1. Kevtherev

    Conservation Thread

    Could this be an idea to start a thread on farm conservation projects on your farms? Wildlife ponds Wildflower meadows Tree and hedgerow work etc. Farmland birds. Conservation work is something I’ve always been heavily involved in with projects like pond restoration and creation,hedgerow...
  2. spin cycle

    leystar herbicide

    any good? and how much roughly?:)
  3. Stewartry hill

    Weed control in swedes

    Had a field off swift last year instead of back to grass was thinking off Swedes what's the best weed control?
  4. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  5. westwood

    Rent Per acre without BPS

    What do you think people would be willing to pay to rent bare arable land with no bps or countryside stewardship. ( landlord keeping both) Am playing with figures and was just wandering especially With this brexit thingy turning into an utter shambles and the threat of a Corbyn lead government...