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    Huntaway Collie Cross Training Issues

    Firstly, this is my first post so I apologise if I have posted in the wrong place. I joined the forum to see if anyone can advise me on my huntaway border collie mix boy 8 months. I don't have a farm, I bought the dog as a pet and now feel this may have been a mistake, though I bought him from a...
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    Wanted - Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker Pup

    Hello, I am after a Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker pup. My family have always had Collie and Sprocker's and I'm keen to follow the tradition and looking for one for my own family. This will be a family dog, however we lead a very active lifestyle so it will get plenty of exercise and stimulation...
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    NZ Huntaway X or Collie X Pup Wanted

    Hello, My family and I are looking for a Huntaway (preferably) or a Collie, or potentially a cross between the two, to purchase as a home dog. Preference is a male but open to anything. We have extensive experience with Collie's as home dogs and I'm interested in looking at a Huntaway. We live...