1. Tonka

    More money isn't always the answer - so how do you attract staff to work for you

    We all need them, we all want them to work for us. Huge amount of choice for anyone looking for a job with stock or land work. So what works for you - money is not a motivator. Joss Haynes, HAAC, 1980's. Please share your success stories, as majority of us are very poor man managers😉
  2. Phil P

    Best way of paying for a new Pickup

    Ok, so as of May next year some of our land will be in a Low Emition Zone as well as some of the local towns. The zone will actually start about a mile up the road so this means it will cost me around £9 every time I go that way in my old 2002 Ranger! I don’t really want to part with the old...
  3. hilux

    Fat lambs in the shed

    Got a lot of fat lambs in the shed trying to fatten, but I've never seen a year like it for bad feet. Trimmed and run them through formalin before they went in . What do you use and best way to cure them? Got a stand in Bath if I need to use it. Trimmed most of them today and their feet are as...
  4. ridger

    Land-rover discovery td5

    Asking for a uncle, what to replace it with? He dislikes having to put a pickup into 4wd to pull a trailer out the end of the road then try and get out of 4wd again, he likes the fact that the old discovery holds nearly a ton of meal and it's dry and low for throwing it in and pulling it out
  5. Juggler

    Car leasing companies

    Thinking of going down the leasing route for the next car, what companies can people recommend? Any pitfalls to watch out for?
  6. Stags Agri

    South West November Online Timed Sale of 50+ Tractors, Vehicles etc (850 Lots) - Closing on 5th December 2021

  7. Cmoran

    Corvus utv???

    Has anyone bought the Corvus diesel utv we have two dealers locally and wondering what they are like? My kubota is out of warranty next March and looking to change could really do with a little more speed on the road and am trying for 2 months to get a price of jd dealer with no joy had Polaris...
  8. Cornish Rattler

    Out playing in the snow today

    Hi guys Me and son went playing in the snow today in Buxton in both our landy's 🙂
  9. roseshep

    Te pari hd3 vs Clipex contractor sheep handler

    Other than price :oops: I cant really see much of a difference. thoughts.....?
  10. D

    New hilux-any problems?

    Pondering ordering a new hilux 2.8 manual for delivery next year Now they have been around a couple years, has anyone had any problems with them? or any common issues i should know about? Also what MPG should i expect? Please dont suggest rangers, dmax etc as im really not interested. If i...
  11. Robt

    2022 Ford Ranger

  12. Greythundercloudys

    New Ford ranger 2022.

    Kind ugly lights front on it.
  13. Against_the_grain

    Inspire me

    The time has come for me to look at changing my truck. Currently have a 60plate hilux which does the job but is getting long in the tooth now. The natural choice would be a new hilux but I must say I'm not overly inspired by it. The problem is any other pickup is always going to fall short of...
  14. B

    Best 4x4 pickup

    I'm looking for a replacement for my transit custom van. I would like a 4x4 pickup , it needs to be capable of towing a horse box catering trailer and will need to pull a 2.7 ton digger for my work also ! Budget will be around £14-15 K . I know they drink a bit of fuel but what be the most...
  15. S

    Ad Blue Delete East Anglia

    A couple of my tractors have just come out of warranty. Does anyone recommend someone to do the necessary to delete the need for ad blue. I hasten to add that these machines never go on the road. Thanks.
  16. Barleycorn

    Urgent help required, stopping Hilux alarm

    We have a 14 plate Hilux. We have mislaid the keys, which had the remote one on it. I have a spare, so used that this morning. The alarm went off when I opened the door, but the key worked and the engine started, but the bloody alarm continued. I looked in the book, and tried punching the PIN...
  17. jacobl741

    What size battery charger?

    What size charger do I want for charging / starting tractors battery’s? On machine mart website here but there’s loads of them! https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-wbc180-180a-battery-startercharger/
  18. Hilly

    Landrover chassis

    Going to buy a galvanised chassis for my defender , anyone recommend and good make to buy ? Shielder advertise a lot but anything better then them out their ?
  19. W

    Ford ranger

    Just wondering what a 2006 Ford ranger are like? Will they tow well? How economical? And any common problems? cheers will
  20. Robt

    The new Range Rover…😍