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  1. W

    Early Christmas for arable producers?

    So some very impressive yields and prices being bandied about on the Combinable price tracker thread. Is it premature to say it would appear 21/22 is set to be a brilliant year for UK cereal growers - asking for a friend...
  2. Cope Seeds News

    New wheat blends launched: Stepping back to move forward

    New wheat blends launched: Stepping back to move forward Many UK farmers are exploring cereal blends as a way of tacking disease and reducing inputs in favour of a regenerative approach to farming, and leading seed supplier Cope Seeds and Grain, is launching a pre-mixed range of organic and...
  3. Defra Farming

    Sustainable Farming Incentive: information about the rollout of our new environmental scheme

    Sustainable Farming Incentive: information about the rollout of our new environmental scheme Written by Hannah Freeman Natural England/R Harris Today at the Cereals 2021 agricultural show, our Secretary of State, George Eustice, announced further information about the Sustainable Farming...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Cereals to host sustainable farming seminar

    Written by William Kellett There are many factors involved in sustainable agriculture and a special selection of seminars at the Cereals Event will explore how farmers can strengthen all the different pillars of sustainability. From financial and mental strength, to healthy soils and the...
  5. john432

    The Duck has been warning us!
  6. T

    Lime spreading rates.

    We've been talking about reduced lime spreading rates on the Beef & Lamb price tracker & thought it deserves it's own thread. @livestock 1 @Hilly @Highland Mule @Cab-over Pete @Skintagain @Kiwi Pete @Poorbuthappy Sorry if I've missed anyone who was in that conversation. Just to catch up...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Learning to maximise soil health at Cereals

    Written by William Kellett Soil is one of our most valuable assets, and soil health can be a key element in the fight against climate change – so how can farmers maximise its potential? UK country manager at UPL, Vaughn Stansfield, believes that when growing crops, soil health is at the start...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Major food businesses join WWF in calling for a transition to a green economy

    Written by Lydia Turner Major UK supermarkets and food businesses, Co-op, Iceland, Nestlé, Pilgrim’s Pride and Waitrose, joined WWF today in calling for a ‘bold and forward-looking vision’ for UK trade, that puts the environment and the just transition to a green economy ‘front and centre’...
  9. l'ordinary bonville

    Autumn manure banned

    I,ve heard down the grapevine that the EA are banning autumn slurry and solid muck applications as AHDB have told them there is no crop justification for applications of N or manur containing N apart from on osr This effectively means all and any livestock manures or digestate cannot be...
  10. M

    Sustainable Farming Incentive - Pilot Information (including PAYMENT RATES) To me this looks far from straightforward and those who moaned about the complexities of the BPS application...
  11. Johnnyboxer

    Wet Winters?

    We seem to have had a pattern in the last 5 years of very wet weather November to Feb leading to flooded land (grass and arable) Has this affected (or will affect) your future farming trends - cropping and livestock? Drying up a bit now, bit of fieldwork going on, but a lot of fields have...
  12. MX7

    Why is the Uk agricultural industry becoming almost “obsessed by carbon free farming”???

    I ask the above as the island of the “Uk” is such a pinprick, relative to worldwide agriculture. Which other countries agricultural policies are so concerned with “carbon neutral farming “ as the Uk is??
  13. D

    Meat, dairy and travel

    All over the news today, the three things that will be taxed to save the planet. And what do you expect, when you are all quite happy for your national bodies to go around saying that you cause 5% of all UK GHG emissions, or 10%, or whatever this weeks figure plucked out of the air by the...
  14. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  15. swsmith

    Situation Vacant Farm Carbon and Soils Advisors

    Farm Carbon Toolkit, in partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall are offering two job opportunities, based in the South West (UK). We are looking for two Farm Carbon and Soils Advisors to join our growing team, helping farmers to reduce their carbon footprint, build resilience and healthy soils...
  16. Hutchinsons News

    Donât let phosphate deficiency stifle wheat potential

    Donât let phosphate deficiency stifle wheat potential Lack of phosphate could be limiting yield potential in many wheat crops, even some of the best. Hutchinsons crop nutrition manager Tim Kerr examines what can be done about it this autumn. Analysis of more than 900 grain samples...
  17. The Ruminant

    Should we farm without N?

    A really interesting podcast here about the use of N and K and how soils and organic matter responds. Really thought-provoking and confirms a lot of anecdotal things we and other farmers find.
  18. Hutchinsons News

    Healthy Soils – How can you manage your soil for the future

    Welcome to the Healthy Soils stand. As an irreplaceable physical resource, it is essential to protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops under the current agricultural model. To help this process the Healthy Soils service provides essential information to growers and...
  19. J

    Placed fert.

    Having had several discussion s regarding solid fert placement at drilling a fert rep tells us that there is no difference between broadcast on top fert over placed of the same analysis. does anyone know of any work or have any experience of this sort of thing at all. Any opinions welcome .
  20. Yara UK

    BASIS Points Available Webinar - 11th June - Sustainable Crop Health - 14:15 to 15:00

    Sustainable Crop Health Watch here - Chaired by Christopher Horne, Department of International Trade This session explores the new technologies in crop disease and fertiliser management including smart tools, new products and...