1. M

    Nitrogen 3rd pass

    What’s everybody doing? Our milling winter wheats were planted mid October to mid November and so far had 165kg N. We are due another 80kg (liquid) to go for group 1 spec but whilst the calendar says go the crops I think are a month behind due to the dry spell. N2 went on a month ago but it’s...
  2. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  3. S

    Spraying with a frost at night.

    Got some fungicide, growth reg and manganese to go on wheat and barley but keep getting -1 for a few hours early morning. I’m holding off at the moment, are people still spraying and do they have any bad scorching
  4. Flat 10

    Mixing anything with spring Grassweed herbs in wheat

    I know we were always told not to mix CTL and PGRs with Atlantis etc and I have always followed this (don't need a PGR after anyway!) with the exception of trace elements but there's a windy week in prospect and late drilled ww has some YR so dare I add a splash of teb with the horus? Thanks
  5. D

    Adjuvant advice

    Hi Lads ,, I know this subject has been covered before but can anyone tell me if there’s an adjuvant that covers all so to speak! I spray @ 95—100 Ltrs per ha and have used Kantor and torpedo 11.... I’m thinking mainly fungicides... validate any or much different to torpedo? Thanks for any replies.
  6. Rowland

    Poll Covid 19 Vaccine

    With the 1st of the vaccines about to become avilble .
  7. A

    Death Throws of No Deal

    As the clock winds inexorably down to deal or no deal, and the EU showing ZERO signs of “bricking it”, as the loyal TFF Brexiteers expect, the U turn preparations have begun in earnest. Barnier of course recognises the shift from dogma, to bravado, to realisation, and latterly to panic! As an...
  8. bobk

    Barley volunteers in wheat

    Due to the last 12 months weather my already shattered rotation means I've followed sb with wheat ( didn't want to grow it ) anyway we sowed 3 days after finishing combining . So we have a volunteer issue , is frost my friend ? doesn't appears to be any chems available that will kill the stuff.
  9. Blaithin

    Kiss The Ground

    Just came out on Netflix here. Giving it a watch. It’s been mentioned in a couple other threads but deserves one of its own. Message is simple and fairly clear. Keep the soil healthy. Keep the soil covered. There are parts that are annoying. Spray planes when talking about glyphosate. GMOs...
  10. Danllan

    Whose news do you trust?

    I suppose a poll could be done, but there are probably going to be too many - and surprising - names given for that, so the questions stands: Who's news do you trust? I read the Telegraph and the Guardian online, and find the quality of journalism still pretty high in both; I trust them anyway...
  11. The Guardian RSS

    My allotment was once a casual hobby. Since lockdown, it's become a lifeline | Alice O'Keefe

    My allotment was once a casual hobby. Since lockdown, it's become a lifeline | Alice O'Keefe Written by Alice O'Keeffe Growing our own potatoes is fun – but the pandemic and looming trade deals have exposed Britain’s fragile food security Smugness is a well-documented side-effect of having an...
  12. D

    Peacocks - are they worth having around the farm yard!?

    Ever since I saw a pair on holiday in Dorset I quite liked the idea of them. I’ve the opportunity of a couple (brace??) but not sure how damaking the can be. rumours are they are noisy, can be quite bolshy and attack shiny things. The Mrs is far from convinced, I’m on the fence... we are a...
  13. U

    Hung out to dry ?

    I heard a snippet of news this morning on Radio 4 concerning something in todays Financial Times about the proposed trade agreement with the USA & a relaxation of standards to get the trade talks moving and in particular "agriculture ".Perhaps other forum members can put some meat on the bone on...
  14. ajd132

    Winter wheat after spring barley?

    Anyone doing it? Would be direct drilled in October. Is it too risky with volunteers?
  15. Oldmacdonald

    'Biggest failure in a generation': Where did Britain go wrong?

    https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/biggest-failure-in-a-generation-where-did-britain-go-wrong-20200428-p54o2d.html Health Secretary Matt Hancock was midway through a radio interview when the phone call came through live to air. On the line was Intisar Chowdhury, whose father Abdul had made a...
  16. Daniel

    Blackgrass 2020

    We aren't even in a bad area for it, it had a pre-em and yet: Anything not rouged now will have grandchildren by harvest?!
  17. Feldspar

    Broadway Star conundrum

    Still having a large debate with myself about how much of the wheat to do with Broadway Star (Avocet actually). For two years now I have not spotted both wild oats and meadow brome despite walking fields what I thought was quite carefully. Walked round with an experienced agronomist and we...
  18. Bald Rick

    Behaviour of the Public (well some)

    Listening to the radio news whilst pushing slurry about, I heard an angry senior police officer berating those who had left their homes for a jolly beside the sea. He was raging, rightly in my view, about how some were treating this crisis as a holiday. Add that to the emotional video of the...
  19. glow worm

    Pause a minute, listen and smile

    with all the dreadful news and fear for the months to come, on a very cold but dry morning today, i took a moment to pause, enjoy the sun, even if it was ****** cold, and heard .. NO STARLINGS!!! and the first ChiffChaff of the year .. and my spirits soared. None of it will last! but it was a...
  20. PSQ

    The 'amusing the kids' thread.

    It's the last day at school for the kids for at least 6 months, so apart from helping with farm work (thinking of you, Jim Smith!) and chores, what do the forum recommend for entertaining children (aged 1-100) and keeping them (and us) fit in mind and body? I've asked my 3, and so far they've...