1. Selectamatic

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    I know, I know! Almost as strongly debated as Forager's v's Wagons... Im thinking of a new pick up, but as I don't have much experience with them, I thought I'd ask the collective! :) Shopping List I cant justify a proper double cab really, but one of those extra cab versions would suit, I...
  2. R

    Toyota Hilux 5th injector replacement

    Hi Been told this either need cleaning or replacing. Sounds like quite a job to strip and reach it and injector not cheap. Anyone had this done (clean or replacement) and, if you don't mind, what did it cost? 13 plate Hilux Thanks
  3. T

    Legal towing weight for Jeep and 3 Axel Trailer

    Just wondering what is the total weight you carry on a 3 axel trailer towed by a Jeep here in Ireland?, does anybody know.
  4. Surgery

    Wealth tax considered!!

    Backlash from COVID , possible 1% tax on wealth over £500k is being discussed per annum.
  5. B

    Land Rover Defender value

    I hate doing this but with valuations so varied what would a farmer spec 07 2.2 Defender 90 truck cab be worth 94k miles plenty small dents and scratches good chassis and bulkhead. Well serviced and mechanically looked after recent clutch and bushes. Was planning tidying it up paint the wheels...
  6. F

    Announcement Tomorrow on Banning Live Exports and More Restrictions On Domestic Journeys

    Tomorrow there will be an announcement of the start of an eight week consultation on Live exports and all journey times for livestock. While this was flagged up by George "Useless" it is no surprise that another difficult issue is being put into the melting pot with our supposed leaving the EU...
  7. Fendt

    Hilux clutch knackered

    As per the title, just slightly surprised it has gone so soon. Truck is 5 years old with only 36,000 miles. Has done some towing but not much. Noise from thrust bearing already, shudders when pulling away, and i was trying to climb out of a very shallow furrow the other day and had smoke pouring...
  8. Kevtherev

    Today’s Disaster

    Picked up socket set and lid was unlatched great fun re packing them in correct place. Anyone else have a ‘today’s disaster’ Post away share your trials 🤣🙈🙈😁
  9. MX7

    Disconnecting day light running lights on pickup?

    Would it be illegal to disconnect daylight running lights on a pickup? I only ask as day light running lights on a dark coloured pickup let trespassers,poachers, hare coursers and thieves know you are about ,there by allowing them all to scarper before one has a chance to creep up on them to ask...
  10. Jerry

    Swapping 7 pin wiring for 13 pin

    I’ll be picking up a new livestock box soon and it will come with 13 pin wiring fur things like reversing light and internal lights. Truck only had 7pin socket on board from new. (Hilux) How big a job would it be to convert the truck wiring to 13pin to get full functionality on the box? I...
  11. kevindb880

    JCB starter woes

    Using the 1998 530/70 yesterday turned it off, the engine stopped but the starter motor was turning and the only way to stop it was with the isolator and now it’s dead apart from a click when the ignition is turned. We think the starter is burnt out but any ideas what could of caused the starter...
  12. S

    Best vehicle for moving a quad from farm to farm

    What’s the best vehicle for moving a quad around for electric fencing different blocks of land? I’m drawn to a transit type vehicle. Partly as they are cheaper to buy. The other thought that crossed my mind was a Defender 110 hicap. Putting the bike in the back. I’m reluctant to take a trailer...
  13. Farm Classifieds

    Toyota Hilux 2011

    Toyota Hilux 2011 Advert added by: tim white @Tim W Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles 4x4 Vehicles Price: £6500 Condition: Used Description 2011 double cab Hilux 132700 miles Good mechanical condition, few scratches etc , new tyres, clutch, brakes ...
  14. S

    changing front hub and axle oil suggestions

    Anyone with any cheap gadjet or a simple solution to this messy job.I have a plunger type thing which sounds good but isnt?
  15. Juggler

    Disco 3 - What's the alternative

    Had my Discovery 3 for 6 years now and it's fair racked up some spending on it in that time, with a few more costs already 'in the post' that I know of (Torque converter and potentially g/box) Trouble is, it's sooo bloody good when it works... I'd love a D4 but don't really want to go through...
  16. Johnnyboxer

    No more new cars or vans in 9 years

    The big green deal I guess that’s no diesel pickups or commercials under 3.5t Electric pickup then ?
  17. Dave W

    Do you name your tractors?

    I've recently been to a place. Pair of brothers, bit backwards maybe but god honest hillbillies. Anyway, everything on the place has got a name. Keith Kubota Walter ransomes There's more but I'm not sure it's ok to repay them. Anyone else do this?
  18. crazy_bull

    Old Ruston Lincoln diesel engine bleed screw

    The bleed screws on this old engine are beyond help, my predecessors attacked them with chisels and other weapons to remove them so now getting tedious to remove them to bleed her after she’s sat for a while. I have tried Ruston Lincoln direct, unsurprisingly they don’t have any stock left from...
  19. M

    Best chain saw for Farm/Fencing. ?

    After a new chainsaw. Have a couple of fairly big huskys but after some thing bit smaller and.lighter for fencing and odd jobs. Are Sthil the way to go?? What Models??