1. Selectamatic

    Spring barley looking poor...

    Some of the stuff i've sown is, some is ok, some is terrible! It looks like i've sown it too thin, but I've not, it is desperate for a good downpour, I was thinking while driving from them earlier, there's not been drop of proper rain since they went in the ground. How's yours looking?
  2. MX7

    Are their any other zero till drills (with a similar tine as used on the Amazone Condor drill) available in the uk?

    I ask, as the above tine is a superb tool for zero till seeding, in stony soil conditions as long as drill is driven slowly, tines pushes stones to one side allowing seed to be planted in to soil,rather than a disc coulter "RIDDING OVER THE STONE LEAVING SEED ON THE SURFACE!!!!". Have...
  3. Johnnyboxer

    Recreational Cultivating?

    Is it fact or fallacy ? On a par with recreational shopping for some ladies ? Does it exist or did I just read it on TFF ?
  4. steveR

    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    I have been mulling and exploring the possible use of a basic DD tine drill such as found in the Aitchison and Sim-Tec range for while now, to use initially on game and stewardship drilling, with an increase next year onwards, as ground comes out of my old Stewardship and transitions into other...
  5. MX7

    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    As above have/are your spring crops germinating more evenly than your neighbours crops planted more conventially? I only ask as an ex farmer, as there seems to be a lot of uneven germination in min till or traditionally ploughed/cultivated,drilled crops. Thankyou.
  6. M

    It's raining. ?

    I can't be one to complain because we had a lovely 7mm last weekend but the wind soon took it away. But had hopes for this weekend tho forecasters have put us just on the side of any of the proper rainfall. So who has had meaningful amount of rainfall,,,,,,,,, 2mm so far and hoping for more
  7. P

    Ohh to breed cattle like that

  8. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.
  9. Northeastfarmer

    Lockdown haircuts

    Anyone resorted to this yet.... https://nypost.com/2020/04/10/sheep-farmer-goes-viral-after-shearing-himself-amid-covid-19/ Not you @Bald Rick :ROFLMAO:
  10. Bald Rick

    Forum icons

    Oooh. I see some of the forums have their own identification icons now such as Dairy with a black & white cow and pigs and poultry with something I can’t quite make out But many have yet to be blessed. Are you open to suggestions @Clive @Chris F ?
  11. Derrick Hughes

    The Drought

    Never seen fields dry out so quick . We are working on fields we could not get a tractor on at all last year ,
  12. Bossfarmer

    Remember when i was ridiculed for "Food Security" claims?

    Not sure if anyone remembers but one of my main reasons for backing support for farmers was food security, many on here laughed when i mentioned the fact we are an island with over 60m people and a disease outbreak could leave us relying on other countries for our food supply, the fact rationing...
  13. Bald Rick

    Selfie Isolating (pics)

    Today I am mainly isolating in my trusty Deutz. You?
  14. M

    MF 7726S

    MF 7726 S, any comments on performance and reliability appreciated
  15. Northeastfarmer

    What a boring year

    I know it’s for the good of the country and I’m happy to do my bit....but what a boring year this is going to be no ag shows No football No sports No eating out No drinking out No socialising Not even allowed to visit my 104 nanna in her care home I can only imagine the divorce rate sky...
  16. G

    Is the Government going to abandon conservation schemes ?

    The word is that all conservation scheme land is to be ploughed this year in case of food shortages. Tree planting schemes also cancelled.
  17. Greythundercloudys

    Total lock down this weekend!?

    My wifes friends husband is in the police and he's been told total lock down up here buy the weekend, army out the lot, after schools that the last big thing, so maybe rubbish but l wonder.