1. B


    Has anyone used the above, what did you think? Agronomist is telling me to try instead of Axial for ryegrass control in Wheat.. Thanks
  2. F

    Mixing anything with spring Grassweed herbs in wheat

    I know we were always told not to mix CTL and PGRs with Atlantis etc and I have always followed this (don't need a PGR after anyway!) with the exception of trace elements but there's a windy week in prospect and late drilled ww has some YR so dare I add a splash of teb with the horus? Thanks
  3. D

    How late glyphosate before crop emergence?

    Anybody any experience of applying glyphosate post drilling and had a problem due to it catching the emerging crop? I have done a couple of acres of beet as a trial just before the seedlings break through the surface in a particularly weedy patch so I guess I’ll soon know but just wondered if...
  4. holwellcourtfarm

    Defining "Regenerative" farms, new scientific paper from Jonathan Lundgren

    As per the title, This paper is based around Corn, Almonds and range grazing in the U.S. but makes interesting reading. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7953916/
  5. F

    How do you spray around poles and trees

    Do you. Fold up or drive around in a circle
  6. Agriland RSS

    The threat of weeds now greater than at any time in human history

    Written by Agriland Team Using data from the world’s longest-running experiment – the Rothamsted Research Broadbalk wheat trial in Hertfordshire in the UK – the researchers found that, on plots where herbicides have never been used, yield losses to the threat of weeds have been consistently...
  7. T

    Nightmare Beet Cultivations

    Got two fields due to come beet this year, nice black land but been under water all winter . Contractors have come in and reprofiled ditches , and under drained, finishing last week. Fields are now drying out fast, some areas are rock solid , some are rutted up to hell where drainage kit has...
  8. CPM RSS

    Rothamsted study shows weed threat greater than ever before

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Crops are now more vulnerable to weeds than before the advent of herbicides, according to a new study which says weeds pose an unprecedented threat to our food security. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Using data from the world’s longest running experiment, the...
  9. Bogweevil

    Weeds are winning

    Weeds are wining according to Rothamsted Research: Weeds represent a significant threat to crop yields and global food security. We analysed data on weed competition from the world's longest running agricultural experiment to ask whether potential yield losses from weeds have increased in...
  10. Zippy768

    Pre-em marks and rolling

    Finally moved into the 20th century and have pre-em markers on the drill. What's the best way to suggest to the roller man to conserve the visibility of my marks?
  11. E

    Broadcast cover crop into standing crop 36m

    Just wondering if anyone is successful in broadcasting cover crops into standing crop pre harvest. We are at 36m, is anyone doing it at that width, and also has it proved a successful method of establishment? Cheers
  12. tr250

    Thinking of having one last go at osr???

    Looking at market report this morning osr is £447 delivered am I silly in thinking about trying it? I’m thinking direct drill mid July very thick as soon as w barley is off leave until November and graze it down with sheep and come back in the spring and decided whether to plant spring crop or...
  13. czechmate

    Fungicide in a bag

    Only curious, I was thinking back and I used to use a fungicide that came in a soluble bag that you just put in the tank, whole. I recon it was Maneb, Zineb and something ... Like furban??? Just out of curiosity can anyone fill any blanks, like it’s name? And ingredients? I think it was mainly...
  14. J

    Spring drilling 2021

    Have I missed this thread or has no one started? Mucked 2 weeks ago. Soil loosening with topsoiler yesterday and today. Work with the carrier tomorrow and then wednesday.................. rain!!!? :rolleyes: This is for spring barley. How is everyone getting on, still to wet?
  15. Pasty

    Small Ragwort

    I've just noticed some small plants, about primrose size that look like ragwort in a wooded part of the farm near a stream. Not the tall stemmy jobs you would expect but fully in flower. Is there a kind of junior version? I'll keep an eye on it over the year. So far off limits from animals.
  16. Bob1994

    Bio-fungicides at T0

    Been recommended the use of iodus (Laminarin active) at T0 for septoria protection based in south west so high disease pressure. Are many others planning on using these bio-fungicides at T0 to replace CTL, with folpet not looking like a cost effective choice. Dont see these bio-fungicides...
  17. Chasingmytail

    Cheapest form of wholecrop

    Did peas and barley last year, good yield after drought, but worked out considerably expensive (min £55 per bale). Drilled and harvested into bales by contractor. Only 20 acres. Thinking about this year coming now need to think what alternatives - if any makes it more economical - if there is...
  18. moretimeforgolf

    Anyone growing hybrid rye?

    I’m growing rye for the first time this year. I’ve got hybrid variety Serafino. It follows wheat, straw baled, stubble raked, drilled last week of September with JD750a. The issue I have is that it is thin in the swath rows. I take it that it doesn’t like the toxins from the wheat chaff. Has...
  19. Corteva Updates

    Protecting your new leys

    Protecting your new leys Reseeding is an important part of grassland management, but you’ll gain the most benefit from your investment with effective weed control. Forager finds out more. Why is it important to control weeds in new leys? Reseeding is essential for maintaining productive...
  20. G

    Poll: Should NFU be lobbying AIC to change their rules?

    So, as we know, AIC have a set of rules which make market access for imported grains into our UK mills relatively easy. Yet the AIC rules make it much more difficult for UK produced grain to access these UK markets. Crazy isn't it. This is a straight forward issue, and one which is...