1. H

    What double cab for £10.000

    Looking at a isuzu d max are the autos any good? Rangers sound fuel heavy and don't want a l200 any other recommendations
  2. Bossfarmer

    Drone for checking cattle??

    does anyone currently do this? and from a distance? some grazing land is for let 15 miles away off someone i know, obviously thats a fair distance to go to check cattle i was curious as to whether you could control a drone from that distance if it was based in a shed there? anyone tried it?
  3. Harrysfergie

    Isuzu dmax

    I know this has been done to death elsewhere probably but interested in opinions of those who own an Isuzu. I'm looking at changing company truck currently have a ranger and it's basically a choice between the two as that's what is offered. The spec would be a dmax utah, do like the look of them...
  4. Dan Attle

    isuzu d max service surprise

    hi all got a 66 plate dmax for a full service and mot ever since its ran like a dog , anyway found out today that in a full service the fuel filters are not changed unless the light for it comes on . now is it me or does that seem ludicrous i mean if you sent a tractor in for a service you...
  5. scrubbuster

    TransK9 dog crate

    Evening folks. I am needing 2 get a double dog crate suitable for 2 large collies, comfortable enough space wise for being in it for an hour or 2. It is to fin in a Dmax with an Aeroklas canopy. I have looked at the K9 website but the ones listed as suitable for the Isuzu have a slope at the...

    Ssangyong musso

    Hi all, has anybody got one of these On paper they appear to be really good,but are they!!! They claim 3.5t tow with a 1ton load in the pickup area and still be within it's MAM. They have all the bells and whistles on inside also. I'm asking this as I've just received a couple of brochures...
  7. JP1

    Ford Bridgend plant under threat Fears for 1,700 jobs as Ford set to close Bridgend plant The car maker, which employs 1,700 people at the site, has called a meeting with union leaders on Thursday. By David Mercer...
  8. L

    Which New Pick-Up Is The Best Vehicle To Get?

    I currently have an Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Utah and I will be looking to change it. But I don't want another Isuzu due to the very poor experience with main dealer and Isuzu UK's attitude. I also want to ensure that I am out of this vehicle before the know engine issues start accuring. I am also not...
  9. Cab-over Pete

    Project Xerion.

    At long last I’ve made a tentative start on the Xerion. It’s been a long story of hassle and hold ups since I bought it in September and that shows no sign of letting up. Parts are desperately slow to arrive and to date, after ordering everything in early February the only things I’ve received...
  10. D

    Ssangyong musso

    Has anyone got/used a Musso as a farm vehicle? A lot cheeper than any other pickup , but is there a real reason for this? Especially interested in how they tow a full stock box
  11. ricky_rascal

    Isuzu DPF issues again

    DPF filter has been regenerating every 30 to 40 miles for the last 6 months. I've had the filter taken off and cleaned with DPF cleaning foam and the EGR checked and cleaned. But still the damned thing regenerates every 30 miles give or take. Doesn't take long to regenerate and oil level doesn't...
  12. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .
  13. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.