1. Chae1

    Toyota Hi lux max towing weight?

    Okay we have a 2015 Toyota hi lux. Its previous body style. What is the max weight I can pull with it? I'm looking at buying a piece of farm machinery that weighs 2550kg. I'm going to look at it and would rather haul it home myself if any good. Would save 1k pound haulage bill. I've looked...
  2. jacobl741

    Best pick up tyres

    Any opinions on tyres for a dmax? Mainly road use but also used to go into fields abit to look the beast. Preferably not over expensive aswell!!
  3. S

    2015 Isuzu dmax

    Hi new here and looking for help. 2015 isuzu dmax had ABS light on and traction light, local garage say front left sensor needs replaced but they cant get one. Isuzu want 500+vat for the job. I think I have found one on the web but does it need reset after replacing it or will it clear it's...
  4. Womblefarrier

    Isuzu DPF yet again!

    Hi all! Hope everyone’s well! It’s that question again!....Isuzu Dmax, dumping fuel into sump.....and regenerating DPF every 15-20miles? What the hell to do? And advice would be welcome. Thank you.
  5. jacobl741

    1.9 dmax opinions

    Been offered a very good deal on a 1.9 dmax today. Can any one Offer any experience on if they are decent and which box is better the manual or auto?
  6. jacobl741

    Roller shutter or mountain top?

    Gonna get either a roller shutter or mountain top cover for my dmax rather than my canopy I have now. Which do people find the best and most handy ?
  7. Hilly

    Pickup thread

    Going to buy a new one it’s between invincible and a tekna , however have not denied either yet , anyone tried either of these ? Like Toyota but hate that new front end not botherd about Nissan but think they look great . Hmmm what you think ?
  8. jacobl741

    towing with 2 litre amarok

    My dad has a 15 plate 2 litre amarok, 180bhp. Its the auto version, what are these like for towing a trailer full of cattle? Might be borrowing it while i sort another but dont want to ruin his truck, would i be better just using the tractor? If its decent may be an option for my next one...
  9. trev7530

    Isuzu DMax re-map

    Isuzu DMax 2.5, thinking about getting it re-mapped, anyone done it? Anyone recommend any company’s, was thinking Quantum or pendle.
  10. C

    Nissan Navarra N-Guard

    I've just taken delivery of a new N-Guard. On the whole, I like it but the suspension seems very firm, you tend to feel every imperfection on the road, are they all like this, and will it "bed in" come time?
  11. Tarw Coch

    Sprayer hand lance

    Looking fir a new quality sprayer hand lance, I’ve currently got one as above but have broke it . Found that on a quick google search but out of stock and can’t find anything on quadmaxx web site. Would ideally like to find one as pictured.
  12. jacobl741

    1.9td dmax or discovery 4 commercial?

    Wanting to update my 2.5 twin turbo dmax, these two are my two options. Anyone with any experince/opinions/advice?
  13. Timbo

    Those with the woeful 1.9 Isuzu

    Very very reputable tuning company doing a fine job on the 1.9. They also do the 2.5.
  14. jacobl741

    Which 4x4 car?

    Looking at swapping my 15 plate dmax for a car rather than another pick up. Will be used as a daily, towing cattle trailer and flat trailer, and going in fields abit to look my cows. Thinking possibly a discovery, anyone got any suggestions on which would be best?
  15. Post Driver

    Can I put tractor engine oil in my pickup?

    I have some Ambra Unitek 10W-40 here that goes in the NH T5, can it go in my DMax? The API CJ4 and ACEA E9 match Cheers
  16. Rowland

    Disco 5

    Any one got one ? What are they like? I had a Disco 4 on a 14 plate for a few years great car apart from the wallow and road manners .
  17. hally

    Gamic trailer electric deck

    Got a new gamic trailer ordered with the electric lifting deck. I understand that it comes with a cable to fit under the pickup and straight onto the battery which is fine. However there may be the odd time we will want to use it on the back of our discovery 5, as I don’t want to run a cable...
  18. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  19. JP1

    The Ineos Grenadier thread

    I still am not sure whether this will surface as a reaity but as I keep getting marketing snippets, I thought I'd post a few of them...
  20. nick...

    Road tax on vehicles after 1st april

    Anyone understand this.from what I just seen road tax on a hilux is about £ this correct Nick...