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    Househam hydraulic slug pelleter frame

    Looking for a hydraulic slug pelleter frame to mount on the front of a Househam sprayer if anyone has one available? Have the plumbing/mounting points on the sprayer, just need the frame to mount the pelleters on. Many thanks
  2. H

    Househam AR

    I’ve found a nice Househam AR 3500 with 24m pommier booms. It’s a year 2008 with 8250 hours on it. It’s got TMC Fieldmaster with auto steer, shut off etc. It appears in very good condition and well looked after. The current owner bought it at 5500 hours but doesn’t have any history of it prior...
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    Househam sprayer operators to ‘travel in Claas’

    Written by Justin Roberts Househam, the UK based manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers, is to equip its mid-range machines with the X10 cab from Claas. This will be used on the Air-Ride and Harrier models, the former offering a tank capacity up to 4,000L while the latter can carry a...
  4. A

    AgStar connecting cable

    Hello everyone! I want connect AgStar GPS to CCI1200 terminal but I can't find the required cable anywhere. GPS have a 14 pin AmpSeal type connecting and terminal have a 12 pin Deutsch type connecting. Where can i find the required cable or I can do it myself ? Thank you Greetings from Estonia!
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    Anyone waiting for spares??

    Anyone waiting for spares Caused by brexit as described on front page of today's farmers guardian
  6. S

    Topcon x30 problems

    Just started using a new to me x30 in a bateman. It keeps getting confused and thinks I'm going backwards instead of forwards. Recalibrating the compass fixes it but its a pain, any suggestions.
  7. S

    Househam Air Ride 2000

    I have seized the belt driven air compressor on our 52plate Househam and am stuck for parts as they are no longer listed in Househam's stores . Any ideas on alternative suppliers , please ? Not checking oil level = one useless sprayer with plenty of work waiting !!
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    Househam Merlin

    Househam Merlin Advert added by: Henry Saunders @Watery Lane Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £60000 Condition: Good Description Sept 2013 Househam Merlin. Autofill, auto-countouring boom, gps section control, headland lift, led lights...
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    T2026218 - 2008 Househam AirRide 3000 Self Propelled Sprayer

    T2026218 - 2008 Househam AirRide 3000 Self Propelled Sprayer Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £38500 Condition: Good Description 2008 Househam 24M 3000L Airride...
  10. Lufin

    Househam AR 3000 triple fold

    After a good reliable independent Househam mechanic/fitter. Need a general service and boom setup. Midlands area Thanks
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    2011 Househam 4000L 28/24m Airride trailed sprayer

    2011 Househam 4000L 28/24m Airride trailed sprayer Advert added by: Ben Adams @ben__adamss Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £19475 Condition: Used Description 2011 Househam 4000L 28/24m Air ride trailed sprayer Field Master GPS...
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    Single Market / Customs Union - A Tragic Loss

    As humans, we have an innate tendency to take what we have for granted. Very often, we don’t appreciate the true meaning or value of something, until it’s gone. Then sadly it can all too often be too late. Barely two weeks into the final Brexit trade deal, I dare say there are many, many...
  13. F

    Anyone run a Househam Spirit?

    As above. Are they any good? Been to see one today and the hydro handle seemed quite stiff? Is this normal or will it just need a new cable!? Is there any major issues to look out for? Thanks
  14. Stretchy

    Househam Autosteer question

    Has anybody setup hydraulic autosteer on a Househam AR3500 2015 sprayer? I would like to know what valve should be used to suit the Househam hydraulic system. I'm using a Topcon x25 display with a Agi4 receiver. Cheers
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    Househam M36 Merlin sprayer 2014

    Househam M36 Merlin sprayer 2014 Advert added by: Russell Price Farm Services Ltd Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £78000 Condition: Good Description Househam M4-36 Sprayer, 2014 5500hrs 36m 12/24/36 flat...
  16. Stretchy

    Topcon x25 feeding Househam fieldmaster

    I am setting up a Househam AR3500 with a Topcon X25 with hydraulic autosteer and using the GPS out for the Feildmaster ASC. My issue is the GPS out signal is altered with the Topcon vehicle and implement geometry therefore once the fieldmaster adds it's geometry it's a full machine length out...
  17. S

    PWM on sprayer

    Thinking about a new sprayer, probably SP. PWM (Capstan system) seems like a no brainer to me, individual nozzle control, turn compensation, no need for lots of air pipes along booms. Seems like you cant lose ;) So any negatives? We are running a trailed just now with auto section control (8...
  18. J

    SP sprayer wheel choice

    I have a RG 418 Sprayer that currently sits on 700/50/26.5 tyres. I find they sit on top well but if I come across a wet spot they don’t have the traction to drag me through and instead have a habit of spinning on the top and making a mess. What would be the best tyre/rim to fit that will give...
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    Househam AR3000 12/24m

    Househam AR3000 12/24m Advert added by: Rob Allan @Rob Allan Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £21500 Condition: Good Description Househam AR3000 24m Stainless Steel boom tubes AR6 cylinder pump. LH4000 Computer Control...
  20. B

    I am thinking of buying a second hand self propelled low ground pressure sprayer

    we are looking for a low ground pressure sprayer we were looking at something like an agribuggy am I just asking for trouble buying an old machine like this