1. BTT UK Ltd

    Thank You from BTT UK !!!!

    Since our launch in May 2021 (See Below) all of us at Bourgault Tillage Tools would like to thank everyone who we have worked with since then and who have helped us in our first months of trading, making it all a complete success. Starting anything new is tough, however when we are working in...
  2. snarling bee

    Naud Ploughs

    Is anybody else still using a Naud Plough? or your neighbour's/friends? Or am I the only one?
  3. S

    farm force ULTRA TILTH

    hope someone can help do they have a parts /manual for one of these cant work out how to take the bearing cover off to get to nut holding the bearing in place to replace a couple of bearings thanks in advance
  4. BTT UK Ltd

    Bourgault Tillage Tools from Canada invest in UK agriculture.

    PRESS RELEASE 27.04.2021 Canada invests in UK Agriculture. Canada’s leading wearing parts manufacturer, Bourgault Tillage Tools, is investing in UK agriculture by setting up a subsidiary business, BTT UK Ltd, based at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Bourgault Tillage Tools are not new to UK...
  5. oakleaf

    Hedgecutter flails.

    How has anyone found the forged F10 flails from "flails direct"? Original genuine F10 s were desperate for chipping so l put a new set of F14's on at start of this season and have found them better but still get some chipping. So considering either forged F10's or the equivalent to F14 from...
  6. Clive

    None genuine Horsch Co / sprinter legs ?

    Does anyone make / sell the legs for a Co or sprinter are they a Horsch only part ? or does anyone have any they want to sell maybe ?
  7. Flat 10

    Farmforce ultratilth discs/hubs

    Anyone know of a source/recognise a machine that is fitted with the same type?
  8. dontknowanything

    Harder 750a discs

    OK, I think I have managed to find where to buy the harder Rockwell 55C discs for a 750a, as opposed to the OEMs which are 48-52 hardness. The price will be around the £35-37 mark, and they supposedly last much longer than the normal versions. Is anyone interested in having a set?