questions time ? Number 2

    Following one from last time DEFRA has once more invited the members of TFF to put their questions regarding the ELMS scheme forward and take them to an exclusive interview with David Kennedy ( Director General, food, farming, animal and plant health) head of the ELMS team in Westminster who...
  13. I

    50% 1st wheat 50% fallow/cover/stubble

    I’m planning on going 50% first wheat and 50% something else... non cash crop... I was thinking of just leaving stubble and perhaps subsoiling and preparing land early ( July) so it’s ready to drill at optimum time suggestions for an easy/cheap catch crop that would build fertility and...
  14. DairyGrazing

    YouTube channel Nicks farm, Claydon drill.

    I was watching some of his drilling videos. I was surprised how much soil his drill was moving. Is that normal for a Claydon?
  15. average farmer

    Leaving spring wheat volunteers

    I have about 50 acres with a good stand of Kilburn spring wheat volunteers growing. Plan was to drill with ww but that’s not going to happen now. what’s people’s thoughts on leaving it as a crop ? Would probably graze with sheep in the spring or roll the sh!t out of it
  16. S

    Drill dilemma....

    We have an armoury of drills, but....there is always a better way! Current lineup: 2001 Kockerling AT300, bought from a member on this very forum a few years ago. Its now mostly used for drilling beans 5" deep, which it is very good at. It leaves too rough a job ideally for cereals, and is very...
  17. Corteva Updates

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb Corteva Agriscience will be providing weather data by postcode on their website and on Farming Online, as they have done in the past, but now with greater ease of access through their popular Arable App. Designed for both...
  18. CPM RSS

    Focus on peri-em applications to prolong grassweed control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Heavy rains that interrupted autumn drilling could also further compromise pre-emergence herbicide applications. Growers should now consider options for peri-emergence treatments to target early grass weed control. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Syngenta technical...
  19. Corteva Updates

    Cereal growers urged to follow tried and tested herbicide programmes this autumn

    Cereal growers urged to follow tried and tested herbicide programmes this autumn Corteva AgriscienceTM says farmers growing winter cereal crops should persevere with early-season herbicide programmes wherever possible as changeable weather hits much of the UK. The company says skipping a...
  20. CPM RSS

    Weed control survey – Integration, integration, integration

    Written by cpm As grassweeds continue to rob growers of their yield, the industry continues the search for a solution. CPM delves deeper into some of the key issues as growers get stuck into the autumn drilling window. New chemistry will be completely useless unless we keep on keeping on with...