1. Kidds

    What size generator do I need?

    I want to run some equipment with motors on, three motors, 2.2kw 1.5kw and .75kw. All single phase Would also need lighting but nothing more than a couple of battens and boil a kettle. Kettle can be turned on when motors are off. I would usually have all three running at some point but no biggy...
  2. Elpresidente

    LPG generator conversion.

    I’m looking into the possibility of converting my 15hp Hyundai generator to dual fuel. I’ve found lots of kits online for Honda engines but nothing for Hyundai power products, does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers of lpg conversion kits. I’ve already tried the supplier in Pembroke...
  3. Cab-over Pete

    Zetor - What's Not To Like?

    Aye-up, apart from the obvious pointing, sniggering and the possibility of my lad leaving home at 16 and disowning me, what could possibly go wrong? Deutz engine, I'm told ZF and Bosch do the other chunks, but not sure. Maybe not a great resale value but I'm not sure I would look to change...
  4. H

    Quad bike stolen

    Honda quad bike stolen last night. Not a valuable one but still stolen . Rang the police but after hanging on for nearly 45 mins decided not to bother .
  5. Lazy Sod

    Who is Lord Muck

    Who is Lord Muck on Youtube? I'm intrigued, particularly with his aviation activities.
  6. Lazy Sod

    Electric Cars

    Mrs LS was pushing a heavy shopping trolley up the slope of Morrisons car park this morning and a car immediately behind her blew it's horn. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she had no idea that it was there. I thought that when electric cars were in their infancy, there was talk of them...
  7. JP1

    Genuine Apple iPhone 5 lightning charger cable with cigarette lighter attachment

    Over time the supplied Lightning type cables break and fray. I've bought various replacement ones but now often my replacement cables and the USB car charger connection for the cigarette lighting state incompatible with device etc I have a USB outlet in the car but yesterday was a long day away...
  8. boasley

    Plumbing in hydraulic fan for drill

    Dear all, quick question for the experts... I've got a MF 6280, excellent tractor but only has 2 spool valves, open centre hydraulics. I'm currently running a trailed drill, need 3 services - fan, lift/lower, bout markers. So... I've got fan running on one spool, with a freeflow return back to...
  9. JP1

    Small portable petrol water pump and "pressure" lance

    My Landlord's Honda petrol water pump is on the way out. It's job is to lift about 5-6m out of the river and pump in to IBC or cattle water troughs I'm thinking of buying a pump. I've seen a Hyundai powered 2-stroke pump that will lift 8m head , 1.5" male thread inlet and outlet. Outlet has a...
  10. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS

  11. D

    EU threatens to ban UK ag and food exports to them

    Worth catching up on tweets between Barnier and Frost In event of no deal EU has threatened to ban ag and food exports to them. Would have effect of making food exports to NI from the rest of the U.K. illegal. This looks to be part of what’s behind the move to change the treaty.
  12. JohnGalway

    Older off road 4x4

    Posting here as I figure livestock farmers do the most off road work. I'm kicking around an idea to build an eggmobile, get me some layers and move them often, possibly daily. The eggmobile would be build on a single axle caravan chassis and weigh less than 900kg (should accomodate approx 350...
  13. Spudie

    Derv VAT invoices

    how does everyone keep invoices for derv vat. Have fuel card which was fine for a while but now is more than pump. Any other ways apart from the stupid little till receipts that get lost or illegible any fiddly to read as do my own VAT cheers
  14. ImLost

    Solis tractors

    Got talking to a machinery rep today about various popular brands who said the solis tractors, particularly the solis 50, are massively growing in popularity. I've found a couple of threads on here about them, but nothing very recent. Has anyone got one? How do you rate it??
  15. N

    Honda 300 quad

    Anyone got a decent condition Honda 300 2wd quad? Preferably big red Must be 2wd Pm me
  16. Qman

    Made in China!!!

    I read that the new Valtra G-series Agco engine is made in China. Are other Agco engines also made in China? After what China has done to us and the rest of the world I wouldn't want to buy anything off them and it has put me off Valtras.
  17. M

    Car for parents

    Ok so I need to sort a new vehicle out for my parents. It’ll be leased for 3 years. They are coming out of a GLC merc but it’s not high enough for them as one suffers with a really bad back. Budget around £500/month + vat. What would you suggest please.
  18. msheep66

    New Defender

    Just wondering if anyone has bought a new Defender. I had an extended test drive in one a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. I had intended to buy a Discovery5 but I have ordered a new Defender. Yes they are a lot of money but hopefully will have a good resale value.
  19. Dave W

    Lawnflite commercial walk behind mowers

    I have 2 commercial spec walk behind mowers for sale with a third available next week. 2014/15 models. made by kaaz in Japan. Sold in uk badges as lawnflite/danarm/Honda. Big heavy cast alloy deck Honda engine Shaft driven rear roller Collector bag. £275each
  20. D

    new ford ranger ,

    I am looking to purchase a new ford ranger , preferably the new 2 litre but would go for a 3.2 again , are there any dealers that could be recommended that could offer a good completive deal Thanks