1. O

    Situation Vacant Lead Arable Operator / Working Farm Manager wanted in South Oxfordshire

    Posted May 2022 Enthusiastic Lead Arable Operator / Working Farm Manager required for progressive family farming business in South Oxfordshire covering 500ha of mainly combinable crops with environmental schemes and other diversified activities. The role is a chance to get involved in an...
  2. J

    Situation Vacant Full time farm worker required near Kingsbridge South Devon. Accommodation available.

    Full time farm worker required for a 600 acre family run mixed farm near Kingsbridge South Devon with a minimum of 3 years experience. Tasks include: Feeding and bedding cattle Harvest grain carting and grainstore management Bale carting and stacking Cultivations mostly using simba dtx...
  3. Andrew

    New Fastrac Cab Fair play it looks like they've listened to most of the feedback.They've put an air gauge back on the dash!
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Greenstar 2600 display.

    Greenstar 2600 display. Advert added by: Chris Lane @laneJ480 Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £3000 Condition: Excellent Description John Deere Greenstar 2600 Universal display. Autotrac activation, Touch...
  5. R

    Trimble rangepoint RTX accuracy

    Having tried sowing on rangepoint rtx this year it eventually seemed to be matching up with markers etc and looking ok (after several fields of glitches and problems which a software update seems to have solved) anyway top dressing now and setting up ab line on 1st pre em mark and then letting...
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Greenstar 2600 display

    Greenstar 2600 display Advert added by: Chris Lane @laneJ480 Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £3000 Condition: Excellent Description John Deere Greenstar 2600 Universal display. Autotrac activation, Touch...
  7. Massey mad

    Trimble xcn 1050 and 900 reciever

    Currently looking at buying this system that is second hand to fit to a tractor we already have. It says its Currently running on rangepoint RTX. Is this setup capable of more accurate work? Tia
  8. Adeptandy


    Anyone else had GPS issues this week, day 4 and they've still not fixed it, getting a tad frustrated now. :cry:
  9. paul&mandy

    Tractor GPS satellites and Russia

    Do any of the companies that fit auto steering use russian satalites? Im sure JD greenstar do but I'm probably wrong. Just wondering if we are going to be switched off? That aside I'd rather have to steer with no GPS if it means no wars. Just wondering. Thanks Paul
  10. P

    Fendt RTK no EE signal recognized

    Our 6 month old Fendt 724 Profi Plus on Fendt One software does not recognize EE data card signal. Both the dealers and Fendt's only solution has been to suggest using to use a roaming card signal. We now the best signal in our area is form EE. We have used EE data cards for RTK correction...
  11. thesilentone

    Is it time to take control of our data (before someone else does)

    With the huge advances in technology and it's ability to store data, positioning and when in use, has the time now come for the Agricultural Industry to take control of it's own information. Whether it is grain or vegetable yields, dairy production, fuel consumption, weight or herd numbers...
  12. Agri J

    Looking For Work Self employed tractor driver looking for work over spring.

    Hi, I'm Jake, 24 years old self employed tractor driver in North Norfolk. I'm looking for something for spring in and around the Cromer / Fakenham area. I have a decent amount of experience ranging from Round Baling to ploughing. I wouldn't class myself as the most experienced ploughman...
  13. Rob_AD

    Can Fendt Novatel talk to JD Harvestlab 3000?

    I am working with a JD dealer to integrate HarvestLab 3000 manure sensing into our spreading operation. The dealer "thinks" but doesn't know, whether the Fendt Novatel receiver can provide a gps signal for the HarvestLab, to give it forward speed and mapping. This would leave a nicely...
  14. redsloe

    Case puma cvt experiences again!

    Looking at changing my AP 6145R but the money is massive so I'm looking at options and the case has caught my eye. It looks like it's had a face-lift recently and would be interested in more recent verdicts than the 4 or 5 year old ones that I've seen on here. Also would appreciate views on...
  15. Agri J

    Looking For Work Looking for winter work / permanent work, gfw or tractor driver

    Looking for winter work starting in the next few weeks or ideally something more permanent on the books. I'm 24 with plenty of experience behind me in the Arable and livestock sectors. Experience including some ploughing, power harrowing, terradiscing, sumo work, flatlifting, rolling, root...
  16. average farmer

    John Deere ATU steering wheel

    Not bothered if it’s 200 or 300 as long as it’s in good working order. Pm or call 07980 983620
  17. vinnie123

    Vaderstad rapid gps settings?

    Evening all, drilling with a 4m vaderstad rapid with the system discs - have read in other threads about offset etc but still not quite got it right yet. What settings are others using? Ground is worked and rolled and lightly using front discs Tia
  18. PFinSuffolk

    Fendt vario terminal, e-control and rapid 800 issues on isobus

    Hi all, anyone have a really simple reason why a Vaderstad Rapid 800 with isobus and e-control will not show up in a 943MT Vario screen? Drill normally runs on the e-control via the iPad system but want to do VR so figured would switch isobus task control to the vario screen and load ISOXML...
  19. H

    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    Hi, Over the last couple of months the following suppliers have gone bust: MoneyPlus Energy - New supplier is British Gas PFP Energy - New supplier is British Gas Hub Energy - New supplier is EON Next Utility Point - TBC Peoples Energy - TBC If you are supplied by one of these...
  20. Stupot70

    Fastrac 4220 with Greenstar GS3

    Hi all, haven't had this long and all other tractors have Topcon/trimble. Struggling with the wandering when following a line, any help with the Autotrac Advanced Settings please? TIA