1. Addington Fund

    Farming Help helpline number 03000 111 999

    Remember remember let's try and make the most of December... Some tough news announced this weekend that may have dampened your Christmas spirit but please remember, the Farming Help helpline is open every day of the year from 7am - 11pm, manned by The FCN, if you feel you need to talk to...
  2. B

    Kuhn primor 5570 m with mixing hopper

    Does anyone on here have a primor 5570 with the mixing hopper? I have a few questions about it and how the mixer hoppers works. I have tried to contact Kuhn and my dealer but i haven’t had anything back. There also doesn’t seem to be any videos or pictures of the mixing hopper in action. I...
  3. D

    JCB 1CX 2002 alternator not charging

    Hi everyone! I recently replaced the alternaton in my JCB 1CX, but it doesn't seem to be working. I may messed up some of the cables, does anyone have a manual or a picture how the cables should be plugged? They're all are yellow and there are 3 digit numbers on them.
  4. jwithhens

    Plastics in agriculture

    Hi everyone, I am researching plastic within agriculture, my father started using plastics to cover hay in the 1960s and since then plastics have increased. Therefore I would like to investigate the use of plastics today within crop cover such as plastic mulch. My father said scientists have...
  5. A

    Wanted: Trainer - Herding

    Hello Everyone. I have a border collie who is showing interest in herding; I would like to train her and compete with her. She is currently 5 months old. I live in Essex, UK. Is there anyone on here that trains border collies in herding? Thank you.
  6. B

    WANTED - Farmers extreme weather experiences

    Living in rural Cheshire and being from a farming family, I decided that I wanted to research farmers experiences of extreme weather events for my University dissertation. In order to do this I am needing as many respondents as possible to take 10-15 minutes to answer my short survey regarding...
  7. Villagefarmer

    Glamping Start Up

    HI We are planning a glamping site as an expansion to our shepherds hut business. The plan is to have 4 bell tents. The tents will be furnished, with beds, lanterns, some furniture rugs etc. As this is a seasonal set up we will need to take down the tents in winter and store them, plus...
  8. N

    Dissertation “Why is mental health such a taboo subject in the agricultural community?”

    I’m currently in my third year of my agricultural degree and am doing my dissertation research on "Why is mental health such a taboo subject in the agricultural community?” A link below takes you to a survey - it comprises of 6 multiple choice questions, is anonymous and takes less than a minute...
  9. H

    I need badger help, I'm out of my mind with badgers!

    Please help me out you old dogs! I need a little hand with my grass growning techniques. They are everywhere, please help meh out! About 15 badgers fecked me right off and the husband Please help get rid? Heard petrol could work?
  10. PicsbyMark

    Finnish Topper Blades

    Hi guys I picked up a loverly package, Kubota B6000, S860 Rotavator and a Woods RM42 Finnish Topper. Fits loverly up the little paddock that I couldn't touch before. But I can not find anywhere to buy the two blades and the pins from. It turns out it was also labelled up as a Yamaha RC42 Finnish...
  11. S

    Get involved in TB research now!

    An exciting opportunity has just arrived for farmers in and around the Gloucester area to get involved in a TB research project. Work alongside a mathematical biologist to further explore transmission of Bovine TB. The project consists of a 15 minute consultation regarding your lands history and...
  12. B

    Jcb 145/ 80kmh gear box

    Looking for the rhs panels for a jcb 145 cab asap
  13. essexgirl

    Housekeeper and farm help

    Would any farmers be interested in a live in housekeeper/farm help? I can cook and clean etc. I also have experience with livestock mainly sheep and cattle. An allowance would be beneficial, but mainly a nice place to live is important. Serious replies would be good..but i know what farmers are like
  14. N

    Permissions for metal detecting in South Wales area .

    Hi Guys I've been metal detecting for some time now but have had no joy in finding permissions for it on private/Farmers Land. I'm wondering if anyone in the south wales area would consider allowing me a small section of their land to detect on? I have public liability insurance and am a member...
  15. Phil P

    Measuring the impact of farmer stress – can you help?

    I’ve been asked by a friend (Mr Aarun Naik) if I would post this on here as I’m sure it’s a subject that will have affected us all in some way or another throughout our farming career. I know it’s subject I personally am only to well aware of, have two close farming friends take there own lives...
  16. cachivers

    Calling Devon farmers: NEW DATE for farmer focus group - sign up now!

    Hi all, I'm holding another farmer focus group as part of my PhD research into how environmental farming advice can be improved, and it's very important that I speak with as many farmers as possible as it's vital that your views are heard when influencing policy. The event is going to be on...
  17. cachivers

    CLOSING TONIGHT! Farmer online survey and chance to win £100

    Hi all, My online survey questionnaire is closing TONIGHT at 11pm (04/02) so it’s your last chance to share your important opinions about the advice you’ve been receiving on-farm. The results are likely to influence policy so it’s important that as many farmers as possible take part. In...
  18. D

    Muck removal ESSEX

    Hi. Looking for someone local to maldon, tiptree, colchester areas to collect a small muck heap. Will be on a regular basis either bi weekly or monthly. We will be having 2 horses at home . A grab lorry isnt possible as field is behind our house and you have to go through an archway. Muck...
  19. B

    Case international 5140

    im currently refurbishing a case international 5140 maxxum powershift and it was eunning no problems and then today when i jumped in it after changing the belts and adding a new creeper gear lever in the tractor wouldnt start the lights come on as they should on the dash however never had the...
  20. B

    What to replace a Merlo 32.6 plus with?

    As per title I’ve had the Merlo for 3 years and it’s been quite a unreliable machine with many breakdowns and replacements and has now developed a electrical problem. I picked the Merlo because it was the most compact machine for the lift. I am now looking for a seven metre machine but has to...

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