1. J

    4x4 towing capacity

    What 10 year old 4x4 pickup truck can legally pull 3 tonne plus ?.
  2. Rick.banks

    Kuhn suppy problems

    Whats the record for ordering kuhn kit and it not turning up? I'll start... ordered a baler 7 months ago for march delivery, still not here... can't be on my own here!
  3. Oldmacdonald

    Cecil Rhodes statue.

    Should it remain at Oxford university? It apparently will due to high costs of removal :unsure: But what's your views. I'd suggest his only redeeming feature was to leave his wealth to the university and that in no way makes up for the rest of his views and actions.
  4. C

    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    Hi, I have a quad quandary. I have never had a quad before but fancy one for taking small bale hay and water out to a few local paddocks and towing a small sheep trailer whilst moving sheep about, some short road trips of about a mile, we are very hilly. Should I go new or good used ? I do pay...
  5. L

    Toyota Rav or Volvo xc 60

    Looking at both of these at moment(3to4 years old). Used to diesel and open to gearbox options. Has anyone any experiences either positive or negative of the above vehicles?
  6. Stags Agri

    June South West Timed Machinery Auction - 70+ Tractors, Diggers & Vehicles (1000+ Lots)

  7. S

    2.8 litre Hilux auto or manual

    I've always had manuals in the past but tried an automatic Hilux and was very impressed. Very smooth and nice to drive on the road. Is anyone running a 2.8 litre auto Hilux? How are they for towing? I don't do loads of towing, but still need something that is capable.
  8. jacobl741

    Best value canopy

    Anyone got any opinions on which ally canopy is the best value. Going to get a new one for my dmax with locking back door etc, cheers
  9. whindy

    L200 pick-up

    We are looking at a 2017 2.4 to replace a old Isuzu which has been 💩 .we run 2 pick ups the other a hilux. L200 is a lump cheaper than a 2nd hand hilux. Are L200 2.4 reliable it has 64000 on the clock . Or are they best avoided?
  10. Speedstar

    Volta relay

    Any one know were to get a Volta 8545-1217 70AM1026 relay for the indicators on a hilux towing harness
  11. N

    New defender

    Has the new defender seen off the double cab pick up brigade
  12. JPercy

    What do you actually enjoy seeing on Facebook? (& of course, what ticks you off?)

    What would make you follow, or unfollow, a farming company on Facebook? Feel free to name and shame in the comments 👀 I'm trying to figure out what works best for the company I work for and I'd like to get insight from actual farmers! (I'm a farmers daughter but I've been disconnected from ag...
  13. AgriiMark

    Freelander 2, opinion's please

    Looking at changing my vehicle soon. Had pick up's, dont need or want another. So been looking at the usual family/work options about and like the freelander 2. Any fellow members had one? Anything to look out for and are they basically worth bothering with. Wont be towing much if any at all and...
  14. hilux

    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Has anyone else had problems with the clip shearing on the shaft between the main gearbox and disc?. Had it happen to me 3 times now, so put an 8.8 bolt in lieu of the clip and it still shears. Can't find any play in the gearboxes. Can spread a load or 2 before it shears and sometimes just a few...
  15. holwellcourtfarm

    Toyota HiLux mk5 double cab hardtop wanted.

    Looking for a sound, Truckman style, hardtop for our 2004 double cab HiLux. Any make considered, high line or low profile, if in useable condition. Ian.
  16. F

    Secondhand Toyota Landcruiser buying.

    Been looking at Landcruisers to replace a TD5 Disco who’s chassis is having to be welded up again. Swayed towards a 100 series 4.2 diesel owing to its higher 3.5 ton towing capacity, are these a good buy and is there anything to be careful of, mindful these are now approaching 20 years old?
  17. Danllan

    How rough did you feel after your first jab?

    Even Mrs Danllan - obviously my strongest critic - will say that when it comes to injuries I demonstrate real stoicism, I've a fairly high pain threshold and I just grin and bear what I have to, regardless of what has happened - meaning what I have done to me. :banghead: But that's injuries...
  18. Chae1

    What van, farm vehicle?

    Had a 08 fiesta van up till now. It failed its Mot due to knackered steering rack, so looking for a replacement. It's just basically a farm runaround, to go for spares. Or If working away from home will leave tractors and take it home. Staff member gets it home in summer when doesn't have...
  19. icanshootwell

    Ring dealer again or "feck em"

    Getting prices for trailers, was only interested in a couple of brands, both sold close by. Got one price which seems a little higher than i would like, so though i would try another dealer who i did purchase a machine off last year. Rang Wednesday morning, spoke to girl on phone, chap you want...
  20. M

    Farms for sale

    As we enter into the busy time of year for farm sales, is everyone seeing an increase in farms in the local area or are people sitting tight? Recent years have seen a drop in farm sales with uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farm support. Now with all this a lot more certain, will we see an...