1. A

    Food for Livestock Pastures: Do farmers feed the grass?

    Hi there, I'm interested to know if farmers feed the grass with any soil or plant nutrients that are grazed by their livestock? I've read that animals that eat grass that has grown in microbial rich soil tend to be healthier which converts into a better quality of meat or provides better/more...
  2. B

    Solar park grazing

    Looking for info from people that currently graze solar parks. Looks like we're getting 170 acres going in at bottom of farm and said we'd like to graze it.
  3. A

    rspb hedge campaign

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/rspb-english-government-england-defra-b968384.html looks like the rspb is going to start campaigning to convert bps cross compliance rules into legislation. so much for opting out of elms and being able to do what you think is best. not a suprise though.
  4. D

    Caulie crop 2021 how has it gone?

    Well how has 2021 been for the caulie crop. I've been mostly happy with mine, but I do have a few advantages with local marketing & different micro climate to main production areas. I only do part of the season starting 20 th July cropping till early January, well that is the plan. I did...
  5. G

    Here we go again

    Masks in shops and public transport will we have some sort of lockdown for xmas
  6. D

    Critical Mass

    To paraphrase some recent posts on here: ‘The EA staff aren’t what they were. Can’t even hang a gate properly.’ ‘The vets aren’t what they were. I seem to know more than they do.’ ‘The Defra staff aren’t what they were. Just don’t understand the practicalities.’ ‘The Ag colleges aren’t what...
  7. BuskhillFarm

    Map for Direct Drilling

    Is there a map for where people do more direct drilling over ploughing? Moving on from the ploughing is bad thread, where is the cross over point. Is it only for the big south of England farms? Where is is dry and sunny and warm? I’m in Northern Ireland, it’s damp and mild all year around. I...