1. B

    Who’s who on TFF ?

    How many people do people actually know on here in person as opposed to just knowing their TFF life? How have you worked out who people are?
  2. Bury the Trash

    Subterranean Clover.

    Sub clover .....anyone got it growing in uk ? Can commercial seed even be purchased in this country ? Also would it be a useful companion to Lucerne.. ? ?..........
  3. Adeptandy


    December 2022 is fast approaching, anyone heard anything about its licencing for the future ?
  4. Clive

    Linseed straw bales ?

    what’s linseed straw worth ? i’m guessing it’s good for burning? does it bale ok ?
  5. Massey 6470

    Massey Ferguson Essential Spec

    Is anybody using an essential spec 6700s, good / bad points please currently using a 6470 for spraying - hedge cutting so not constantly using lift arms so don’t think I’d miss the armrest controlsand normally use power control for gears when spraying Thoughts-please
  6. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  7. The Agrarian

    Can exhaust brake be retrofitted?

    ...to an older model without it? I'm talking NH t6070 and TM models.
  8. GrantMo

    Grain dryer - donkey engine?

    We’ve just bought a second hand 12 tonne pedrotti/masters dryer, diesel fired/PTO drive. We do have an old 80hp case that would be fit to drive it, but for various reasons I’d rather not have it tied up on the drier. I have a 120hp 6 cylinder Perkins engine here from a Massey 625 combine and am...
  9. Somerset Farmer

    Wheat Varieties South West

    As a seed grower in the SW I have to try and guess what farmers will be growing in the next 3/4 years. Am growing Graham and Extase for this autumn and cannot see any better replacements at the moment. Unless anybody knows better ?? TIA
  10. Ratbadger2

    Help for starting horse grazing the holistic way

    I’m looking to get into the holistic method. I’m on a hill farm in the Scottish Borders we have 20 horses. I have recently been very interested in this approach I’m looking for some books,courses and videos anything to try to understand implementing its use
  11. W

    Here we go - ‘The Countryside Is Racist’

  12. N

    12m Avatar

    @ajd132 @Clive and anyone else who's used one, I was wondering how you are getting on with them? How much do the two 6m wings float with the contours? Do the coulters have as much up and down travel as a 750a? Is the down pressure and general drilling performance just as good as the smaller ones...
  13. B

    So New Zealand farmers; how do you make it pay?

    A polite question, questions to our New Zealand forum friends, how come we cant make it pay and you can ? please some facts and figures, also how much is agricultural land at the moment and is there many farms for sale, because here with all the moaning about the poor, or negative profit in UK...
  14. Mc115reed


    Looking for 30-40 Suffolk X or north country mules .. not too fussed on age anything up too full mouth as close too ST18 as possible but will travel within reason
  15. J

    White straight patriotic.

    It seems to me that WSP gets ignored by the media and powers that be. i get the impression they see me and other like minded people as the problem to the countries ills. My forebears originated from Scotland over a century ago. I could be a classed as an immigrant. I think of myself as English...
  16. DieselRob

    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    As above really, I know there are various people who post in the direct drilling photo gallery thread but I was hoping some could share pictures throughout the growing season, this 1 especially, of crops grown at 250mm spacing (or there abouts) It isn't really the year to be able to go cruising...
  17. MX7

    Name of high tractor jaw hitch as used in Europe?

    As above. I am on about the fixed jaw hitch used on European tractors but not used over in the Uk, The jaw is fixed on the tractor where the end of the top link is attached to the tractor. I ask as I could do with one to hitch my trailed Biinderberger on to.
  18. J

    Placed fert.

    Having had several discussion s regarding solid fert placement at drilling a fert rep tells us that there is no difference between broadcast on top fert over placed of the same analysis. does anyone know of any work or have any experience of this sort of thing at all. Any opinions welcome .
  19. Horsch News

    Stand Horsch - Virtual stand for Cereals Live 2020

    To support its presence at Cereals Live 2020, HORSCH has created a ‘virtual stand’ on its web site to allow visitors to get more information on the products that would have been on display. Visitors can click on the stand map to get more details and a video of each product before going deeper...
  20. Danllan

    Should ethnic minorities & 'yoofs' be allowed to delete our history?

    I doubt if anyone is going to say that any aspect of slavery was a good thing, the Africans selling their own people. others buying them etc. etc.. But the current mob actions and now the statement from the idiot Sadiq Khan saying, basically, that London's statues reflect British history too...