1. Bigjon44

    Winter beans

    Anyone's beans come through the ground yet??!! Planted ours back at start of November and still not showing!
  2. H

    DD’ing spring beans in to a thick cover crop?

    I have a cover crop of oats, vetch and bit of radish and mustard. It’s knee high and a lot thicker than I was expecting (even using about 50% of the advised seed rate). General plan was to spray off about now then drill spring beans with a Rapid when conditions allow (probably late March as it’s...
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    Blackgrass control – Are you using enough Dihydrogen Monoxide?

    Blackgrass control – Are you using enough Dihydrogen Monoxide? Written by James Warne form Soil First Farming Dihydrogen Monoxide or DHMO has been used for years to improve the distribution and performance of soil acting residual herbicides along with other uses such as a solvent, coolant, and...
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Featured Farmer - Ed Reynolds

    Farm Facts: Ed Reynolds 327ha arable farm in west Cambridgeshire growing combinable crops on clay The land is 71% owned, 29% contract farming agreement 1 fulltime employee, 0.5 myself + casual staff at harvest When I started farming there were two choices: conventional and organic. We were...
  5. CPM RSS

    Real Results Pioneers – Poised to step up control

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF A new addition to the herbicide toolbox presents opportunities for growers grappling with grassweeds. CPM visits a North Yorks trial site with a Real Results pioneer to discuss how to refine strategies. Controlling grassweeds is like a...
  6. A

    The benefit of rolling

    Got rained off when rolling a field of newly drilled winter wheat and it never got finished. Took this 3 weeks later slugs have hammered it where it hadn’t been rolled. Won’t make that mistake again!
  7. Chris F

    Metribuzin and Potatoes

    Could anyone explain what metribuzin is used for on potatoes and its application time and windows please? It's not a product I am familiar with. I have found these product names in the UK Acorix 70 WG Generic Manufacturer: GLOBACHEM nv, MAPP: 18755 Discus Parallel Manufacturer: RAAT...
  8. Farmer Fin

    BASIS beet help

    Hi I am doing my BASIS and have no knowledge of beet. Could someone give me a copy of their typical spray programme? DM if you like. Thanks
  9. Agriland RSS

    AEM makes environmental case for precision agriculture

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Hot on the heels of John Deere reporting an increased uptake of its Precision Ag offerings, the American AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) has bolstered the swing towards IT technology with a survey of the environmental benefits it may bring...
  10. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  11. Chips

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I know being from plough manufacturer they have a vested interest but an interesting read .
  12. CPM RSS

    Don’t delay blackgrass tidy up, warns Hutchinsons

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Agronomy firm Hutchinsons is urging growers to push on carefully with follow-up grassweed herbicide treatments as long as conditions allow this autumn, rather than risk delaying control until the spring. Mild weather combined with good levels of...
  13. C

    Grazing inlamb ewes on osr

    Been offer some feilds of rape that a chap drill and has failed only about half to a 3rd has grown. He wants what's left grazed off before he drills wheat in the feild would it be safe to graze inlamb ewes on this. There is also volunteer barley which had been sprayed off and gone yellow? Thanks
  14. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  15. T

    Cow manure to gardeners/allotments

    Hi all, have had a local allotment want to buy some trailer loads of muck off me. It’s a 10 ton trailer and was wondering how much to charge for a load especially with fert prices as they are this year. Won’t use it ourselves so will just sit there until next year for the neighbours to use. TIA
  16. Corteva Updates

    Stewardship tools enhanced as farmers prepare for propyzamide applications

    Significant upgrades to Corteva Agriscience’s Kerb Weather Data tool will help growers and advisers be even more precise when timing oilseed rape herbicide applications this winter. The data is relied upon by growers across the UK to identify the best time to apply AstroKerb® or Kerb® Flo 500...
  17. Laggard


    Is there any difference in OSR yield between Kerb/Astrokerb/not sprayed? Any data somebody can point me towards please?
  18. G

    Yara says food crisis coming

    The truth is out
  19. steveR

    Boar thistle killing late on?

    I was really rather pee'd when I realised a few weeks ago that my nice herbal ley, has started to grow boar thistles. :-( I have been successfully been spot treating them with Polo of the back of a mini compact tractor. Best session was when I go my Urban BiL to drive teh wee tractor, and I...
  20. A

    Buying chemicals for next year

    Are people buying chemicals now for next year? We know certain products that we will definitely use year on year, prices look like rising and we have already had problems getting some herbicides this autumn, just pondering what products could be best bought now