1. slim shiny

    Farmers weekly 1974

    Father in law showed me a copy he had. Working on the price of the magazine then to the price of cereals a ton of wheat today should be £1298 🤔
  2. Agriland RSS

    Desiccating potato crops: What are the options in 2021?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland With diquat no longer available (Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland), Irish potato growers will have no option but to look at other crop desiccation options over the coming weeks. This issue was the focus of a farm demonstration, hosted by the...
  3. CPM RSS

    Agri-intelligence – Providing integrated whole-farm solutions

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF For more than two decades, Agrii’s trial site at Stow Longa has helped define an integrated approach to controlling blackgrass. CPM visits the team to analyse the key lessons learned. We do everything at Stow Longa with an open mind. By Tom...
  4. N

    Companions for planting OSR

    Has anyone used vetches? Winter or Spring Varieties? Springs presumably dont require herbicide termination but dont have the early spring N Fixation capacity..
  5. Clive

    Winter Barley yields 2021

    So i see quite a few combines are rolling now in the uk ? how’s it yielding so far ? would be helpful to others to add some context - variety, location and areas etc maybe ?
  6. Agriland RSS

    How does climate uncertainty impact crop yield?

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland As harvest approaches, farmers and agronomists eagerly assess their crops to try and anticipate how crops will yield. Yield estimates are important to inform forward selling of grain, plan storage, and update budgets. According to Nicola Cannon...
  7. Oldmacdonald

    Brewing Saltex.

    Would it be possible to make your own? Its expensive for being a salt brine. Presumable there's more to it than dissolving table salt in water?
  8. Selectamatic

    What gets rid of Docks?

    Had a walk around my hay earlier today, mowing Tuesday…? last year there were no docks in it at all, suddenly, this year, loads!! What can I spray to kill them when they start to regrow after a cut of hay? Problem is, I only want to kill the docks, not the clover etc etc…
  9. V

    Winter barley v spring barley

    I’ve 30 acres been in permanent grass for years needing freshened up. Given feed price and straw prices I’m thinking I should put some barley in and produce something of my own. My thoughts on winter v spring is I will have crop off far earlier than spring stuff to get a reseed put in plus my...
  10. Farmdeals

    Eximus - 400g Pendimethalin - 10ltrs from £51

    We have added the herbicide Eximus (400g Pendimethalin) which comes in 10 ltr cans to Farmdeals today. The price is £51.00 per 10l delivered and is available to mainland UK. For use on apple, barley (spring), barley (winter), blackberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant, broccoli/calabrese...
  11. Cab-over Pete

    How Much Ground Do Agronomists Cover?

    Aye up, Just wondering after 2-3 similar conversations with customers over the last couple of weeks. One of them has an agronomist that looks after around 6000 acres and told him there is no way anybody could look after more and do it properly, but another says his agronomist looks after...
  12. Corteva Updates

    Corteva Oilseed Rape offer

    This year, we are running an exclusive offer for anyone who purchases our new Protector® Sclerotinia tolerant hybrid, PT303 and Belkar® herbicide for the 2021/22 growing season. Anyone taking part in the offer will be eligible for an One4All gift card valued at £303 if they make a purchase...
  13. Farmdeals

    Glyphosate - £55 per 20l - Pallet of 32 on Farmdeals - DEAL ENDED

    We have added the herbicide Vesuvius Green (360g Glyphosate) which come in 20 ltr cans to Farmdeals. The price is £55.00 per 20l and is available to mainland UK. Click here to sign is or register - https://marketplace.futurefarm.ag/sign-in?referral=e27f91e3-1c32-4b4f-a8bc-cd58ade8fe10
  14. 7

    Cover crop after spuds.

    Anyone do it ? Was thinking of sowing mustard as usual, but got to wondering about the potato herbicide. Reading the label ( Sencorex ) it seems it should be OK provided the ground is ploughed. 🤷‍♂️ Could sow rye........but defeats the object as a cereal break. Anything else ?
  15. B

    Spring wheat weed control strategy

    Thinking of swapping winter wheat for spring wheat here just to make life a bit easier in the autumn. But having never grown it and not asked the agronomist yet as I’d like a bit of knowledge, what is everybody doing weed control wise particularly for blackgrass and ryegrass? Pre-em? Emergence...
  16. D

    Moorland and rough grazing ELMS payment

    Defra announced yesterday that there will be a payment under the SFI for 'moorland and rough grazing'. Three questions then: 1) What £/ha does it need to be set at in order for you to continue to manage such ground post BPS ? (don't just say zillions :) ). 2) Should the payment be dependent...
  17. tomildinio

    Sunflower safe herbicides

    Pre emerge didn't work of pdm as was too dry. Too hot and dry for kerb and that didn't work. Now have a lovely crop of fat hen, sow thistle, chickweed and knotweed. Graminicides are OK but need something for broadleaves. Was reading in Canada they us salsa, the osr herbicide? Anyone any ideas...
  18. spin cycle

    gs4 legume and herb rich

    anyone grow this?.....whats it like to establish/weed control?.....can it make hay?...though nutrient depletion could be a problem :scratchhead: .......grazing wise what sorta lsu can it reasonably support without falling foul of regs:scratchhead:
  19. A

    False Barley

    Hello, I live in Belgium and we have some problems with false barley on our fields. We tried each year to pull it out, but it came back the next year, in larger numbers. Our sheep don't eat it. Last year, we reseed our fields, with the thought that everything will be removed. But it became...
  20. Wolds Beef

    Groundswell. Where is the press coverage?

    As title suggests. Have had a look but very little coverage of the different speakers speeches! WB